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October 27, 2017 11:50 pm

Friday Free For All – March 11th, 2016

Friday, March 11, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

As another week ends, the time has come for  your thoughts on those subjects which  struck a chord  with  you over the past  week

It is time for the FRIDAY FREE FOR ALL.

You pick the topic,  but please,  obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


Just going to bed after getting home from a great concert at CN Centre with Heart and Joan Jett. They rocked the hell outta the place. Well done ladies

    I agree! A great show!

So Justin Trudeau goes to the good ol’ USA! He is greeted by a military honour guard. He joins Barack for an inspection of the troops! There are military guards all decked out in their regalia during speeches etc!

All of that military presence must have really annoyed Justin, what with his determination to decimate our military and it’s budget, just like his daddy did!

    Ummm….hart guy you do realize that every government when welcoming the head of state of another soveirgn nation that an honour guard is present.

    Now that is a bit of a stretch. How do you come up with such nonsense?

I see YRB has started their night time 5 week long bypass sweeping project again. They go over the same dirt night after night after night.

    Actually, it is different dirt. The dirt they picked up previously is dumped before they go back over it again.

    Obviously you never swept a floor before or even vacuumed a floor.

    Watch carefully as someone lese does it and count the number of times they go over the same small area before they accept it as relatively clean and move on to the next area.

    Roads are no different.

Why isn’t Worksafe BC and the RCMP stepping up and dealing with all the illegal headlights on commercial vehicles that are endangering workers and the general public’s lives?

    Actually the commercial trucks’ headlights don’t bother me as much as the overly bright ones on smaller vehicles because they are set too high. The commercial vehicles generally have theirs set properly.
    And the police say they have to have a complaint before they go after them.
    I don’t believe this is right but that’s what they will tell you.
    If they see a driver do something wrong, they don’t wait for a complaint.

    You will not find a commercial vehicle running illegal headlights. Unlike all the passenger vehicles running illegal driving and “fog” lights, commercial vehicles have to pass a CVSE inspection every 6 months and lights are at the top of the list for inspections. Then each and every time they pass through a weigh scale or a road side check all lights are given a complete check.

    If you got out an checked at a parking lot you would see that the trucks are 99.9% compliant with the law, whereas if you walk through Pine Center and look at the lights, about 50% are not DOT approved driving or for lights.

    Frankly is passenger vehicles had to go through half the inspections that commercial vehicles go through the roads would be a much safer place.

    The super bright blue white headlights are a danger especially on transport trucks with the headlights being higher off the ground. There is a fleet of logging trucks that head north about 8 at night, they are the worst.

    I have to drive the pine pass at night to get to work in ft St John for work at 5am once a week, let’s get you with stock headlights to see all the moose deer and other road hazards, I am reasonable with my lights, I turn them off as soon as I see a glow from someone else, although I have used my cargo lights to tell some idiot to turn off his highs/ auxilary lights fifty feet behind me :/

Two homeless Saskatchewan men given oneway bus tickets to BC. Really?

    And now they’re getting job offers so it looks like it worked out for them?

    A fine upstanding young man. Right. He asked for the ticket. He was running. When the first one asked for the bus ticket his buddies response was, will you give me a ticket too.

    A bench warrant was issued for Charles Neil – as he was known in the Battlefords – after he failed to appear in court twice following his arrest for driving with a suspended licence.

    He was apparently given a ticket out of the province despite Neil having a court date scheduled in Unity for March 21 on these matters.

    News Talk Radio has also learned that until last summer, Neil was living and working in the Battlefords area. He and his girlfriend had a new baby, and colleagues had given him furniture to help the couple out.

    When Neil got a new car, however, he left his new family, leaving the high-interest payments behind.

    Someone who knows his now ex-girlfriend has told News Talk Radio that she “has been to hell and back”.

    According to his Facebook page, Neil has moved around the province since then. That is, until this week when he told the story of Social Services providing he and his friend with the tickets out of the province.
    NewsTalk 650 CKOM

I wonder how much of a pay rise city management got this year.

    Don’t worry, all civil servants will be doing well regardless of how many others are unemployed. And now that CUPE bought the election things are just going to get worse.

      CUPE and most labour unions endorsed the NDP.

      Municipal election striclyspeaking not provincial

Alberta Conservative Government bought one way bus tickets to BC for the homeless, back in the day of Ralph Kline.

The sad thing was it was supported by a lot of the people in Alberta.

