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October 28, 2017 12:03 am

Friday Free for All – Feb. 26, 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

It’s time to have your say on the issues that mean most to you.

It is time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic, but please, obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


I think this is a more appropriate spot for the Friday Free for All to be. It is, after all, not news, it is views.

Hopefully people can find it if they do not come to the site through the front gate. :-)

I see that yet another story has been closed to comments. Following past events that, to me,means that natives were involved. Might I suggest the the following groups be closed for comments also. All men between 5 and 95 years, all Christians, all people who wear jeans on casual Friday. In fact, lets just close all comments on this site. That way we could be politically correct all of the time.

    The local paper closes some stories to comments, again, not because of the topic, but because of the comments.

    It has nothing to do with who is involved. It has to do with the kind of comments those reports often get. They are racial slurs.

    Read the rules for using this site. Stick to the rules and it will not be closed for comments.

    Seems pretty straight forward to me. Common etiquette. Common respect for other humans. Maybe some people did not have a parent to teach them what is socially acceptable.

    I am sure that if you push Elaine far enough, she will close the site to comments. A lot of news and other such sites are doing that.

    What it does is keep civil liability to a minimum for news media and some commenters who go beyond the bounds of common sense and good judgement in opinions posted.

Well I have a few things to talk about

1) Skinny packages
Cable companies really think they can persuade customers to keep what they have rather than switch to Skinny packages??

2) Read recently bout the refugees asking for more money so they could afford to buy smokes.. or the mother in Vancouver with two grown blind children complaining about being stuck in a hotel room for a few months?? These maybe a few cases hitting the News, but really??? They are in the Land of the Free, maybe thinking everything is free. They should be thankful they have a roof over their heads and heat and hot and cold water and food and free medical..they give all the others a bad name

3) The 16 yr old Syrian?? He came through the US to Canada.. Strange no one questioned him before he got to Canada as to why he;s traveling alone.

4) City says they filled more potholes this year compared to last year. Traveling on some major streets in town, makes one wonder where these potholes are they filled

    That video of the refugees asking for smokes was a hack job video edit of some random comments made by people to whom English is a second language. There was absolutely no context to their comments. Fear mongering and hate at it’s finest is about all it was.

Burning question of the day.

Has 250News repealed the gus rule?

Personally, I don’t mind gus but there are a couple of others I could do without. I’m going to get carpal tunnel scrolling past some of the more verbose posters. :)

    Nah, that’s what the scroll wheel is for–easier on the carpal tunnel.

Lots of bitchen, I am going to sandbag and wait/read/listen.

Complainer central. Got old long ago.

Well, if complaining on this site is cathartic, I’ll give it a try:

(1) I support the “keep right except to pass” rule, but I wish you self-absorbed drivers who scream pass would wait a little longer to pull back in front. This time of year, there’s always a strip of gravel between the lanes which you spray all over the car you’ve just passed. Feel free, however to veer back in and spin your tires if you’ve just passed one of those morons with the blinding blue lights and/or LED light bars. Man, those things drive me nuts. They should be illegal.

(2) Came out of the hospital the other day and there were no less than six people sporting various bits of medical gear (gowns, wheelchairs, IV bottles), all puffing on cigarettes directly under a HUGE “No Smoking” sign! Huh?!? I’m not a flag-waving anti-smoker, but come on, it’s a NO SMOKING zone at a HOSPITAL for crying out loud. And just as bad, hospital administration tacitly condone it by not enforcing their own rules.

There – I feel better already.

    If I have to pass someone on the right I make it a point to drive on the gravel strip for a bit. Maybe a few dings on their hood or windshield will smarten them up a bit.

      pretty ignorant if you ask me bud. one day your gonna do that to the wrong guy.

      Ignorant? Dictionary.com might help you out.

      Don’t drive like a **** in the left lane and your paint job and windshield will thank you.

      So if you are talking about on the Hart you are admitting to violating a motor vehicle act law since passing on the right is prohibited if on a 2 lane that specifies “keep right except to pass” which the Hart signs do say. Not that anyone would give you a ticket for that, but they could if you were spotted doing it.

      to bent

      If it states “keep right, except to pass” and a vehicle is driving in the left lane of a two lane wide side of a roadway/highway while no cars are in the right lane, then it is the person driving in the left lane who is breaking the law.

