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October 27, 2017 11:43 pm

New Graffiti Tagger at Work

Friday, March 18, 2016 @ 2:41 PM


Two ‘tags’ by  the same person, on sites in Prince George –  photos 250News

Prince George, B.C.- RCMP in Prince George, are hoping the public can once again help them identify the person  responsible for graffiti that has started  showing up in Prince George.

It was last August that Police put out a call  for help in identifying a tagger  whose work   had  caused over $100 thousand dollars in damage  over the course of a year.   Late in 2015, working on tips from the public,  Police  identified a suspect  they  believe to  be the  tagger  and  charges are pending.

The new focus is on a tagger  whose signature “OHGR”  says Corporal Craig Douglass of the Prince George RCMP “This tagger has been known to us, since probably  last fall.  He, or she,  took a bit of a hiatus over the winter, but now that the weather is warmer,   he  or she, but most likely he,  has  been out in full force in the last few weeks.”

Cpl. Douglass says the tagger has  hit  many  sites in the downtown and bowl area of Prince George.    Going public  to  identify  a tagger could be just the kind of publicity  these folks are looking for,  Cpl. Douglass  admits, it’s a fine line “That’s the risk that we take, and it’s something that we  felt we had to do in August, and come out publicly and it worked.   We were able to  identify  persons who are prolific taggers  in this community  and that’s the chance we have to take.”

As for cost of damage,   that’s  difficult to pin down says Cpl. Douglass  as each  incident  may involve different types of surfaces requiring different types of  treatment “Suffice to say it’s in the thousands because what he’s doing  is hitting so many places  in a short period of  time.”

So why  focus on this tagger?  “We probably have approximately  8 to  10 prolifics (taggers) in the past few years that are  really  taggers, not just spray painting random gibberish, but actually  a tag,  which is like a signature.  This one is our most prolific as of date. ”

Anyone  with any information on the identity of  the person responsible for the OHGR tags,  is asked to call the Prince George Detachment of the RCMP at 250-561-3300, or anonymously Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS



A kinder, gentler term used to describe a person who does not have any respect for other people’s property.
It will be their turn one day, if they manage to live long enough to mature into productive members of society.
We can hope.

Maybe put the dogs on him, too. :)
Graffiti isn’t as bad as auto theft but let’s have zero tolerance for property crimes.
Driving the speed limit in the left lane, same.

That’s not even artwork. It looks like crap!

While I would agree that this is not artwork, some graffitti artists have aspired to international fame and fortune.

ht tp://tinyurl.com/z8o8b8w

You can blame a resurgence in the popularity of graffiti on the cult status of Banksy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banksy

Give the taggers a large wall/building that is a free for all (no profanity/vulgarity) to showcase their talents. Get caught defacing anything else…severe amounts of community service.
I appreciate artwork.. dont appreciate property defacing though. Channel the talents for proud display in an agreed location.

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