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Friday Free for All – April 22nd

Friday, April 22, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

It is time for the  weekly open thread,  as  it is time for the Friday Free For All

You pick the topic, but  obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying


Welp, even though the Harper Government is now gone (thank goodness), their record on passing unconstitutional and illegal legislation and laws that are struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) continue. This past week the SCC ruled two more laws, passed by the Harper Government, as being unconstitutional. I believe today’s ruling makes it a perfect zero for 12 record for that dismal and pathetic government.

ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/supreme-court-of-canada-strikes-down-harper-governments-unconstitutional-tough-on-crime-law

In other news last week, more than 1,000 people detained during the chaotic G20 summit almost six years ago won the right to go the class-action route in lawsuits against police and others. In the fascist government police state Canada once was, many innocent people (bystanders) at the G20 summit protests were caught up in what is called “cattling” events where the police would come in from all four sides of a protesting group and force them, along with innocent bystanders, into a tight group, and then detain them all. No doubt many innocent bystander’s human rights were abused and trampled upon, will it cost us dearly if these 1,000 people win their class action law suit? You bet it will… Conservatives… still costing us money and causing us headaches even after they have been booted from government.

www .metronews.ca/news/canada/2016/04/06/detainees-from-toronto-g20-summit-win-right-to-sue-via-class-actions.html

    JGalt. It is going to be interesting to see how the Trudeau government handles the following file:

    “The federal government should call public hearings into why the Canada Revenue Agency offered amnesty to the high net worth clients of KPMG who were involved in an offshore tax avoidance scheme, prominent tax groups, politicians and other legal experts said in the wake of a CBC News/Radio-Canada exposé.”

    Critics want public hearings into Canada Revenue amnesty for KPMG offshore tax dodgers

    Liberal revenue minister should withdraw amnesty offer for Isle of Man ‘sham’, tax professor says

    ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/business/public-hearings-cra-kpmg-offshore-tax-deal-1.3481677

      Also from the above referenced article:

      “An internationally respected tax law expert, Lareau says he’s particularly troubled that the agency insisted that the agreement could be terminated by the CRA if the KPMG clients spoke to others about the secret offer.”

      It’s all ‘smoke and mirrors’, Charles. Believing that the ‘tax man’ is going to solve all our revenue shortfalls by going after all those offshore bank accounts that were set up by the hated rich to supposedly avoid or evade taxes. And while the public’s attention is so diverted the REAL problem of why all OUR taxes are so high, and still ever rising overall, (all of us, including the vast majority who DON’T have any offshore bank accounts or sham companies in some tax haven, that is), will NEVER be looked at. Much less dealt with. We’re too busy chasing the chump change that’s miniscule in comparison.

    How much did the APEC Summit cost us? “For me pepper, I put it on my plate”

    Oh and I just love the 1994 quote “We hate the GST, we will kill it”

    or “Perhaps there were a few million dollars that were stolen in the process, but…”

    “I am the Prime Minister of a country of 28 million, he’s the President of a country with 1.2 billion. I can’t tell the Premier of Quebec or Manitoba what to do. How can I tell him what to do? Sometimes you just don’t have enough influence.”

MIKE DUFFY not guilty on all charges and apparently back in the senate?

    The charges can basically be summed up as to whether Mike Duffy, at one point or another in his senatorial career, committed a criminal act?

    The judgement was no, he did not.

    The real question is “Why wasn’t Nigel Wright charged?”

    There is a huge difference between law and ethics. The legal system does not deal with questions of ethics.

    As I understand it, the rules are vague. Did Duffy use them to his advantage? Probably. Was it illegal? The court has found it was not. Was it to the best standards of practice? Probably not.

    Should the rules be tightened? Probably. Should expense claims be monitored more carefully and equitably? Probably.

    What did this fiasco cost the Canadian taxpayers? If this did not happen, what could we have done with the money?

      “What did this fiasco cost the Canadian taxpayers? If this did not happen, what could we have done with the money?”
      You could ask that question endlessly about all manner of similar occurrences. What it seems to presume is that there is some limited amount of ‘money’, and spending it on something like the Duffy trial, or to send Search and Rescue out looking for someone lost in the wilderness who shouldn’t have gone out there, or extracting some drunk from his car when he wraps it around a telephone pole, or investigating some crime like Pickton was convicted of, etc., etc., etc., means there is less of a stock of ‘money’that could have been spent somewhere else. That these other things now can’t be done at all, because there’s ‘no money’. Utterly ridiculous!

      This unconsciously separates ‘money’ from what it really is ~ simply an ‘accounting’ of what has, or is being, or can be done ~ and elevates it into a ‘commodity’ of its own, which it very clearly is NOT.