      Taking that to the next stage, if you think that it is illegal to pass in the right lane in a situation like that, what you would have to do to go faster than the car in the left lane is slow down to less than the speed of the car in the left lane, move to the left lane behind that car and hope the car moves to the right lane. If it does not, then use your light horn. If the driver does not see it, or thinks you are a jerk and refuses to move, then you are stuck and can stay behind that car and watch everyone else coming up behind you pass both of you on the right.

      BTW, in doing that, they would not be breaking any law, while you have now joined the person in front of you in breaking the law.

      Why? Because, while I understand why you think you cannot pass on the right in such a case, your interpretation is the wrong one.

      There are three conditions when one can pass a vehicle on the right:
      The one concerning the situation you describe states that you may pass a vehicle on the right if there is an unobstructed lane that permit motor vehicle travel there to do it in.



      You wouldn’t want to do that to me. I promise you.

    Went thru the main entrance at the hospital a few days back, disgusting mess outside. Cigarette butts strewn all over and I mean all over, bandaids,gum. Looked like the floor of a concert hall.

    LED light bars that are SAE approved are legal, they are usually one row of lights and they must be connected to your high beam switch and with another manual switch to turn that option off. The others with two or more row of lights and are not SAE approved are illegal. I agree I don’t like those “blue” headlights.

Stop complaining about the fees at the foothills landfill.

Pass me on the right and we will see who has a few dings.

    This comment makes no sense. Does your sense of entitlement really make you believe no one should pass you on the right?

      I’m pretty sure that is a response to a threat from you of doing damage to others vehicles.

Arnold— I won’t.

I think I double posted this comment to another news story by mistake instead of here.

Biggest news of the decade happened this week with only peep from mainstream media. Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister; Al-Naimi said he preferred if oil did not stay at $20 US per barrel, but says his country will be fine if it does. His message was quite clear to high cost oil producing countries like Canada and its Oil Sands: “Get Out” of The Market.

Looks like the old Harper Conservative dream of Canada becoming a “World Energy Super Power” is now dead, to think otherwise is hubris delusion. Saudi Arabi has so much, cheap to pump, oil it can oversupply the market and keep oil at $20 per barrel for years.

www. cbc.ca/news/business/saudi-oil-minister-in-houston-1.3459539

    So clearly all this talk about “Peak Oil” was a scam in the 90s when the world was supposedly running out of oil fast. And since it was scientists stating that peak oil was upon us, it has to make you wonder how much they really know about climate change?
    My concern about this would be the opec nations out waiting everyone else until they are they only players in town to speak of and then the price will go through the roof when they decide to curtail production and there will be no one else to take up the slack.

      Pundits have been warning us about peak oil and declining supplies ever since it became a commodity more than 100 years ago. People who warn that we’re running out of (name any resource) are always wrong.

      using “always wrong” is just as bad as saying we are running out of oil.

      At this time we know that peak oil time has moved forward by some time. However, with what we know at this time (and that changes as time progresses) there are two or more types of access to oil. One of them is oil which is relatively inexpensive to bring to productive use. The new oil we are finding, and we likely have some to the west of us in PG, is getting to be more expensive to bring to production since it may be deeper down, mixed with shale; mixed with sands, such as that in Wood Buffalo area of Alberta and parts of California, etc.

      So, Saudi Arabia is keeping on pumping that cheap oil, as is Russia, and letting those with more expensive oil make decisions about when to stop and keep it in the ground, or lose their shirts while continuing to produce.

      Looks like they are starting to slow down and waiting till prices go up and then start back up again. In the meantime, they may invest in exploring for more and doing research to make the process of getting it to market cheaper.

Hey axman, you can scroll using your arrow keys or hold down the mouse scroll button and pan up or down. The farther you pan from the moment you held down the bottom the faster the scroll goes.

First off.. Are the people you are talking about passing on the right doing the posted speed limit? If so then it’s you with the problem, if not, what’s the big deal? Are you going to follow them for ever? Are they not going to be reaching their destination soon.. Yes they are..then you can carry on your merry way.

Second.. What’s with the joggers on the roads..the sidewalks are clear, yet for some reason the group running on ospika in the early morning run in the road.. It’s unsafe.. Also saw a lone runner on the road as well.. Get off the roads, all it takes is a slip, a twisted ankle, stepped on shoelace and your are laying down in traffic. Why run if you aren’t worried about your health? If I or anyone else would be unfortunate enough to hit and injure or kill one of you then we would have to live with it the rest of our lives…along with all the family and friends you left behind. Joggers please think of others.