    I heard King Ralph talking about that. Alberta had jobs to spare at that time, and able-bodies welfare recipients were required to take employment if offered. If they didn’t, they’d be cut off welfare or have it greatly reduced. If they asked for help to go to BC and collect welfare, the Alberta government was happy to comply. Nothing sad about people supporting that, on the contrary it’s sad that anyone wouldn’t.

I have to admit The Liberal government is doing an excellent job even with the many problems we have at the moment

Also have to hand it to Todd Dogherty for working hard for his riding good job.

    I have to wonder where Zimmer was? We’re part of his riding as well.

      Zimmer’s home is in the Peace. Todd’s is in PG. When The Mayor of a larger city meets with the PM in Ottawa, I suspect that not all 3 or 4 or more MP’s in the ridings which include the city would tag along.

      I am actually surprised Todd was there. I find it great that he was, especially since he is from the opposition party. That is the way it should be. No matter what side of the house he is, he represents all of us, no matter whether we voted for him or not.

      Thumbs up from me for all concerned in attending that meeting and making it happen.

      For those promoting the use of Skype, you have obviously not been working at this level of doing business of any kind. Skype simply does not cut it when it comes to a person to person sit down. If it did, business travel on airlines would have gone down a long time ago instead of up.

    Trudeau’s biggest mistake was showboatin with Obama. Obama is not popular with many in the USA. Instead of racking up the deficit foolishly, why not creat jobs building our military? A Trump govnerment appears to be enevitable. Trump has big plans to fight Issis.

    If Trudeau waits till the last minute to find someone smart enough in Ottawa to deal in trade with a Trump govnerment, it will cost Canada a fortune.

    Trudeau would sell Canada down the river to feed his fame.

      “Obama is not popular with many in the USA”.

      That is the same in Canada with our PM and in many other countries.

      On the other hand, Obama was the choice of the people twice and many times more in order to become the Democratic nominee. They had a long enough time to get it right. If in the several years that it takes and the dog and pony show that it takes to get elected as president in the USA and the people can’t get it right, then it is time to change the system.

      It is the times we live in. The “me” generation at play and work and that is the result …

      “Instead of racking up the deficit foolishly, why not creat jobs building our military”

      Building our military with Billions of dollars of planes and tanks and ships does not do anything to help the people in this country travel on better roads, get better access to water, sewers, etc, better hospitals, schools, etc. …. in other words, maintain and maybe even improve the quality of life for the taxpayers.

      This City, this province and this country, and especially the USA even more so, is deteriorating.

      We are not exactly building fighter jets in Canada, nor armoured vehicles and not sure about ships anymore but they may still be built here. We did buy some UK junk subs at one time.

      So, there is no guarantee of how much money will actually stay in Canada versus leaking out of the country to nations that can build what we would need to increase our capacity.

      “A Trump govnerment appears to be enevitable.”

      LOL … yeah right!! He has not even gotten the nomination bagged yet.

      If Trump gets in the USA will be the laughing stock of the world, especially by countries which have made the same mistake of voting in a dictator in the past.

      Obama IS popular in Canada. So is Trudeau.

      The rock-star Prime Minister and the rock-star President are having a love-in. They’re a mutual admiration society.

Well, the peaceful spring at Tabor Lake is once again shattered by the ongoing barrage of gunfire from the pit at the end of Tabor Lake. I have no idea what an ammo round costs, but the relentless blasting away for hours on end can’t be cheap. The cacophony the other day was interspersed with huge explosions that made me curious enough to go and check it out. What did I find? About 5 young bucks with their pickups, drinking beer and shooting up the place. They were nice enough (and so was I – they had guns and beer after all), as I said my piece about not minding the noise so much (which I don’t – I’m not against guns), but about the HUGE mess these morons leave with thousands of empty casings, targets, old appliances they bring to shoot up. And the explosions? They proudly told me about their Tannerite which is apparently an explosive designed for target shooting that satisfies a man’s need for loud noises and things blowing up.
Is this stuff legal? In fact, is it legal to just blast away anywhere/anytime with firearms?

    I thought the government had closed the pit to shooters? I seem to recall there being a sign to that effect.

    It’s long past time these idiots started receiving some hefty fines for leaving their garbage behind.

      Sign was shot down!

    Tannerite is indeed legal. I have no idea why, but yes it is.

    Also the friday night and saturday night youth parties at the same pits are not helping the garbage situation.

