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October 28, 2017 12:00 am

B.C. Becoming More Attractive for Mining Investment

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 @ 9:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – When it comes to attracting  mining  investment,  B.C.  is ranked  18th  in the world.

That’s according to a new  survey conducted by the Fraser Institute.mining report

The annual survey , ranked 109 jurisdictions in the world for 2015 ,  measuring policy perceptions and overall investment attractiveness.  B.C.’s  18th place position is  up from  its  29th place ranking  in 2014.

In the policy perception category, B.C. has made significant gains as well, climbing 13 positions to rest in 41st spot .

The annual survey  suggests that climb may indicate “some of the uncertainty in the province might have lessened.”  The  report says  the two  policy areas which “continue to significantly hamper BC are uncertainty concerning disputed land claims and uncertainty over which areas will be protected.”

The survey  ranks Western Australia  as best  place in the world for mining, and Saskatchewan  was ranked second for the second straight year.

The full report can be accessed here.


What about Moly costing more to mine then what it’s worth? Endako CLOSED. Gold and copper prices in the toilet. Huckleberry on life support, Mt Polley+Gibralter limited life left in both. The only semi positive in our region is Mt Milligan. We can blame the Chinese but let’s just call a spade a spade. Mining is to BC what Gas and Oil are to Alberta, on serious life support and the family has been called to the bedside

    This report is about policy perceptions and overall investment attractiveness. Global commodity prices which are hurting BC’s existing mines are a totally separate issue. They are impacting the mining sector worldwide. #1 ranked (in this report) Western Australia is also being hit hard with mine closures and curtailments.

“Mining is to BC what Gas and Oil are to Alberta, on serious life support and the family has been called to the bedside.”

Maybe in the coal sector but the metals sector is still performing relatively well given the recent sell off before Christmas. A lot of our mines have multiple metal credits which offset the low price of the other..(with the exception of Endako). Gold copper prices and demands are still high over the 10-15 year trend. What is challenging the mining industry is the long lead times and costs to develop a mine with decreasing ore grades and higher strip ratios.

nice to put it into perspective. We are not easy people to deal with, which is OK, in the sense, the newcomers will recognize we are all about protocol and policies to protect our water and air.

Show us that you will build us a clean mine site, and we will approve it. Show us, how cheaply you want to extract the riches, we will say nada. The gold, copper and metals are not running away. Only the application for permits are going to change.

That is about as left wing of a statement your going to get out of me.

How attractive can it really be , when the feds blow the New Prosperity
Project when it had all its ducks in a row.

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