Loving this weather..saw the city aleready starting to clean the sand of ospika, has to be some kind of record.

Have a safe week everyone.

    So you’re saying the left lane hogs can pick and choose which regulations they follow? They’re following the speed limit so that somehow excuses them from keeping right except to pass?

      So you’re saying that you can pick and choose which speed limits to follow?

      On the Hart it says slower traffic keep right, not keep right except to pass. When I’m heading up the Hart at 10K over the limit, I’m under no obligation to cut close in front of someone I’ve just passed just because you want to go faster sooner. I wait till I’m a safe distance past before pulling in to the right, but that isn’t good enough for some of you, you cut right in front of the guy I just passed as soon as there’s barely room to squeeze in and go roaring past on the right.

      It’s actually a bit scary you haven’t noticed the dozen or so “Keep Right Except To Pass” signs on the Hart. Maybe you’re too busy listening to the rocks pinging off your hood. :)

      axman, Dirtman is correct, the signs going up the Hart say “Slower traffic keep right”, not “Keep right except to pass”.

      I suggest you look again. Both signs are place along the Highway.

    The joggers that scare me are ladies running in the bike lane pushing strollers. Putting themselves and baby at risk?
    There’s gotta be a personality disorder there somewhere.

    If you can’t keep up with the flow of traffic, which is usually 60 in a 50, get the heck out of the way.
    Police tell me if you don’t go with the flow of traffic, you are the problem.

      Not when the flow of traffic is 80 in a 60 zone. Time to bring back photo radar.

    The Ospika joggers turn left on First Ave..road is narrower and has blind corners, lots of parked cars on street.
    They see a car coming and do not even bother to go into single file.
    Being a defensive driver, I have to slow and go into other lane.
    It is only a matter of time (Murphy’s Law) that some type of disaster will occur because of their behaviour.
    Please get off the road.

    The joggers run on the road because of the back slope the city builds into sidewalks making them uncomfortable to run or walk on. The idea of the back slope was to have rain and meltwater run off. Well who ever thought that one up never used the sidewalks.

    Thaws during the day snow, ice melts, the water runs across the sidewalk then freezes depending on the temperature. Now the slope has ice on it making it dangerous to walk on. Also the snow plow can leave behind a slippery slope.

    The back slope also makes it awkward for wheel chairs and baby buggies. All adds up to people using the road instead of the sidewalk.

    P Val, the reason joggers run on the road is because it is flat. Running for any distance on slanted sidewalks gives runners trouble with their feet, knees and hips.

    Come on people, you can’t seriously be mad at people jogging. Would you prefer they sit on the couch instead and cost the health care system wads of cash?

      There are other places to jog that aren’t main traffic areas..

I read that FIFA is in the midst of electing a new President.

Thi, to me, is the same process as when farm kids go to the pig pen to pick out the piglet that they are going to raise for 4-H. They usually pick the one with the least amount of “Muck” sticking to it.

Sorry, first word should be This,

What we need on the Hart Highway, 97 South from 5th to BC Rail Industrial Park, and 16 West from Haldi Road to 16th and Ferry, is more police patrols, and many, many, more tickets for speeding and driving without due care and attention.

Once some of these people get a few expensive tickets, they might be a little more tolerant of others on the road.

To suggest that in a town this size, that speeding saves you any time getting to your destination is delusional. At best you might save two minutes.

So whats the rush?? Perhaps speeders are more inclined to sleep in, and are late for work on a regular basis, or perhaps they don’t go to the bathroom before they leave home, and therefore have some pressure on them.

Or perhaps they are in a hurry to get to Timmies for a coffee.

In any event there is rarely a good reason for excessive speeding.

Its funny that we keep having this debate about left lane, right lane, speeders, left lane hogs etc. etc. etc.
Really it is pretty simple and straight forward, if we all respect the right of others to be on the road with us at the same time, none of this even becomes an issue.
If you want to travel at a steady speed that is at or below the speed limit stay in the right lane until you encounter somebody traveling slower that you are.
At that point you use the left lane to pass, then return to the right lane.
If you don’t hog the left lane and allow faster moving traffic to use it when necessary, then you won’t get passed on the right, and get sprayed with gravel!
Really Really Simple…relaxed, and respectful of others!