    Too bad suppressors aren’t allowed in Canada. Of course that wouldn’t mute the Tannerite.

There are noise bylaws, who knows?? One presumes they have the requisite paperwork to own and carry guns.

Do they care about how their actions effect others?? Obviously not.

    The pit is well outside of city limits so the noise bylaws are useless.

      Most regional districts also have noise bylaws .

      And no one to enforce them… Cops aren’t going to drive out to Tabor for a noise complaint.

Warning; our three resident anthropogenic global warming deniers on this site are not going to like the following comment, nor the one I will be posting here later on today. This week the CEO of a major railway corporation came out of the global warming denier closet by announcing;

“People need to get their heads around the idea that fossil fuels are “probably dead,” the CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway said Wednesday. “I’m not maybe as green as I should be but I happen to think the climate is changing (and) they’re not going to fool me anymore,” Hunter Harrison told a J.P. Morgan transportation conference in New York.” Imagine that? Despite the fact 60% of CP Rail’s revenue comes from the transport of heavy crude oil.

ht tp://business.financialpost.com/news/transportation/fossil-fuels-are-probably-dead-says-canadian-pacific-railway-ceo-hunter-harrison

    There are no climate change deniers at the top of the insurance industry either . They are smart enough that not one company in the world that will underwrite a nuclear power plant .

      “The Price-Anderson Act was enacted into law in 1957 as an amendment to the Atomic Energy Act. Congress has extended the Act several times, making significant alterations, most recently in the “Energy Policy Act of 2005” which reinstated and extended the Act through December 31, 2025. The Price-Anderson Act is designed to ensure the availability of adequate funds to satisfy liability claims of members of the public for personal injury and property damage in the unlikely event of a nuclear accident. Through this program, the U.S. nuclear power industry has roughly $12 billion in liability insurance protection to compensate the public in the event of a nuclear accident.”

      That is from the USA. There are likely similar provisions for nuclear energy plants and operations in the rest of the world.

      In other words, the government ensures that there is some level of insurance in place to compensate people in the event of incidents.


      That’s right . Which means for the nuclear industry it all gain with no pain . Not only are the tax payers and rate payers on the hook for any disaster but all of us tax payers are on the hook for decommissioning and clean up . Nuclear is thee most expensive and dangerous electricity the world has ever had .

      Hey Ataloss there are over 400 nuclear plants being built or planned all over the world. I know you have admitted your internet search skills are weak but give it a try.

      Hey you off the grid yet with imaginary solar system?

    “I’m not maybe as green as I should be but I happen to think the climate is changing (and) they’re not going to fool me anymore,”
    Is there anyone in the world who thinks climate is NOT changing? Is there anyone in the world who has tried to convince him (or the rest of us) that climate is NOT changing?

    When global warming alarmists keep presenting info that indicates that climate IS changing, that’s a straw-man argument, NOBODY says it isn’t. They’re doing that to avoid talking about the real point of contention.

    And why would it make a difference what a CEO of a railway thinks? “Fossil fuels are probably dead”? He obviously has no clue.

      Interesting comment, considering CP has been trying to take over the USA’s pre-eminent coal hauling railway, Norfolk Southern.

    Oh my jgalt all excited. fossil fuels dead, take a look at the elastic holding up your underwear, what’s its made of? Fossil fuel dead well then all you would be wearing is a maple leaf.

The Softwood Lumber Agreement was discussed by Trudeau and Obama.

Basically they said that there is no new agreement. Officials are to report back within 100 days on how to address the issue.

Obama told reporters progress had been made and the issue would be resolved in some fashion, adding wryly that the eventual solution would be “undoubtedly” to the dissatisfaction of all concerned.

So when we consider that the officials will not be back for 100 days, with some way to address the issue, we then have to work on the file.

So, I would say there will not be a quick solution to this agreement.

Obama’s term as US President expires in January of 2017 some 300 days from now. So in effect he is a **lame duck** for the rest of his term.

Christy Clark is pretending that there will be an agreement soon, but at this point she is just whistling past a graveyard.

    Agree with you on the **Lame Duck** Obama. He’s gone. Obama will not get a thing pass in congress unless he extersises an executive order. Much like the Iran deal, who are now back to testing missals, was passed by an executive order. Hilary’s got to much blood on her hands to get elected. Sanders is as bad as Trump on free trade.

    Scary times for Trudeau.