      Did the Minister of Finance, back in 1939, rise in the House of Commons and tell the MPs that we could not possibly go to war against Nazi Germany because there was ‘no money’?

      He, and his predecessors had been using that line as to why nothing in the country could be done for the previous ten years, while a great many people were suffering badly from the effects of the Depression. But suddenly the missing ‘money’ appeared? Where’d it come from? Taken from the rich, who were supposed to have it all? Not hardly. They, as a class, were richer at the end of the war than they were at its start. And so was everyone else. It’s simply ‘accounting’, and that’s all it is.

    “Ontario Justice Charles Vaillancourt condemned “the mind-boggling and shocking” conduct of the Prime Minister’s Office under Stephen Harper as he ruled that Senator Mike Duffy was not guilty of all 31 charges of fraud, breach of trust and bribery.”

    Duffy cleared of all charges as judge excoriates PMO under Harper

    ht tp://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/duffy-aquitted-of-all-31-charges-in-senate-expenses-trial/article29706093/

      So Mike didn’t have to pay the senate ” Thee ninety thousand dollars ” expenses that were deemed wrong . He’ll get the 90k back . I hope he doesn’t give it back Nigel Wright . He’ll make a much better senator now with Tory knives in his back and Tory bus tracks all over .

Please start painting the lane lines on our streets. So many pedestrian crosswalks are worn out. This is a huge safety concern.

    There are signs which are seen by drivers long before the road markings.

    In addition, based on the Motor Vehicle Act, each crossing at a street intersection is a cross walk.

    And for those who still do not comprehend that, pretend it is winter and the crosswalk is covered with snow/ice/slush…..

    Thought it was absolutely silly that City was marking bike lanes the other day but not the center line on streets. Priorities?

Agree..PVal.. and the streets.. also how about cleaning the dandelions ..maybe use artificial turf ..savings all around.

    wowww people agreeing with PVal… lol

      It’s a rarity but happens 8)

    Dandelions are good for the bees. :)

Good MORNING! Wow, what an April we’ve had! Its hard to believe that this spring has been one of the earliest and most beautiful I can remember.
Revel in it, enjoy it.
Oh, there was nearly another statistic set for the Foothills, North Nechako intersection yesterday morning, when a white Dodge pickup with a white canopy, waited and waited and then turned left right in front of another Dodge truck carrying a load of trusses on a trailer. Good thing the truck driver was watching carefully. The Dodge pickup very nearly got creamed.
Please be careful out there.

I would love to know who the planner was that ok’d a crosswalk on the Hart Highway near North Kelly. Little paint, no reflection, no lights, no pedestrian controlled flashing lights. I’ve lived here 15+ years and am still nervous of driving past there and having some kid bounce out of the ditch and run in front of me. One only has to drive south to realize how much we and our highways are treated like second class citizens in the North. you would never see this stupidity on hwy 97 south IMO…..

I see prime minister Zoolander is up yapping at the United Nations about that nasty old climate change.

I swear he’s Obama lite. Or Obama v2.

Get a brush for your mop you little twerp.

    Tough luck about your hair. Its ok for you to be a little envious. Not everyone lucks out. You obviously missed the boat with taste, and political knowledge. You have a great redneck, conservative day. :)

    Did you get it out of your system, finally? You managed to diss two leaders at the same time.

    Send Elaine your thanks.

    I think you need to paint a sign and sit or stand at the corner of 15th and Central on a nice day like today.

Sure would be nice to get some communication about the stalled hotel downtown..

Have a great and safe weekend everyone!

    It is our own little ghetto. I love the graffiti on the corner as you drive to the pool through our Civic Centre. The picture someone markered there is worth a thousand words never mind all the tags, good thing the kids were watching the dvd

    Can’t someone just call Clint amd ask him ??? Hahaha

Duffy confirmed the validity of all his expenses with the senate financial subcommittee before he submitted them. He was given a green light. Duffy has a lifelong habit of keeping a detailed and meticulous daily diary of every day’s events, contacts, meetings, names, phone numbers and so forth. It paid off, obviously! Duffy was dragged kicking and screaming into the manipulations regarding his official residence. He is back at work whereas others were given the election boot or had to resign.

    We can only hope the Liberals in future have as much trouble trying to alter anything to do with our current Constitutional structure as the Conservatives had trying to initiate meaningful Senate reform. They won’t, of course, because the ‘media’ is on their side, and the control of ‘finance’ and the ‘media’ are concentric, and traditionally the Liberals are the party of the debt dealers.

      I love how ignorant the conservatives are to reality… After the liberals get their minimum of 8-10 years in then check to see how they compare to the cons 170 billion they added to our debt. Harpers worst year was over 50 billion.. As of right now the liberals look very frugal :).