Lets see no comments on the federal fiberals drastically increasing the debt above their election promised increase. Oh the chosen one also said he would cancel the F 35, oh wait that has now also changed.
Just imagine the keyboard banging if Harper had backtracked like Trudeau and so soon after the election.

P T Barnum said something about a sucker born ever minute.

    Minus 2, must have been a sale on rose colored glasses.

    It’s going to take awhile to clean up after 9 years of Con garbage

    Using the term “federal fiberals” kind sets the tone and credibility of the rest of the comment, doesn’t it?

only2c—How did you make out at the Job Fair? Hope I did not take your place in the lineup.

haha, oldman1. I am gainfully employed. I do have empathy for the thousand people that waited in line. Sad to see.

Exactly! City doesnt know or care to build sidewalks properly so that they are safe and usable. The new ones mostly are ok but the older ones were built to a bad standard are not even functional. And, if the ppl are in the bike lane, they are actually not interfering with traffic so shouldnt be a problem.

    Runners don’t use the sidewalks because every curb , lump , pedestrian , babybuggy , drivers backing up , charging dog , etc. breaks ones Kadence .

    Actually they are interfering with all that bike traffic. It is a bike lane, not a runner lane. The bike traffic will then have to move over to the car lane, which they are actually allowed to do, while runners are not.

    If you want a runner lane, then go talk to Jillian…. :-)


      Jillian !!! No thanks, she’d probably try and sell me a “bicycle club” membership.

Not to be missed . The case for optimism on climate change Ted.com it will make you smile . Humanity will triumph faster than most think . It’s only twenty five minutes long . It’s full of reality . It also doesn’t matter what out idiot politicians do . Nothing is going to stop a better future for our descendants.

    Al Gore??

    Al Gore makes me laugh with derision. Nothing he says on the topic bears any relation to reality.

      That’s your reality dirtman . The rest of us 97% tend to go with science and leave ideology at the door . It’s not religion , it’s reality .

    Ataloss you haven’t kept up on that 97% misinformation have you. That number was falsified a long time ago.

Really sad to see the failure of the provincial govt to provide even a basic amount of money for people on disabiltiy assistance. Give a $77 increase (which still leaves them below poverty) and at the same time take away other benefits? It just doesnt make sense.

    It only make sense to an under educated failed student hillbilly like crusty cluck .

      You must have a brain fart this morning. It is you that is stuck in some hillbilly backwater with little connection to the outside world. Ms. Clark is the premier of BC and has been very successful in making it the top of the heap among it’s peers.

      Another ad hominem attack. I guess it happens on both sides of the political spectrum.

      Is there someone on here with a psychology background who can provide some sort of Freudian theory of an excuse for such venting outbursts?

    Not to mention post-secondary education. Do people really think that it’s only now that UNBC and CNC have incompetent executives at the helm? There’s been at least a few problematic folks at the helm every year, believe me – nothing new here. We’ve got pitchforks and torches now because the Clark brigade has been starving the institutions for over a decade. The end result is the chaos we have today.

      BC ranks 6th best in Canada in funding post secondary education institutes.

      Newfoundland is #1 at $19,142/fte
      Alberta = $15,631
      Saskatchewan = $15,088
      PEI = $14,581
      Quebec = $12,290
      BC = $12,183
      Manitoba = $11,818
      NB = $10,119
      NS = $9,213
      Ontario = $8,233

      If tuition revenue is included, BC moves to 5th place in funding.

      If one takes population into consideration, the population of BC is funded better than more than 70% of the population of Canada when it comes to post secondary education.

      We need to bring Ontario up to standard. Christy can go talk to her counterpart in Ontario of how to do it. :-)

      Source data is “Interprovincial Comparison of University Revenue” June 2012 Council of Ontario Universities.

Good news from Otway, even without the CN Cop giving out speeding tickets this past week, there were no fatalities. Going to town this afternoon with radar detector set on Highway.

with a score —It appears she has found another sucker.

with a score—-You are sounding a little grumpy this morning. Chase anybody out of your yard lately?

    On the contrary it is a positive that BC just had it’s fourth balanced budget under Ms. Clark’s leadership and that BC is leading the pack. For you I would suggest a little more fibre in your diet.

