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October 27, 2017 11:35 pm

Bring on the Heat

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 @ 4:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  If Environment Canada is right,  Prince George could  break a temperature record by  the end of the week.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Lisa Coldwells says Friday could be a record breaker, “We are  predicting a high for  April 1st of  20 degrees.  The old record was 18.9 degrees set in 1941, so it’s a long term record that we’re going to  busting if we can get over that 20 degree mark.”

Coldwells says the  warm  weather  is  all thanks to a large upper ridge “It’s the first of the season of the warm  variety.  It’s origin is down around California, and  as it moves up  through Oregon and into BC  we’re going to look  at warm temperatures and sunny skies.”

Heading toward that peak high on Friday,  today and tomorrow  are also  expected to be well above seasonal norms  says Coldwells “Normal for this time of the  year  is 10 degrees,  so we’re looking at forecasts that are  6 to 8 degrees above normal for the next couple of days.  If we can get to 20   that’s pushing it  right to the limit, that’s a 10 degree above normal forecast.”

Prince George hasn’t seen a daily high of 20 degrees since October 9th of  2015.

While some might think a prediction of 20 degrees  for April 1st, might be  an April Fools Day  prank, Coldwells chuckles  and says not so   “That’s not an April Fools Day joke,   that’s a forecast.”


The temperature above shows 5.2 degrees right now at noon, but the Enviro Canada site shows us at 9.9 degrees right now… updating issue?

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