      Obama doesn’t give a rip about congress, he considers himself an emperor, ruling by imperial edict (executive order) and he plans on doing a lot of that during his remaining time in office.

In regards to JGalt posting.

Why don’t you post the rest of the statement by Hunter Harrison.

As to why he said fossil fuels are dead.

Here it is.

“But new investments in traditional energy sources will dry up

because of environmental hurdles”

Oh by the way, the USA is now exporting natural gas to Eastern Canada.

In regards to Climate change , the question that no one as answered is

the following.

How much of it is natural and how much is man made?

Remember change is constant.

    The USA only constitutes 5% of the world population yet it imports 80% of gross domestic products. Do the math then of where Canada is in that picture with 36 million people. 330 million people in the USA. Even if USA starting making their own TV and IPhones all it does is drive up the cost. The only way we will get our Chevy, Ford and dodge plants back is the trump idea of raising the tax on them all to ship cars back to the states. In other word the industrial bubble has popped.

    Canada has next to no export on man made things. Nor does the states.

    I can get 100% on board with the climate change people just as soon as they negotiate a deal with my bank so I don’t have to make any payments unit the scientist 25 years down the road figure out if it was all a bunch of BS or truth. I can starve to death now or drown latter when this is all Ocean. Maybe have to build an Ark instead of the bomb shelter.

    The US is also exporting oil to eastern Canada.

    And while the question of how much climate change is natural and how much is anthropogenic, it has been answered for the most part – the science shows the human contribution to be too small to be detected.


    From NASA

    Is Current Warming Natural?
    In Earth’s history before the Industrial Revolution, Earth’s climate changed due to natural causes not related to human activity. Most often, global climate has changed because of variations in sunlight. Tiny wobbles in Earth’s orbit altered when and where sunlight falls on Earth’s surface. Variations in the Sun itself have alternately increased and decreased the amount of solar energy reaching Earth. Volcanic eruptions have generated particles that reflect sunlight, brightening the planet and cooling the climate. Volcanic activity has also, in the deep past, increased greenhouse gases over millions of years, contributing to episodes of global warming.
    A biographical sketch of Milutin Milankovitch describes how changes in Earth’s orbit affects its climate.
    These natural causes are still in play today, but their influence is too small or they occur too slowly to explain the rapid warming seen in recent decades. We know this because scientists closely monitor the natural and human activities that influence climate with a fleet of satellites and surface instruments.

      “We know this because scientists closely monitor the natural and human activities that influence climate with a fleet of satellites and surface instruments.”

      So we know things are changing in recent decades because of equipment that we didn’t have in previous decades? Hmm…

      Most of the warming from the little ice age was before 1950 man’s contribution to C02 would have had any effect if any at all. So what caused the warming out of the little ice age. Oh it was warmer before the LIA. What caused the LIA and are we to enter another?

      NASA is in the climate change business, they’ve been caught more than once altering records to suit the global warming agenda.

      What you say about Milankovitch cycles is true to a point. They are believed to be responsible for ice age glaciations. But they don’t affect interglacial temperature shifts such as we are experiencing. These are due to variations in solar activity, such as the 1000 year cycle that can easily be seen in the warming and cooling of historical periods – warm (warmer than now) 1000 years ago during the Medieval Climate Optimum, warmer still 2000 years ago during the Roman Warming. Between the warm periods were the Dark Ages cooling and the Little Ice Age cooling that the modern warming is a recovery from.

      Superimposed on that cycle are other solar cycles, such as the 11 year sun spot cycle and the 60 year Pacific Decadal Oscillation cycle that explains our current warming that has the warmists so concerned.

Trudeau is not going to decimate the Canadian military. Harper’s procurement project of naval vessels (designed and built in Canada) is (according to news reports) already way behind schedule and over budget. Also, an expert from the Navy urged a re-design of one of the ships under construction as it is too top heavy and may capsize when hit by a large wave.

So, if the present projects are already in the red it may have a severe impact on future spending on the military. In order to complete what is already being under construction other items on the need list may have to be postponed.

Sometimes it is better to purchase proven and modern ships from countries who have a record of building these at a reasonable price, reliability and performance.

Canada needs a solidly equipped home defense military, capable of monitoring our borders, land area and coast lines. The emphasis has to be on defense and not on attack.

    Actually Canada has built mighty fine warships, the present ones and the cadillacs built in the fifties which the present ones replaced.

    Top heavy, ever heard of evolution of design, changes are always made and I believe it was a coast guard ship.