      Hard to call it a balanced budget when so many cuts are done.. Talk to any senior of the constant rise for basic medical.. Continuing cuts to education funding.. Etc etc… I can stop paying all my bills to and call it a surplus as I starve to death..

      Well PVal – you seem to like, perhaps admire government deficits. As an interesting deficit, look at JT’s friend Wynn now taking on a 4.5 Billion deficit for the next year. An analyst spoke to the fact that Ontario will have a total deficit of $308 Billion a year from now. WoW! At 3% interest (if you can get it)this means that the cost of borrowing will increase by at least $1 million every three days. And we wonder why the Banks are getting richer.

Crusty the clown defers hydro bill for mines has been sited as the reason for a 4% hike in our hydro bill . That’s what they need to cover crustys generosity for the miners . Just wait till we get the bill for site-C .

    How many mines are actually taking part in the program?

    Copied and pasted from the article I’m assuming you read. “The B.C. mining sector is in line to get a boost through a recently announced provincial program that would allow mining companies to defer electricity costs, but McDonald says that will have no impact on the proposed customer rate hike.”

    So if Site c is so expensive how did all those other past BC Hydro bulk power projects give us about the lowest rates in north America. Hey Ataloss the rates would most likely have been the lowest if not for the 65 billion in contracts given out to the IPP’s. 65 billion does not seem to register on you or Palopu.

The medical system costs the province $55 million a day 365 days a year. Do you think the 1000 new nurses that will be hired will work for free? I don’t think it is too much to ask those using a service to pay for it.

    Yes it is when it is against federal law.

    BTW tell me how well BC is enforcing that payment. I have not read any reports of anyone withholding medical service if they are unable to pay MAP. Have you?

    We also pay with taxes.

First sign of spring! Two Harleys rumbling by.

Posted on Friday, February 26, 2016 @ 11:51 AM by Ataloss

That’s your reality dirtman . The rest of us 97% tend to go with science and leave ideology at the door . It’s not religion , it’s reality .

According to a recent survey from Yale, 56% of Canadians are skeptics – which is very similar to all other surveys which show that 62% of Brits are skeptical. As are 54% of Australians. Fully third of the US are so skeptical they think it’s a total hoax.

I’ve actually seen the science which you obviously haven’t, rather it seems you’re just parroting, without question, what the fear mongers are telling you. That’s fundamentalist religion.

I’m open to changing my mind, I’ve done so on other issues. All it would take is the same thing it took then, show me where I’m wrong and I’ll switch sides in a heartbeat.

    According to surveys the NDP were going to win the last election . Which denier think tank science are you talking about ? The heritage foundation , Cato institute , any Rand institute or the heartland ? Those are the folks that funnel big fossil money to oppress economies the world over since the nineteen sixties .

      AYN RAND Institute .

      According to CHEAP POLLS. This is a 5-year study. I know, you don’t like the idea that after decades of unrelenting propaganda and suppression of contrary opinions, so many people refuse to be taken in. Too bad. You can pretend everyone has been fooled just like you but that won’t change the reality.

      I refer to real science, like the science that explains how the logarithmic nature of atmospheric CO2 warming makes the alarmist doomsday scenario impossible. Have you even heard of that? Unlikely, alarmists don’t like the public to know. I could explain it to you, it’s not difficult to comprehend.

      And as usual, your response is typical. You say you go with the science but you can’t actually use science to support your position so you resort to ad hominems. That is tantamount to a confession that you know you’re wrong. If you had evidence to back up your position, you’d use it instead.

      Dirtman you call for evidence . The trouble with that is there is so much irrefutable evidence that it would be difficult to put even a little bit in one of these posts . You wouldn’t believe any of it anyway . You are so indoctrinated to see the truth . Your truth is that the climate change folks have been propagandizing when in fact it is the fossils that have been doing just that for fifty five years . We on the other hand are just getting up to speed . Naomi Klien has put it all for you to read in her book ” this changes everything ” . But by all means don’t read it . It just might let you know that you’ve been had .

So, it would appear that Bombardier’s biggest single order for their C Series jet is now in doubt!

As Alberta deals with massive unemployment numbers, numbers that are spilling over into BC and other provinces, it will be interesting and undoubtedly unsettling to see just how much Justin and Co. will pander to the demands of Bombardier!

