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October 27, 2017 11:44 pm

Friday Free For All – March 18th, 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

We’ve cross the halfway mark  of March  and Spring is just a day away.

It’s time for  the end of week  open thread we know as the Friday Free For All.

You pick the  topic, but please obey these simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


Let’s be respectful of others on the roads today, and enjoy the week end.

    I really have to wonder why anyone would down vote metalman’s comment. I guess some people think we should be disrespectful of others on the roads and/or should not enjoy the week end.

      A while back I believe that metal man stated that he would pass on the right and spray our vehicles with rocks if we happened to make him/her angry,

When’s the City going to realize the road paint they use is a waste of money?? Who cares if its not chemical free… it saves lives.. PAINT THE DAMNED ROAD LINES

    I absolutely agree, it must cost the city three times as much to paint the lines once a year (should be twice the way it wears off)But these days but fish and the environment seems to be more important than human lives. Highways need to get on board too. Ridiculous trying to drive on the highway on a dark rainy night, you’re just guessing where you are on the road.

      I totally agree, especially with the highways.

      The further away one gets from the lower mainland, the worse it gets. Few roadside reflectors in curves. The rain makes matters worse. So does winter grit, especially on sections which have 2 lanes in one direction to allow vehicles to pass. Add some of the overly bright oncoming lights, and it makes it even worse.

      I found the highway between Kamloops and Kelowna via Falkland and Vernon to be especially bad.

    It’s not the City’s fault, Canada and most of the free world has banned the old style lead based paint and the replacement sadly does not hold up well in our northern environment. They also need certain temperatures to reapply the paint so we are always behind the eight ball every spring. Not sure what the answers are, but it seems like a goldmine to whoever can come up with a durable environmental friendly alternative.

    And please do it now as opposed to August!

      Probably a little cold yet and too much sand on the roads to paint them today.

    Thanks to pressure from environmentalists, oil in any form is now considered BAD! That includes oil based paints, so now the cities and provinces paint the lines with water based paints. They just don’t stand up to the wear and tear like oil based paints do.

    Yet another example in a long list of examples where – let me spit these words out as loathingly as possible – “political correctness” trumps common sense and practical solutions in the name of pathological altruism.

    I agree stillsmokin, they need to go back to oil based paint.

    The same liberal addled brains that squawk about “carbon footprints” don’t think about the “carbon footprint” of mobilizing equipment to repaint the same damn lines every year.

    But hey, observing that requires, common sense.

      Didn’t they paint them every year with oil based paints? I seem to recall they did but I could be mistaken.

      Anyway, with oil you’d still be able to see the old ones.

Good morning metalman, Stillsmokin and everyone else who is still in dreamland.
Good request metalman and I agree, let’s use some paint that lasts at least one year and also get it done soon.
Trouble is, a lot of people ignore, run over them at the best of times so that doesn’t help. Then when the snow flies, people forget where they were and make their own trails too.
Many people have found after an accident, that even though they were in the driven path, they were way over the line once it is uncovered. That puts them at fault.
Its always something that is an added hazard to watch out for, for those who know where the lines are.
I also think that many of the painted islands for left turns are too short. They slow down through traffic too much.
Have a nice safe weekend.

So its an interesting election for nominees down in the states. I see it as divided into two camps:

One camp is pro nation state rules that support the middle class and oppose bad trade deals or surrendering national sovereignty. This camp is Trump and Sanders.

The other camp is the Goldman Sachs camp of surrogates that are pro globalist, rabid defenders of Israel, pro supranational new world order trickle down economics and politics, and pro TPP. This camp is Clinton, Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich.

The globalists will stop at nothing to keep Trump and Sanders from power including violence; because once the presidency is lost there is likely to be a lot of accountability for the corporate imperialism that has gutted the American economy.

I find it sad to see media outlets that skew the coverage of Trump in an effort to pick a partisan bend. Often it is just inferring an unintended meaning into what Trump says in a sort of guilt by inference of hypothetical intentions. Even the CBC is in on it; which just brings into questions the rest of their reporting integrity.

