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October 27, 2017 11:35 pm

Dust Advisory for PG

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 @ 8:20 AM


Prince George, B.C.-A dust advisory has been issued for Prince George due to high levels of coarse particles (PM10) in the atmosphere.
The current (7am) rolling 24 hour average for PM10 is 52.8 micrograms per cubic metres while the hourly PM10 Concentration is 62.2 micrograms per cubic metre. The provincial target is 50 micrograms per cubic metre.

This air quality episode is caused by high levels of road dust which is being kicked up  as traffic  moves over  roads that have been not yet been cleared of  winter traction materials.

The advisory means that  under  the City of Prince George Clean Air Bylaw – No person shall undertake any sweeping or maintenance of highways or off street parking, loading, or storage areas at any time when an air quality advisory is in effect, unless approved by an Authorized Person on the basis that dust suppression measures satisfactory to the Authorized Person will be taken to control fugitive dust.


It’s nice that we get these advisories so people can plan outdoor excursions appropriately BUT why does the Ministry of Environment allow companies to slash burn during this time of year?

    born’ if the rules and regs for burning are followed, there should not be any serious smoke problems.
    You are required to consult the venting index before burning.
    A call to the burn center on the day you plan to light up your slash piles confirms whether or not it is a good day to create a lot of smoke.

      True but the fire center does not confirm whether it is a good day to light up, all they tell you is your slash burning file number and to consult the venting and ensure it is safe to burn in your area and that is all. The rest is up to you to ensure you have adequate fire gear and what not. This is for Regional District areas.

      In any Municipal areas you have to talk to the fire departments if your planned fire is larger than the size permitted in the bylaws.

      The fire that blanketed PG a few days back was properly phoned in. And the venting index was conducive to burning. Venting today is poor at 13 but forecast to be 99 at 4pm and 98 at 4pm tomorrow so today would be a good day to light up a pile in the afternoon. In fact if you go back to Friday March 25th the venting was pretty much the same at 17, 96, 81 which was good for burning after 4pm. Saturday March 26th was 12, 73, 64 which was still good for burning purposes. As long as all the other precautions were met not sure there is anything that could have been done any differently other than burning in the fall but that just moves the issue to a different day.

      Thanks metalman for clarifying that :)

      Thanks slinky for the additional info. at 12:38 p.m.

Why don’t they have a refinery advisory, that was the only thing I smelled driving through this morning. Road dust my ass. If it was 20 degrees cooler they would be blaming wood stoves.

    Because they think they are untouchable . But they are not . Five U.S. State attorney generals are going after big oil for climate change denial fraud . Read the article at ” the tyee ” . Let’s hope Ezra levant gets his day in court soon ,as well along with all the paid liars .

      Ataloss, by “all paid liars”, are you referring to the likes of David Suzuki, Al Gore, etc? These guys think that they are untouchable and they have gotten very rich feeding us “lies”!

      I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again…..

      Do you feel guilty wasting energy while using your computer, a computer that’s very existence was made possible by the consumption of a lot of energy and OIL products?

      Take a moment, consume a bit more energy and use your OIL based computer to google “hypocrite”!

      Dust and hydrocarbons in the air in PG!

      Perhaps we should contact the State of Alaska to inquire as to how they are handling the dust and hydrocarbons that their Pavlof Volcano is currently puking out into the atmosphere?

      Why would you continue to ask the same rhetorical question over and over ,or have you not noticed that I keep writing ? Or like salesmutt you just like it as diversion from the issue . If you don’t like the news shoot the messenger !

      So Ataloss, your ongoing posts obvioulsy suggest that you don’t feel too guilty using oil based products!

      Thanks for helping to stimulate the economy. At the moment, it needs all help it can get!


I agree. Driving into town from the Hart this morning all I could smell was pulp mill odor. This is NOT dust people!!! This is smog!

    It looks like smog in the picture.

When did they add the clause “unless approved by an Authorized Person on the basis that dust suppression measures satisfactory to the Authorized Person will be taken to control fugitive dust”?

    And who is an “Authorized Person”?

      Sorry, but legitimate question. I have never seen this clause on anything the city ever sends me, I do some off street sweeping in the Prince George area. Who is this “Authorized Person” I can talk to?