We are not exactly building fighter jets in Canada, nor armoured vehicles and

Where are the armoured vehicles coming from that we are selling to Sauudia Arabia?

    The armoured vehicles are LAVs and are canadian made and come from a factory in Ontario about 20 militaries including the US and British armies use these. Canada is actually a fairly large player in the legal arms market selling to many militaries throughout the world

Scientific historical measurements demonstrate that the rapid increase in global warming coincides smoothly with the increase of global industrialization and burning of fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas. This is too much of a coincidence to be ignored or written off of as if it did not have any significance. If it can be demonstrated that the added GHG in the atmosphere had absolutely Zero to do with anything then there needs to be 100% irrefutable proof presented that the two simultaneous events (global warming and the contribution of CO2 emissions) are completely unrelated to each other and just a quirk of nature. Until that proof is presented I choose to be on the side of caution, i.e. reduction of emissions.

    It’s only denied by a very small but very vocal ideologically driven lunatic fringe fed lies and money by the fossil fuel industry trying to win social licence . They are losing . That’s why they are becoming so shrill . The heartlanders are the best at lunacies. That’s where most of the rhetoric being spewed here comes from , word for word .

      PG historic temperatures have shown a similar temperature in the past as today. There actually is no science proving man’s miniscule contribution to an already miniscule atmospheric trace gas has an effect.

      Maybe you and Ataloss can point me to the science, the real reproducible, verifiable science of man’s effect?

      You don’t have a clue about global warming, you’ve never seen the science and your opinion is based totally on blind faith. I posted some of the science last week and invited you to comment and show me where it was wrong. You couldn’t, you didn’t even try, all you did was sling ad-hominems. It’s a religion for you.

    PG I hope you are you are not using a big 350 truck as a personal vehicle.

    PG coincidence is not proof. So you are willing to spend trillions on a non proven issue. You are okay with money being taken away from health care, disease research, that should be your concern. Maybe you have loved ones that have died from disease that might have been mitigated if there was more research.

    Look at climatic history, the world loved it when it was warmer than now, and more C02, plants love C02.

    If it is proven man is causing an issue in the future I am sure technology will have evolved to deal with it. But as it stands now there is no proof except people like Gore and Suzuki saving the world for a fee and allowing no debate.

    “…rapid increase in global warming coincides smoothly with the increase of global industrialization and burning of fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas.”
    First off, the warming is nothing unusual, no more rapid than previous warmings.

    Secondly it doesn’t coincide smoothly with the increase of global industrialization and the burning f fossil fuels.

    Most of the warming during the 20th century occurred in the first third of the century! That is proven. During the second third of the 20th century, during a period of rapid growth of industrialization and fossil fuel burning, the temperature cooled, absolutely contrary to CO2 warming hypothesis. Then during the last third of the 20th century, with ever more industrialization and massive increases in fossil fuel burning, the temperature rose again, but at the same rate as the first third, again contradicting AGW hypothesis. And in the 21st century, there has been essentially no warming even though industrialization and fossil fuel burning has increased faster yet. The warming clearly does NOT coincide with fossil fuel usage but equally clearly does coincide with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation cycle.

The weather has been fantastic. Hope everyone is enjoying it.. Still a gamble to take of the winter tires though :)

Be safe out there :-)

If Hunter Harrison can make a case for the death of fossil fuels, then its only a hop skip and jump to stating that there is no sense in building pipelines for a dying industry.

So, no pipelines means that until the death of fossil fuels, oil products would be handled by rail. Hmmmm. What industry is Hunter working for, Oh Yeah. He’s the President and CEO of CP Rail.

Airlines are one of the big polluters out there. Perhaps its time we grounded some planes.

How many people prepared to give up flying to save the Country??

    Not one of the global warming activists, that’s for certain!

      Specially Truduea flying in that big fuel guzzling jet designed for 200 people with 25 on board. He’s a prime example of going green. The only green Mr Trudeau understands is the green we pay for his selfies.

    Then how do all the so called climate scientists get to their meetings or parties in exotic locations.

I have had vehicles with 4 cylinder engines for the last years (6 cylinder before that) and the current vehicle also fits that description. Thank you for asking! I have also gone the full nine yards with other energy saving efforts: Insulation the whole house, energy efficient furnace and windows.

“I have had vehicles with 4 cylinder engines for the last years” – make that since 1984.