I think its irresponsible to stir up hatreds and divisions in society by inferring erroneous meanings into the words of candidates, and in the end this could blow up all wrong if the media can’t just step back and report on the facts as they are stated by candidates as they were intended and not just reading into what they say… that is to twist into how the insider pundits want us to interpret how it was said from the candidates.

Often just emphasizing a different word in a sentence can wholly change the meaning.

I think the rabid globalists will try to install Kasich as the republican nominee in a contested convention as a bridge between to two sides, and will stop at nothing including disregarding the voters choice to protect their interests. This could be an election where America losses the pretense of being a democracy… or on the flip side it could be an election where they cement the primacy of the nation state over globalists constructs.

    You got Sanders in the wrong camp.

    Trump uses a modern version of Hitler’s 1930’s nationalist rhetoric he used which gained him a majority in the German parliament.

    For starters, Trump blames a specific group of immigrants for all the US problems and promises to remove them from the country.

    To see Trump rise to the level he has during a US election campaign is a total eye-opener for me and totally unbelievable.

    At least some people are now trying to turn the tide. They have realized that the guy is dangerous and that too many US citizens are gullible enough to follow him.

    On the other hand, I am not surprised that you, eagleone, support Trump, and hit the media and some elder Republican statesmen for pointing out the truth about Trump. His is not the way to go about making America great again. It is exactly the opposite.

      You’re incorrect on a couple points too. It’s the Sanders backers who are employing the tactics and rhetoric of Hitler’s Brownshirsts, and they’re doing it against Trump.

      Trump does not blame a specific group of immigrants for all the US problems. Rather he points out that millions are ILLEGALLY entering the US, that their crime rate in the country is much higher than average, and the current administration is not enforcing immigration law. He intends to apply that law as was intended.

      Trump support is a reaction to the politically correct destruction of the US. The Tea Party movement (which, no doubt, you also failed to understand, and thus mostly despised) was a bourgeois, well-mannered effort (remember how Tea Party protests left the grounds cleaner than before they arrived?) to fix America. It was treated with contempt, smeared as racist, and blocked by a bipartisan coalition of business-as-usual elites. So now you have Trump, who’s not so well-mannered, and his followers, who are not so well-mannered, and you don’t like it.

      Quoting David Brooks from the NY Times – ““His remarks represent an extraordinary mix of inaccurate claims about domestic and foreign policy and personal and professional boasts that rarely measure up when checked against primary sources,” they wrote.

      He is a childish man running for a job that requires maturity. He is an insecure boasting little boy whose desires were somehow arrested at age 12. He surrounds himself with sycophants. “You can always tell when the king is here,” Trump’s butler told Jason Horowitz in a recent Times profile. He brags incessantly about his alleged prowess, like how far he can hit a golf ball. “Do I hit it long? Is Trump strong?” he asks.”

      You don’t like it? Well people like you made him possible. Politically correct fascism has been steadily stifling the US and people are frustrated. Trump doesn’t play the game, he rails against the corrupted system and his supporters follow him because of that.

      “Trump uses a modern version of Hitler’s 1930’s nationalist rhetoric he used which gained him a majority in the German parliament.”

      It is frustrating to read that Hitler gained a majority! It is incorrect! He never had an outright majority but he was able to form a coalition government with the National Party! Hitler then asked the President and the cabinet to give him extraordinary powers in order to deal with the dismal economic state of the country, this being the result of the vindictive strangulating terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Once he got what he demanded he took over power as a dictator. Then he banned all other parties and made voting mandatory. Of course after that he finally won the next election by 98%. There was nobody else to vote for! To compare Trump and Hitler is baloney. In the USA they have procedures (like impeachment) to remove a rogue president.

      Your comment is exactly what eagleone was talking about, your are sucked in by the main stream media coverage, look beyond.

      The irony of who most of Drumpf’s supporters are is what kills me. These people are who Drumpf has referred to as “losers” for quite some time, now he is embracing them. They do not even get that if they would have run into him a year ago he would not even deigned to glance at them, let alone give them the time of day. Dirtman’s assessment could be quite accurate, I’ve wondered why Drumpf would run for President since he really doesn’t give a rat’s fart about the average human & seems to be motivated by what’s best for Donald. An adolescent urging to impress a long lost father? The other fascinating/appalling thing is the large amount of support & popularity that Canadians give him.