    Ten years of CONfusion and canada only has snailrail . Not one inch of high speed rail . Mean while bombardier has been selling high speed rail equipment to the world . Look up , high speed rail lines in wiki and be embarrassed . Uzbekistan is farther ahead than we are . Let’s hope Trudeau changes that .

      Ya think it might have something to do with Canada’s small population over a huge land mass making it all but impossible to get the passenger loads to make it economically viable.Uzbekistan has 29 million people in an area half the size of BC.

      Not one inch of money-losing high speed rail? Good. Let’s hope common sense prevails.

Hart Guy—-There was no employment in BC for the people of BC so that is why they were working in Alberta. Now they are just coming back home. Christy invited them back home with open arms and now she does not know what to do with them.

Really too bad the CONSERVAW#*&#@ were not there for SCC ruling MED patients ..get to grow there own Meds.
Lp’s suck….Hey like the conservaw****s…..

    Some days I really wish I knew what the heck you were talking about. Other days. I figure ignorance really is bliss. :)

      don’t get out much EH!….PP….

“NASA says the planet’s rise in average surface temperature by about 1-degree since the late 19th century is largely driven by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions. Most of the warming occurred in the past 35-years, with 15 of the 16 warmest years on record occurring since 2001.”

I am not taking sides, but are NASA scientists (the ones smart enough to put man on the moon and put rovers on Mars and space probes in orbits around the planets and Pluto) really totally out for lunch and stupid on this GHG issue?

    And 97% of the global scientific community know that NASA has it right but the .03% fossil fuel mavens have snookered them all with their truth . It used to be that environmentalists were viewed as a lunatic fringe , like Rachel Carson . Amazing how quickly things can change when things start dying around us . All the red and dead pines go unnoticed by the fossil lunatic fringe . Amazing .

      NASA, can’t even get a man into space anymore.

      There is no science that proves how much mans 4% contribution to a trace gas which only makes up .01% of the atmosphere affects climate. Come on Ataloss quit bowing to authority and show the proof.

      Now that the PDO is on the cooling side, the AMO is set to cool, the warm blob in the pacific is disappating, the ENSO will kick in a cooling phase and the suns irradiance has dimmed, next winter will be cooler but the winter of 17/18, well we will be back to 40 below. All the warmers then will be happy.

      I would never bet against the insurance businesses of the world . Only an idiot would . You can’t bring yourself to view Als’ ted talk can you ?

      NASA, can’t even get a man into space anymore. It’s been farmed out to the private sector . Be grateful and try to keep up . In the rest of the space fairing countries they don’t have robust economies to support private space fairing .

Canada had high speed trains operating between 1968-1982. Maximum speed 170 miles per hours (274km) between Toronto and Montreal among other routes. These were called Turbo Trains. Feel free to look it up and get all the info you need.

Obviously we walked away from this concept, I suspect as mentioned by someone above that we do not have the population to support such a concept over long distances.

In any event high speed trains are not new to Canada, just not wanted or needed.

    Pal in this modern era . That so called high speed rail that you keep bringing up is actually snail rail by modern standards . The Chinese are running maglevs and as usual they run them from city centre to airports there by have a built in show case to show they are not as backward as is canada . They also so build bridges and sell their ferries to third world country that are not up to the task of building bridges .

      If we had a population density that was even somewhat close to that of China, then maglev/high speed trains could be a reality here.

Friday Free for All , The Road Rage Day ! Go all and take a Defensive Driving Course , you may last longer!

And Gordo and his buds sold the province of BCs only railroad. He was most likely drunk–had to be.

    I think that he never sold BC Rail-he gave it away.

      I think he sold the right to operate trains on the tracks for 99 years. The tracks and right-of-way are supposedly still property of the province.

And on a completely different note, I logged into the email account I use for this (and a few other) sites because I’d forgotten my password. Second email from the top was one from Ben. I miss the old codger, he was one of a kind.

I would like to thank opinion 250 and the posters who gave me the heads up as to the crime in the Queensway and 20th ave area. The map of the area is peppered with crime pins! Plus an acquaintance told me the renaming of the park was just step 1 in the repatriation of the park to the original occupants decedents. Maybe wishful thinking on her part (FN) but if it did happen it definitely would change the feel of that area.

Axman Hart Highway is posted at 70Kmph…Correct??