Lets shut down the pulp mills, refinery, industry for the new urban elitists, heck we don’t need that stuff anymore its a unicorn world.

Ataloss you never give up any details about your fantastic solar system sourced from unicorn farts. I think you must by now realize you have been had by the renewables industry. Oh wait industry bad.

    No ,let’s not shut anything down . Let’s just not let the polluters use our atmosphere as an open sewer . Let’s make them do their business in a clean environmentally sustainable way . The atmosphere belongs to all of us . Sell any used cars today ?

      Still no details on your solar system. I suggest looking in a mirror before labeling sceptics as liars.

      Oh they are doing business in a clean environmentally way and getting cleaner every day. Did you know that the exhaust of a modern coal power plant is most likely cleaner than the raw air that went in.

      I am sure China mined, produced, manufactured your imaginary solar cells in a clean environmentally way.

      seamutt I would not put the coal power generation industry up on a pedestal, although I have not followed it that close last I heard they were fighting the EPA tooth and nail against scrubbers and electrostaic precipitators saying they could not afford to do so. They continue to spew mercury and other heavy metals….then there is the coal ash issue.

      I prefer hydro electricity like site C will offer.

      I wonder what Alaloss uses for bum shiner, certainly not a paper product as that would be against everything he stands for. Bet there isn’t a lichen or fern within a 1000 yards of his house and the pine boughs(OUCH) are also quickly disappearing. Might he why he is looking to move.

I bet the tyee article will not make it into MSM . They must have to ask if they could please run the story . After all it’s almost two days old . I wonder how the paid for think tanks will handle this . The share holders must be quaking in their boots . I know I would be . Trillions of dollars at stake and total silence .

    Actually I wouldn’t be quaking at all . I would have hit the sell button long ago . Like a lot of others have .

      Ataloss, I wonder if you hit the sell button on SunEdison?

      From Reuters yesterday:

      SunEdison at risk of bankruptcy, unit says; shares plummet 60 percent

      U.S. solar energy company SunEdison Inc (SUNE.N), whose aggressive acquisition strategy has saddled it with almost $12 billion of debt, is at “substantial risk” of bankruptcy, one of its two publicly listed units warned on Tuesday.

      A bankruptcy would rank among the largest involving a non-financial company in the past 10 years, according to bankruptcydata.com. SunEdison declined to comment.

      SunEdison’s shares – already reeling from a Wall Street Journal report on Monday that the company was being investigated for overstating its cash position – fell as much as 60 percent to a record low of 50 cents.

      SunEdison is also being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to see if it had exaggerated its liquidity position, the Journal reported on Monday.

      Ataloss, did you buy your imaginary solar cell system from SunEdision? Hope you sold your shares!

      Up to Monday’s close, SunEdison’s shares had dropped about 95 percent in the past 12 months, valuing the company at about $400 million.

      Oh no!

250 News neglected to mention public transit is free during air quality advisories. The more people who know this, and opt to take public transportation, the fews vehicles there will be on our city streets kicking up dust.

    The Public Transit free during air quality advisories is only true if the air quality advisory is not cancelled before the end of the calander day that the air quality advisory started.

    It also only becomes effective during the day following the day the advisory started….. If the advisory was not cancelled.

    To sum up the policy….if an advisory is issued at 8 am on Wednesday March 30 and is cancelled at 4 pm Wednesday March 30, transit will not be free.

    If, however, the advisory is not cancelled before midnight March 30…then transit is free on Thursday March 31 and subsequent days until midnight of the day that the advisory is cancelled!

Sparrow I did not put Coal power on a pedestal. Yes you have not been following coal power very well as I could not find where they are fighting the EPA as you state. What they are fighting is Obama using the EPA to do an end run around congress by forcing regulation after regulation with Obama trying to shut down coal with some idiotic preconceived idea coal is evil. Well coal is the #1 producer of electricity around the world and the US. Mainly except for the US and a couple of idiot premiers in Canada over 2000 coal plants are planed and being built around the world.

Yes we are very lucky to have predominately hydro electric power which is a rarity around the world which is cheaper than coal. I will put on a pedestal though, new generation nuclear especially thorium fueled once developed.

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