    Trump is the one who supported violence when he said he would pay the legal fees for those who punched protesters at one of his public gatherings.

    Of course, he did not offer to go to jail for them if they were found guilty.

    That was not made up by the media. You can watch the videos yourself.

    You are not providing a balanced view.

      Who started the violence in the first place?

      gopg2015, when is the last time the populace was provided with a balanced view? On anything?

      With all due respect, I would suggest that Justin was elected largely due to the completely unbalanced view that was provided to the Canadian electorate!

      Whether we like it or not, I suspect that the United States and Canada for that matter should start preparing now for a Trump government!

      But, I could be wrong!

Maybe we should ask Jillian to paint the road lines… Her painted bike lanes seem to weather just fine.. or maybe she’s holding out on the City and hoping to pocket a nice big contract….ahhaahh

It sure takes a tremendous amount of piling on of debt by governments (all levels), businesses and households in this country to keep our way of life going.

The following numbers are taken from the Statistics Canada website:

At the end of December, 2015 the total debt outstanding in Canada (bottom line of the credit market summary data table) was $6.89 trillion.

At the end of December, 2014 the total debt outstanding was $6.28 trillion. In the one year period from the end of December, 2014 to the end of December, 2015 it increased by $614 billion. This is an increase of 9.7%.

The approximate beginning of the global financial crisis was June, 2007. At the end of June, 2007 the total debt outstanding was $3.99 trillion. In the last 8-1/2 years it has increased by $2.90 trillion. This is an increase of 72.8%.

Looking at the total debt outstanding in Canada of domestic non-financial sectors (17th line up from the bottom of the credit market summary data table):

At the end of December, 2015 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $4.90 trillion.

At the end of December, 2014 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $4.58 trillion. In the one year period from the end of December, 2014 to the end of December, 2015 it increased by $320 billion. This is an increase of 6.9%.

At the end of June, 2007 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $2.84 trillion. In the last 8-1/2 years it has increased by $2.06 trillion. This is an increase of 72.4%.

The start date of this Statistics Canada data table can be changed by clicking on the “add/remove data” tab at the top of the page.


    Charles T, Justin was elected with a promise of a small deficit! But, not to worry as he told us that “the budget will balance itself”!

    The small deficit projection became 5, then 10 Billion! Later estimates had it projected at 30 Billion, with Justin hoping to cap it there!

    TD Economists have projected that Justin’s term in office could see a total deficit in the range of 90 Billion!

    Want to place any bets on what the coming budget will contain?

    Unfortunately, while we and future generations will be responsible to pay this debt, by and large we are all responsible for the accumulation of this debt. We constantly demand more from government! The government, in it’s hopes of getting re-elected, seems more than willing to give us what we want! They give us what we want/demand, regardless of governments ability, or for that matter, our own ability as taxpayers to pay!

    What do you expect when the current financial system is not fully ‘self-liquidating’? Stop the growth of debt, and existing loans would be incapable of being repaid in their totality as per the terms of the loan contracts that created them.

RESPECTING OTHER MOTORISTS: Not much of that happening in PG. I dont need to make a list of people’s poor habits, we all know what they are. Unfortunately, more law enforcement will be the only factor to change this. Meanwhile, drive like your life depends on it! (NO JOKE THERE)

ROAD LINES: Why even bother painting the road lines? We dont see new lines until June, then by Nov they are all but gone! Instead, spend some money on recessed reflectors.

US ELECTION: We (as Canadian neighbors), cannot influence the choices made south of the border. Trump’s radical views are nothing more than soapbox antics. Like all politicians, he will say and promise anything in order to get the vote.
Just like our recent election, I feel that nobody (so far) is a good candidate. If Trump really is as radical as he claims to be…. we are all in trouble. Somehow I just dont believe it. Look at what Trudeau promised… Oh yeah, a tax cut! More like give with one hand, and take with the other. Other than that, all promises have shot right out the door.