So one should move over to let the idiots speed by??

Not required by law, but maybe to be nice to those who think the Hart Hwy is their private Speedway!

Keep Right, Let Others Pass

Effective June 2015, motorists are required to keep right and let others pass. This applies to B.C. highways with two or more lanes of traffic travelling in the same direction and a posted speed limit of 80 km/h or greater.

    I laugh at all these people who drive like mad (speeding in excess,tailgating,cutting others off) only to be sitting at the next stoplight when I pull up beside them.
    This is a small town, not metro Vancouver. You are in a rush for nothing! You drive to annoy, you drive unsafe… and for what? Maybe you can make it to work a couple minutes faster, but at what cost?
    The other point I wish to make here is that being that we live in a small town, your constant ignorant driving makes you a target. There are certain idiot drivers who play the same crap morning and night everyday. One does not have to travel much to know where you live/work, and yet you think you can drive like this all the time.
    Sooner or later, bad things you do may just follow you to where you park.

    One should move over, that’s the law. Yes, the average IQ in PG is about 20 so I suspect most of you are too stupid to comprehend that. Heck, the only people dimmer then Zimmer are those who voted him in.

    Followed a cop up the hart they were going 90-95 no Lites on …off to timmys?

Crime in the Queensway and 20th, thats thanks to the Cities transfer system, what are they going to do about other than ignore what is going on? The Down town has been ruined with the PROBLEM and now its hitting our Park .

    Wait till they put Needle Park in behind that wood building…

Aren’t all you idiots with the light bars and HID headlights getting tired of being high beamed back yet?

Barking dog along Malaspina should be kept quiet or trouble will be a brewing.

Over 110 comments so far on this Friday-free-for-all, can’t remember the last time it had this much. Must be spring fever, as even the regulars seem restless.

Posted on Friday, February 26, 2016 @ 6:38 PM by Ataloss

Dirtman you call for evidence . The trouble with that is there is so much irrefutable evidence that it would be difficult to put even a little bit in one of these posts . You wouldn’t believe any of it anyway . You are so indoctrinated to see the truth . Your truth is that the climate change folks have been propagandizing when in fact it is the fossils that have been doing just that for fifty five years . We on the other hand are just getting up to speed . Naomi Klien has put it all for you to read in her book ” this changes everything ” . But by all means don’t read it . It just might let you know that you’ve been had .


Naomi Klein? Seriously?

Quote- Klein championed Chavez’s use of Venezuela’s oil wealth to support a populist agenda that won him ongoing popularity from the country’s workers. She was appalled when business interests sought to oust him. She attacked “the commercial media’s” criticism of him and added her name to a letter of support ahead of a recall referendum, noting “you are investing your country’s vast oil wealth in ways that benefit everyone, not just small minority of well-connected elites.” In her recent book, This Changes Everything,” she argues that “only mass social movements can save us.” Mass social movements like Venezuela’s.

Today Venezuela’s economy is among the most decrepit on the planet. Having raided the oil fund while neglecting production, it can no longer keep even toilet paper in supply.

Inflation last year was 140%, projections suggest it could top 700% this year. Long lines for basic commodities are a regular feature. Gasoline prices were increased more than 6,000% this week, the first rise in 20 years because Chavez believed in subsidizing prices for the poor. The Venezuelan currency, the bolivar, was devalued at the same time.

Chavez used oil revenue to prop up his vast spending programs, but his single-minded fixation left the country with no alternative revenue source, and an industry in decline from abuse and gross underinvestment. Though it still has more oil than any place on the planet, output falls every year. It has begun importing crude from the United States, although the U.S. has only a fraction of Venezuela’s reserves.

Chavez, like Klein, loved denouncing capitalism as a blight on humanity. Chavez died of cancer in 2013. His daughter, Maria Gabriela, is reckoned to be the country’s richest woman with a fortune of $4.2 billion.-Unquote – National Post, last week.

This is the model she want’s to follow. And you think that’s in any way sane?

Posted on Friday, February 26, 2016 @ 6:38 PM by Ataloss

Dirtman you call for evidence . The trouble with that is there is so much irrefutable evidence that it would be difficult to put even a little bit in one of these posts .
You could post just a little evidence. For example I talked about the logarithmic characteristic of CO2 warming. That alone is enough to debunk your hypothesis. Go ahead, give it a shot.

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