Seamutt, you say if it is proven man is causing an issue in the future I am sure technology will have evolved to deal with it. Well, technology to cope with it is indeed evolving as we speak – at an ever increasing rate since dismissing the coincidence of the ever increasing acidity of the oceans and the rising ocean levels together with the accumulation of CO2 emissions is yet another thing that may raise a cautionary approach in people who can put two and two together.

    Acidity of oceans is not increasing, they are alkaline and a slightly less alkaline seawater is not harmful.

    Ocean levels have been rising since the end of the last glaciation, rapidly at first as the massive ice sheets melted, but now very slowly. Sea level experts have shown that sea level rise has slowed recently, even reversed in 2010.

    Rising CO2 is beneficial, greens the planet and helps feed humanity.

    You’re being fed a lot of nonsense and you swallow it whole without checking it out.

Remember that news story about all the files RCMP handle in PG. Today I got the answer right from the horses mouth. Every time someone phones the RCMP, it creates a file. If you report a suspicious vehicle that’s a file, a noisy complaint – a file and someone has to deal with it. You report a drunk driver, even if they don’t catch them, it creates a file. So there isn’t some prolific offender committing hundreds of offenses, it’s just the daily workload caused by us phoning them.

Also, the member admitted that PG RCMP are really more in a reactive, that proactive mode, which is why you rarely see any traffic enforcement anymore. They have enough to fill their day just with calls.

Anyone seen any moose in the bush? Seems over the last 4 years they’ve been depleted in our area, wolves and coyotes have increased in large numbers. Don’t know what the 2015 harvest numbers are yet, but bet they’re way down in 7-15. Anyone care to comment on whether closing moose season altogether in depleted areas for 5 years, might leave our kids with some good hunting for the future?

    Maybe a wolf or coyote call as well, can’t say that too loud, well have miley Cyrus and probably DiCaprio up here in a heartbeat! I’d love to see the noise population go up! I love some good moose meat after working in camp for 15 to 20 days

      Moose* not noise :P

Is anyone else sensing the change taking place in the comment section of this 250news site? It’s not just the fact the Friday-Free-For-All has been moved to the views section, but the number of thumbs up and downs are increasing, as are the number of comments. We are well on our way to breaking the 100 comment mark on this Friday-free-for-all for the third week in a row. Has anyone wondered why?

I believe the number of comments are going up because of the increase in NOISE. What is “noise” you might ask? It’s the increased frequency (volume) of superfluous (unnecessary) comments that are meant to distract and derail readers and participants from serious discussion and debate, particularly as that discussion and debate pertains to certain touch button subjects.

Example: my 8:17am comment about the CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway admitting fossil fuels future is probably “dead” generated a total of 26 direct and in-direct comments. While some of those comments were well reasoned, a number of comments were nothing more than industry noise and chatter. Some examples would be: “the elastic around a person’s shorts”; “the size of truck a person drives”, and the much overused “travel habits of Suzuki and Gore”. So what do these comments have to do with my original comment? Not much, but they are industry talking points to be posted over, and over, and over… and… well I think you get my drift. So onward past the 100 comment mark for this Friday-Free-For-All everyone, with the help of Oil & Gas Industry noise and chatter of course… and remember they are not responsible in any way, or manner, for global warming… LOL!

    JGalt you are not the only one that knows . It’s like tantrums . Screaming for attention . Same thing over and over and over and over ala water drip torture . They actually make me laugh . It drones on much like the last failed election champaign of the Harper government . Completely disconnected from reality . The fossil fuel industry is one of the biggest Rube Goldberg machine ever built by humanity . Every move along the food chain gets a piece of the action from the hole in the ground to the hole in your tank .

      Speaking of noise.

      Such a fervent belief in being right, yet you can’t post even a smidgen of science to back it up. Wow, such faith!

      Ataloser, you can’t be for real. Drip torture? You are the poster child for torture. Same crap, same thumbs down, on every stupid comment you make. Go away tool, you are to stupid for words.

    Oh dear sorry. Care to refute anything I posted. So just what do you think of Gore’s, Suzuki and so called climate researchers, atmospheric scientists, rent seekers travel habits on the taxpayer dime?

    Again I apologize for not letting you be the only commentator, just wanted to point out evil fossil fuel which has given us our standard of living is not going anywhere soon.