Just my opinion. Have a great weekend!

    “Trump’s radical views are nothing more than soapbox antics. Like all politicians, he will say and promise anything in order to get the vote.”

    Precisely! Like all the other presidents before him there are powers which control the overall agenda. He can not and will not run afoul of those.

The most ridiculous part about water based paint lines on the road? They say they oil based is not environmentally friendly? What the hell do they think the asphalt is made of?

    Yep. Dont forget about the salt, calcium and other contaminates that end up on our roads as well. Woohoo! Switching to water based paint will surely save the planet.

    I know that epoxy based paint sticks to anything, especially a rough surface like pavement.

Just wondering if I supply say 20 liter pail of paint to the city for line painting will the city name a street after me.

Wow. After two years and one Canada Winter Games, the burnt out light at the Terry Fox statue has been replaced. Um, about time??

I see the BC Liberals have hired another triple delete artist and Laura Miller has come with experience. No training costs.

    Some background on oldman1’s comment; B.C. Liberal party executive director Laura Miller resigned a few months back after being charged with three criminal counts in Ontario in relation to an investigation into the destruction of documents pertaining to cancelled gas plants in Ontario. Miller had been charged with breach of trust, mischief, and misuse of a computer system to commit mischief. Miller was a deputy chief of staff under Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty until 2013.

    Ms. Miller was alleged to have brought in her partner, Peter Faist, to wipe clean the hard drives of computers in the premier’s office shortly before Mr. McGuinty resigned in 2013. Mr. Faist, an outside IT expert without security clearance to work on government computers, was paid $10,000 from government coffers for his services.

    Perhaps the BC Liberals are executing a similar exit strategy, knowing how unlikely it is they will be re-elected next year? At any rate Laura Miller’s presence at a time where the Christy Clark government, in response to a NDP access to information request, stated all of the Highway of Tears emails are routinely “triple-deleted” is very apropos. By inviting her back, the Christy Clark government obviously appreciates, and needs, Laura Miller’s special talents and skills, whatever those may be.

      crusty really does think she is coming back…..Flush her out the stand pipe with rest of the Crapola they send into the Straite….

See the results of DRunk driving again….Raise the drinking age!! YES…
Memorials should NOT be set up for DRUNKS……..they made there bed lie in it!!

    Way more People who can’t keep there Hands and Finger off the Phone, kill 3 Times as many !

      And you got these stats from?????

I agree with watchdog on the resessed reflectors . Yes they will be covered for a few months but when the snow melts they will still be on the road unlike the paint .I had a relate up from the big smoke a few years ago asking how the hell do you guys know what lane you are in as he was going up 2nd ave around the chicane towards books on 3rd. I jokingly replied that in the north country the bigger vehicle has the right of way .
Also , I think we have milked the winter game theme long enough now that we could take down the faded and tattered banners .
On a good note . Good work city on getting the gravel picked up .

Why does Trump terrify people

ht tp://blog.dilbert.com/post/139119223061/why-does-trump-terrify-people

Fill in the space at ht tp = http

seamutt with a score of -3

“Your comment is exactly what eagleone was talking about, your (sic) are sucked in by the main stream media coverage, look beyond”

No, there is no “look beyond” when it comes to historical facts! One may not like them, but there they are! Facts! Do yourself a favour and find out how Hitler became a dictator!

    PG my comment was directed to gopg2015

      Sorry to say the least! However, perhaps it will have educational value to those who still haven’t bothered to find out what actually happened and make silly comparisons! Enjoy the sunny weekend!

    You do know that there are major American media outlets that are starting to compare Trump’s politics of hate and division to Hitler’s tactics?

The American political system is interesting to say the least. its like a car accident…you have to look. I am sure glad we don’t follow their ways. Our last election was the longest in our history and was a sliver of the total time it takes the USA to pick a president and ours was way to long…I feel sorry for them.

Canada rocks

Nothing wrong with deporting illegals ,here or the States, be found out , deport the Next Day, no Hearing, no nothing. I wonder why we have Laws if we don’t apply them!

    Everyone in the US is entitled to due process, even illegals. So to deport them you would need a court hearing. To deport 12 million would take 50 years of court hearings. Not gonna happen, no matter how much Trump wants to.

    In many cases the problem is that they don’t know the identity of the illegals, who often don’t carry a passport or other ID. If they don’t know the person’s identity, they don’t know what country to deport the person to and they don’t have a basis for persuading the recipient country to accept the deportee. If, say, the US takes an unidentified alien to the Mexican border, how do the Mexicans know that this person is one of their citizens and entitled to enter Mexico? It can take months to identify an alien who does not want to be identified.

    Also, as a matter of both humanity and international law, aliens who claim asylum must have their claim considered. Again, that can take quite a while.

    That’s the law in Canada for any illegal or visitor on a visa. They can be deported at any time with out an appeal. It happens every day. If one wants to appeal then Canada doesn’t even hear the case. An appeal takes place in the source country at their Canadian embassy or consolate.

    In Canada it is only once one has been screened and granted a resident visa that they have any rights to the courts. That or claim refugee status, which if erroneous negates any future eligibility claim to stay in Canada.

      I know because my wife went through that on her first attempt to come to Canada. The appeals are done by foreign nationals in the source country and not Canadians which leads to contamination of the process by the internal politics of the source country. IMO that is the big flaw of the system for anyone that doesn’t have any legal status in Canada yet. It can be a legal wall bigger than the one Trump wants to build and the applicants have no rights. I think there should be an appeal board staffed with Canadians for after the fact deportations of visitors and non legal status potential residents as well as those who followed all the rules but are denied by the source country internal politics.

I wonder how long it is going to take before they start painting lines this year on the highways. One thing they could also do is put reflective glass beads in the paint to make night driving much better. Beads are added at the same time when lines are being painted. If they put as much effort into the highways as they have talked about LNG roads would be in great shape.

I believe autonomous cars cannot drive themselves without seeing lines. Will be interesting to watch this real world development.

    Autonomous cars cars don’t need lines they drive based on GPS
    (Position on Road is determined by car in relation to Satellite).
    Insurance Company’s know that there are very few Head On collision’s when car’s travel in Right Lane.That’s why autonomous cars drive in the Right lane.
    They (autonomous cars) are coming and they will determine which lane you drive in . A lot of Driving Characteristics will change because they will determine the Safest route based on Collision history ,etc.

      These used car salesmen don’t have a clue as to how autonomous vehicles work . Watch . The future race car on Ted talk . Driverless 150 mile an hour race car anyone ? It’s called space technology based science in action . How the heck are you going to get a probe to Mars with no white lines . Thank for the laugh . Ffffa is always good for deep down belly laughs .

      Yes GPS is used but positioning on the roadway is used by a camera mostly reading the lines. GPS reliability varies by quit a bit and when in the mountains, tree coverage, high rise buildings can reduce accuracy and reliability, sometimes coverage can be lost all together.

      Right now my GPS is showing a nine foot accuracy, now if an oncoming car also has a 9 foot accuracy and with a combined closing speed of say 200k, 18 foot accuracy will not cut it. I have seen my GPS out as much as 300 feet.

      GPS is only a small part of the sensors required for an autonomous automobile. What happens when gps signals are blocked by buildings, trees or driving through a tunnel? Initial GPS location data can take a few minutes to establish and if behind a building here maybe never established. On a short trip sitting and waiting a couple minutes before moving anywhere would be frustrating for the technology. Snow and rain complicate things, Tesla has a car now that can finally drive half baked in rainy conditions but google has a long way to go. Can’t use them in icy conditions either. Technology is coming but chances of seeing one on auto north of the 49 are slim in the near future, could use it maybe a few months a year depending on the forecast

We go through this whole American Election garbage every time they have an election.

Remember Barry Goldwater, George Bush, etc; Now its Trump,.

The US Government is run by the House of Representatives, and the Senate.

Its pretty hard for any President to get anything passed, and he certainly would not be able to do anything that would be detrimental to the American system of Government or their Constitution.

For lack of a better description I think that we can describe Trump as a Buffoon,. and Hillary Clinton as a Margaret Thatcher in shorts.