The armoured vehicles are LAVs and are canadian made and come from a factory in Ontario about 20 militaries including the US and British armies use these. Canada is actually a fairly large player in the legal arms market selling to many militaries throughout the world


Like Saudis Arabia got 15 billions worth from Canada and they supply arms to ISIS. Be nice if we could supply them with wheat.

jGalt, not sure if you are serious or just trolling in an attempt to push the comment count closer to 200.

Either way, you are sounding like a poor victim of other peoples thoughts and ideas… kind of sad😢

Gee and I always though that noise was a big bang like from a rifle.

To me the posts on this site have never changed and the most annoying once are about how much better a driver I am compared with others and JGalt I thought that your post was rather noisey

PrinceGeorge”…the ever increasing acidity of the oceans and the rising ocean levels…”

Never did I state that the oceans ARE acidic! Read my comment above!

What happens when alkalinity decreases?

“You’re being fed a lot of nonsense and you swallow it whole without checking it out.”

As soon as the insults start I know it is time to check out because I am winning.

    PG, when you say “ever increasing acidity” that means the oceans are acidic. You can’t “increase” something that isn’t already there. That’s like talking about increasing water levels in an empty glass. The use of the “acid” word by climate doomsayers is intended to frighten the uninformed.

    What happens when alkalinity decreases? It gets less alkaline. It can’t get “more acidic” until it first becomes acidic. If the oceans went from being alkaline to being acidic (not ever going to happen) then you could say they “became” acidic, and only after that could you properly use “more acidic”.

    As for insults, I disagree. That was not an insult. The AGW doomsayers are feeding nonsense to the uninformed. If you had checked it out, you would know it for nonsense.

    For a real insult, check out Ataloss’s comments. Here’s a sample:

    “…ideologically driven lunatic fringe fed lies and money by the fossil fuel industry trying to win social licence…”

      Thanks Dirtman ! It was a thing of beauty eh ? Well worth cutting and pasteing .

      You are making a valid point! Although the meaning of my comment was clearly understandable.

      Just because my conviction about mankind’s contribution to global warming does not agree with yours doesn’t mean that I am misinformed or led blindly down the garden path! I am not a victim of any doomsday conspiracy or any uneducated fringe.

      I spent a lot of time informing myself about the science and evidence. And I will continue to do so.

Just wondering why comments are closed on power outages? Afraid of some attaboys?

    So that the guys that have backup can’t laugh and talk about the guys sitting in the dark with no internet . On their behalf I’d like to laugh and say for the umpteenth time , duh .

      Hilarious dingbat.

Keep your focus on what’s important here, rise above the noise and chatter!

Yesterday, in yet another initiative to curb climate change, Trudeau and U.S. President Barack Obama, committed to reduce methane emissions by 40 to 45 per cent below 2012 levels by 2025. This is lofty goal, but necessary, as methane gas is 25 times more potent as a climate warming agent than carbon dioxide.

Unfortunately this joint Canada – US methane reduction initiative will most definitely setback the Christy Clark governments LNG pipedream. Why? Because methane is a primary component of natural gas and major BC LNG project backers like Malaysia’s Petronas will not take kindly to these news changes in methane reduction. In fact, after investing almost 12 billion in development cost thus far, Petronas has already conveyed to Federal Cabinet Ministers it won’t accept additional hurtles. Get ready to wave bye bye to Petronas Christy…

ht tp://business.financialpost.com/news/energy/malaysias-petronas-threatening-to-abandon-lng-project-over-new-climate-change-rules

    JGalt, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to ask for your permission before I post something here on your(?) website, so I’m apologizing in advance for the following noise:

    Oct. 30, 2015

    NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses

    ht tp://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/nasa-study-mass-gains-of-antarctic-ice-sheet-greater-than-losses

    Seems like for every article and scientist for “global warming”, there are articles and scientists against “global warming”!

    How noisy is that!

    My comment above is the reality of the whole global warming situation. We are not at the debating stage about whether global warming is human caused (AGW), we already know it is caused by us, and our use of fossil fuels. We are not even at the stage of trying to figure out how to reverse man made global warming. We are past that stage as well, do you know what stage we are at? We are currently in the “action” stage of addressing man made global warming.

    Why do you think Canada and the US are “now” undertaking a methane reduction initiative? Why??? Because we are undertaking “action” to reverse the global warming we have been causing. It dismays me to watch you all debate an issue about whether man made global warming exists, a debate that has been over for more than a decade. Get with the program, we are now out from under the Harper Government’s medieval, dark age of climate denial, and willful ignorance of scientific facts. Grow up an face reality!!!

      jGalt, there never has been a debate over whether man made global warming exists. We put greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, therefore we cause warming. Case closed. How can it dismay you to watch us all debate whether it exists? We aren’t doing that! That’s not what’s in dispute.