    The US has the two houses (Congress & Senate) and the executive (prez)which was intended to spread the power around. Congress is elected by the people but the Senators were originally appointed by the State governments in order to avoid the centralization of power such as we have in the Canadian federal government. A constitutional amendment changed that to elected by the people, lessening the power of states.

    Obama gets around the houses by making “executive orders” to pass treaties & laws. They’re illegal but nobody seems to be calling him on it except Ted Cruz who said his first act as prez would be to recind every one of those imperial decrees (illegal executive orders).

    Hillary Clinton as a Margaret Thatcher? You gotta be kidding! The USA desperately needs a Maggie Thatcher but Clinton ain’t it by a long shot! She’s just going to carry on Obama’s vision.

      Hillary is the most dangerous person in politics today. If she is not selling state secrets for the nuclear arsenal to the Chinese, then she is plotting a world war with Russia. Lydia and Syria are the end result of Hillary in power. The world has never known a more dangerous woman to world peace. A neocon to the bone.

@ 9:49 AM by seamutt

That’s a good article seamutt, thanks for the link.

    I agree!

Eagleone, socredible and the rest of you should read this, Clinton is the scary one. As for the rise of Hitler that has been brought up, maybe compare the rise of Trudeau, seem to be some parallels especially when it comes to the media. Read the last part of this article and remember Trudeau admires the dictatorship of china.

Clinton emails are quite a source of information and shows just what a puppet Obama is.

ht tp://thedailycoin.org/?p=66985

    Still blaming Peter Mansbridge for the disappearance of Harper eh seamutt. When Trump finally loses, who you gonna blame , Wolf Blitzer ?

      You can ‘blame’ those who are providing the dough to back him. Not for him to win, but to make sure there’s no other viable Republican alternative running against Hillary Clinton. The only way to make her look good is to make someone else look like a worse choice. And if it goes the other way, and Trump does get the nomination and win? Well, he’s just as much in their pocket as Clinton is ~ he would never have got this far if he weren’t.

openag.media.edu . I tried to post this link on the dalia article but it was deleted . I don’t understand why . It is a change as big as the computer itself . It’s spreading across the globe virally and feeding a great many people optimized nutrition .

    I forgot to add . It’s free , open sourced from MIT. And it’s scalable . And it’s coming to a town near you . I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kids at the unbc hacking it as we speak .

      Okay so nobody gets it ? You know how when one gets a really good vine growth and lots of fruiting grapes . Then it get really hot and sunny . Then doesn’t rain and you get the sweetest grapes in decades . The algorithms can repeat that every growth cycle but not only for grapes . This can be done with every plant .

Cornbinder–Cars of today warn you when you when you get out of your lane so with no lane marker -no warning.

Hillary is the **tough** one. If Trump gets the republican nomination, then Hillary will be the first female President of the USA. She will have lots of help from Bill who will be working in the background.

Trump has nothing substantive to offer the American people. The Republican party is in disarray and needs to re invent itself.

    You should read my links on Trump and Clinton.

    Hillary will be in jail before she gets elected. If she is the nominee than the Bernie voters won’t show up unless to vote for Trump. The anti establishment is too strong for Hillary to get elected. The neocon war agenda is not what the Americans want. Americans first and foremost want a return of their jobs to America and a good house cleaning of the deep state that is selling them out to a globalist agenda.

      Americans can’t have a “return of jobs to America” unless they’re able to preserve and expand their military-industrial complex. And if you’re going to make the weapons of war, there has to be someplace you, or whoever your ‘selling’ them to, is going to use them. Only so many ICBM silos, nuclear subs, aircraft carriers, ‘Star Wars’ stuff, etc., can be built and scrapped without ever being used before the public catches on to the illusion of how nonsensical it all is. Even in America.

      Right now, without still being the ‘arsenal of democracy’, the whole American economy would collapse. And take the rest of the world’s economies with it. You’d think people would finally wake up. How could every country be flat broke all through the Depression of the 1930’s, not able to do anything, “…because we don’t have the money”, only to suddenly find all this missing money with a simple declaration of war? Where was it all hiding? Offshore bank accounts? Stuffed under every millionaire’s mattress? How come all those that had any at the start of World War Two, had way more at the end of it? But Trump’s going to change all that, and “make America great again.” Sure he is! Just like “Sunny Days” up here.

      No she won’t. The Obama administration is making sure that the justice department lays off her.

      She should already be in jail, but it ain’t a-gonna happen.

    I think you’ve got it right, Palopu. Trump is a complete phoney. As much a well-paid ‘front’ for what are supposed to be ‘his’ enterprises as Col. Harlan Sanders was for Kentucky Fried Chicken, or old man Roebuck was for Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Anybody else notice the sky today – first thing this morning the sky was clear and blue. Saw 2 planes flying overhead around 9am – both planes, one heading east and the other west, left long contrails behind them. By noon, the sky was dirty and hazy. Then 2 planes, both flying northwest, around 1:30, left long contrails behind them. I say contrails because vapor dissipates quickly. You could still the trails in the sky an hour later. We’re going to be hearing more about this in the near future.

    In regards to the contrails.
    If the contrails hang around for a long time.
    That usually means cold air aloft and little wind at altitude.
    We currently have a weather High sitting over us.

    You will notice when the weather gets hotter.
    Those same contrails disappear quicker.
    Due to warm or hot air aloft or windy conditions at altitude.

    The contrails are frozen water vapour, ice crystals. The water vapour is a by-product of combustion in the engines. If there is no wind the ice crystals will slowly dissipate. Every notice the water dripping out of a cars tailpipe, or the vapour from a car when its really cold out, same thing. There is no conspiracy, chill out, relax.

ICBC claims texting and other like behavior kill 3 times as many as drunks!

During last Fall’s election campaign, Justin promised:

“We will reform the way we appoint senators by creating a new non-partisan, merit based broad and diverse process to advise the PM on appointments.”

Today via Brian Lilley-Rebel Media:

“But, that’s not what happened here. These Senators were chosen and appointed by him. He issued a news release and that is that, they are in the Senate.

He didn’t consult widely with Canadians. Both Conservatives and New democrats tell me he didn’t consult with other parties in Parliament. But he did speak to his special handpicked committee of eminent Canadians that none of us heard from.

The reality is this group of Senators looks like every group of Senators I’ve seen appointed in the dozen or so years I’ve been reporting and following this sort of thing.

There’s the judge, the bureaucrat, the athlete, the former politician, the journalist, all that’s missing is the professor! Change the names, maybe the party affiliations, and this looks like Stephen Harper’s appointments and Paul Martin’s appointments and Jean Chretien’s appointments.”

It’s the same old, same old!

    Those were my thoughts as well.

      Me, too. But what should we really expect from another media made phoney?

    Of course it’s the same old, Trudeau Jr. is just another politician, not the saviour of democracy!
    He, like any other elected official, will tell us what we want to hear, so that we will vote for his party, and get him to the power and prestige.
    I predict that we will see some more Trudeau Jr. promises broken or fudged before too long.

I noticed that also Filtered. Huge contrail, could it be because of the altitude and the temp there ?

    I don’t know, that’s why I asked. I saw another plane that had no contrail behind it. The skies are hazy and dirty looking now, they were beautiful and blue this morning

      Aircraft contrails

      ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contrail

      Nothing new, no conspiracy, just nature.

Prince George is correct when he/she tells us how Hitler gained power in Germany. Lots if info on this subject so you experts out there on German history should read.

    I agree, Prince George was completely right on the history of how Hitler rose to power, however at the end of the comment Prince George stated; “To compare Trump and Hitler is baloney. In the USA they have procedures (like impeachment) to remove a rogue president.”

    Perhaps those down votes were about disagreeing with that part of the comment? Many, including main stream media, are comparing Trump to Hitler… and that’s not “baloney”.

      The media doesn’t bother to make sure it is not baloney as far as history is concerned. The media insisted that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and mobile chemical labs/factories! Now we all know that those stories were pure fiction, yet the media kept pushing them. The media is not infallible.