      The question is, do human emissions cause dangerous global warming/climate change?

      The science clearly shows we are not. Willful ignorance of scientific facts is your position. I’m quite happy to debate the science with you, with anyone. Go ahead, post the science here that demonstrates the deniers are wrong. Last Friday I posted a brief description of the logarithmic nature of the warming effect of CO2. If you’re unfamiliar with it you can go back and read it. Start with that, show me what in that post was wrong.

      You are fighting a lonely battle on this forum Galt. The three S men and their henchmen will remain adamant in their positions, ’cause they saw ‘scientific stuff’ on the internet.

Two great comments, JGalt at 6:08 and 7:21. Thanks!

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the human induced climate change deniers are representative of the under achiever gene in the human genome . Thermodinonamics ? Would that mean all those guys rolling coal are in fact ineffectual ? Man has no effect on the planet , really ?

Posted on Friday, March 11, 2016 @ 8:33 PM by PrinceGeorge

You are making a valid point! Although the meaning of my comment was clearly understandable.

Just because my conviction about mankind’s contribution to global warming does not agree with yours doesn’t mean that I am misinformed or led blindly down the garden path! I am not a victim of any doomsday conspiracy or any uneducated fringe.

I spent a lot of time informing myself about the science and evidence. And I will continue to do so.

A polite response, Pg. I appreciate that.

However I do believe you haven’t looked at all the evidence.

Fritz Vahrenholt, co-founder of the German Green Party was a fervent believer in CAGW. But at the same time he was disturbed by the fact that skeptics were so certain that global warming wasn’t a threat. What could possibly convince them that they were right? Then while working for the IPCC he came across some glaring discrepancies. He took them to his superiors in the IPCC and was told to ignore them. He was stunned. He felt betrayed. He decided to investigate the claims of the skeptics and when he did he realized they were right. He’s now a skeptic activist.

Dr. David Evans (holder of 6 university degrees) was also a believer. He took a contract from the Australian government to do some climate change work, something to do with forest inventories, I believe. He didn’t need to know, but just for his own information (6 degrees! This is a guy who likes to know things!) he did the research to learn all he could about CAGW. He also was surprised to find the skeptics were right. He’s also now a climate activist.

Dr. Evan’s wife, also a scientist, was also a believer, but only with one masters degree. She had a program on Aussie TV to do with science and for 17 years she spoke out about the need to take action on climate change. One day at home she was talking about it when her husband told her there was no evidence to support the alarmist view. She said, Of course there is, what about the ice cores?” He told her that the ice cores show that warming precedes CO2 increase. She said that can’t be true and checked it out, found out it was true and after 17 years as a warmist, switched sides. She’s also now an activist skeptic. Her stage name is Jo Nova.

Were you to check the evidence as they did, I expect you would switch sides too.

At the same time, I will say that I’m open to being proved wrong. If you can show me evidence that supports your position I’m eager to hear it.



Galt and ataloss stiff offer up no proof.

Watched CKPG news tonight and offered up someone from UNBC calling himself a climate and carbon specialist, I guess to embarrassed to call himself a climate scientist.

Notice how all the mainstream offer up all these scary stories without any fact checking or interviewing a AGW skeptic. What has happened to honest journalism, oh wait. Over thirty years of dire predictions and we are still hear.

The earth has been warmer, much warmer, cooler, then warmer how did that happen? There has been iceages with high C02, warm periods with low C02. Wonder if that rentseeking climate and carbon specialist knows how. Can that climate and carbon specialist point to the verifiable reproducible science that points to AGW or CAGW, come on specialist you must have it after all the science is settled.

Oh well we seem to be on the cusp of entering a cooling period, that should make the warmers happy. What will they blame that on?

    I read recently that Mongolia is suffering from record cold and snow this winter and their livestock is dying because of it. This has been blamed on global warming.

Wish I could attend this

ht tp://www.steynonline.com/7488/sticking-it-to-the-alarmists

    Yeah, I’d love to be there too.

Posted on Friday, March 11, 2016 @ 6:22 PM by Ataloss
Thanks Dirtman ! It was a thing of beauty eh ? Well worth cutting and pasteing .

You are the master!

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