Not supporting the media but Saddam did use chemical weapons against his own people and Iran.

Worried about toxic paint used for hwy markings? How about the millions of gallons of windshield washer fluid dumped onto the ground every year. What about all the road salt? Hey, where have all our salmon gone? Everything dumped on the ground ends up in our oceans.

ahhahahh doesn’t Rob Ford look like an angel compared to TRUMP ????

This is absolutely ridiculous and a total fabrication from last Fridays Free For All. Utter nonsense.

“Posted on Friday, March 11, 2016 @ 7:30 AM by Stompin Tom with a score of 10
You will not find a commercial vehicle running illegal headlights. Unlike all the passenger vehicles running illegal driving and “fog” lights, commercial vehicles have to pass a CVSE inspection every 6 months and lights are at the top of the list for inspections. Then each and every time they pass through a weigh scale or a road side check all lights are given a complete check.
If you got out an checked at a parking lot you would see that the trucks are 99.9% compliant with the law, whereas if you walk through Pine Center and look at the lights, about 50% are not DOT approved driving or for lights.
Frankly is passenger vehicles had to go through half the inspections that commercial vehicles go through the roads would be a much safer place.

Then there is this one.

“Posted on Friday, March 4, 2016 @ 1:07 AM by Dumbfounded with a score of 5
There really needs to be a moratorium on stupidity.
67% 33%
Posted on Friday, March 4, 2016 @ 6:57 AM by axman with a score of 2
Then what on earth would you do?
67% 33%”

I guess I’d have to focus my attention to some other poster after you were censored under the moratorium.

That police excessive force video was taken by a camera mounted on the roof of a known crack shack. Guess why there is a camera mounted there.

Prince George’s how version of how Hitler came to power is a bit on the simplistic side. It was much more complex than that.

What is similar to the current situation with the USA is that after the German defeat in in WWI, the approach to dealing with the country was totally different than what happened after WWII.

The issues included a faltering economy blamed on other countries. Trump blames the faltering economy on the Chinese cheap labour, the Mexican cheap labour, etc.

The blame in 1930’s were those who were perceived as running the economy, the Jews. The blame by Trump is on Wall Street.

It works one step at a time. South American, Asian as well as African countries have a more direct system of take over by a dictatorship – a military coup. Some may evolve into Civil war.

In a more democratic society such as Germany was, similar to the democratic monarchy in Britain, it is a bit more difficult. One small step at a time both strategic and tactical steps by scheming individuals, most with narcissistic tendencies.

Trump is showing the potential. A few more stars have to align before the USA become s different country than we are used to.

Unlike Germany, the USA is already a military world power virtually without equal in history. A dictator-in-waiting has world domination handed to him/her on a silver platter.

Of course, this is the second amendment of the USA constitution. The militia can support a Trump as the brownshirts did with Hitler. Others may become resistance fighters.

There is nothing that says that the rise of Hitler cannot happen again. There is certainly not much which points to the notion that it cannot happen in the USA, not after Trump and seeing how long he has been allowed to run off his narcissist and hate mongering mouth under the guise of free speech.

Remember, yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre, when there is no fire, is not free speech. It is inciting a riot.


It would not surprise me to learn that the poor downtrodden auto thief was well known to local police.
Also, we do not know what transpired prior to the stolen vehicle being boxed in, there may have been some goings on that motivated a brisk take down and arrest. We will not learn anything more from the police until the issue has been investigated.
Let’s wait and see.

Posted on Friday, March 18, 2016 @ 3:58 PM by Eagleone
Hillary is the most dangerous person in politics today. If she is not selling state secrets for the nuclear arsenal to the Chinese, then she is plotting a world war with Russia. Lydia and Syria are the end result of Hillary in power. The world has never known a more dangerous woman to world peace. A neocon to the bone.

Hillary a neo-con? Get real!

Read my posts about Hillary, she is a threat, the real threat not Trump. Read my posts. Hillary and her handlers did not want Africa to unite and threaten the American dollar, that is why Kaddafi was brought down. She is the prime example of the establishment. That is why Trump is a threat, he is not part of the power brokers and can not be handled.

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