      Much of the media (and the Liberals too) would have you believe that the Conservatives are responsible for the debt and the Country’s largest ever deficit. Let’s look at the history of Canada’s debt over the past half century. For ease of comparison all figures are in 2015 dollars.

      Except for the Joe Clark nine month Progressive Conservative minority government that got defeated on its first budget, the Liberals were in power from April 22, 1963 to September 17, 1984. Since the Clark government never got a budget passed, it’s fair to say the Liberals controlled the public purse for those 21 years.

      Up to the fiscal year ended March 31, 1974, deficits remained below 11 billion in 2015 dollars. Then, starting with the fiscal year ended March 31, 1976 (under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau) the deficit started increasing greatly, peaking in fiscal year ended March 31, 1985 at 75.1 billion in 2015 dollars. Adjusted for inflation, that’s the largest deficit in Canada’s history. While the Progressive Conservatives were in power on March 31, 1985, they had only been in power for 6 months, so really this deficit, a debt of almost 400 billion in 2015 dollars and rising interest costs was the Liberal legacy that the Progressive Conservatives inherited. By March 31, 1988 under the Progressive Conservative watch we were in an operating surplus. If not for interest costs (51.9 billion in 2015 dollars) there would have been a surplus.

      Late 1993 the Liberals got back in power. Paul Martin, who had campaigned against the idea of deficit fighting, was Minister of Finance and when the senior staff at the Department of Finance explained the realities of Canada’s fiscal position to him, he understood the seriousness, which included a debt nearing $700 billion in 2015 dollars, and a large deficit thanks to interest costs of about $60 billion in 2015 dollars. To his credit, he realized that more had to be done, and he didn’t hesitate to do it. (The Liberals claimed that they had no idea how bad things were before coming into power, which seems strange, as conservative pundits had been sounding alarm bells for some time.) Credit also goes to Prime Minister Chretien for letting him do what had to be done to finish the job that the Progressive Conservatives started. Finally, in 1998 we had a surplus, the first one since 1970.

      When the Harper Conservatives got into power we had surpluses for the next couple of years until the 2008 recession came along. Both the NDP and the Liberal opposition pushed hard for massive government spending. The Conservatives, being a minority, did reluctantly undertake projects of an infrastructure nature to help spur the economy. This was not good enough for the opposition and we were treated to the spectacle of Paul Martin criticizing the Conservatives for not spending enough and in the next breath, for too much borrowing. The to-be-expected result was a deficit that reached 60.6 billion in 2015 dollars and of course the Liberals and NDP howled at what they called Canada’s largest deficit (which it wasn’t, the Liberals had a prior deficit of 75.1 billion in 2015 dollars). Unlike the Liberals who had a habit of developing programs that would take on a life of their own, the Conservatives developed temporary projects that could be run under existing administrations and that would run their course then disappear, making it much easier to return to surplus.

      So while it can’t be denied that the Chretien government did what was necessary to get us into surplus, contrary to liberal assertions, the debt is a Liberal legacy.

      When assessing a country’s financial situation, it’s customary to consider what is the debt as a percentage of the Country’s GDP. In 1975 National Debt to GDP was under 20%, so adding more debt was not a great problem as our total debt was affordable. Then it grew and by the time the Progressive Conservatives got in, it was over 40% and growing out of control. Fiscal momentum is difficult to deal with so it grew until it peaked at 67% in 1996. Now it‘s a little over 30% and in the affordable range again, as long as we keep it under control. Does the current Liberal government intend to do that?

      “the Liberals are the party of the debt dealers”

      And why is this important o you, socredible?

      As you posted today, Friday, April 22, 2016 @ 7:45 AM by socredible

      “This unconsciously separates ‘money’ from what it really is ~ simply an ‘accounting’ of what has, or is being, or can be done ~ and elevates it into a ‘commodity’ of its own, which it very clearly is NOT.”

      So why are you so concerned about government debt, especially if it is going into infrastructure and not taking vacations in foreign lands or buying a significant amount of goods and services from oversees as long as we have a reasonably even balance of trade?

      PVal I love how ignorant Liberals are as well. Surplus budgets built on the EI system, overcharge employees and employers and then use the money to create a surplus budget. And people bought it hook line and sinker, no matter what the media reported.

      Funny thing is the Consevatives did somewhat smaller version of the same thing in the last budget and people claimed there was no surplus, probably still do, when in fact that is how they got it. For the next two years money will be funneled from the EI fund to the coffers and still we will run a 30 billion deficit, almost criminal.

GROG is any of a variety of alcoholic beverages.

I am still amazed even after living here for 20 years at how negative people in my his city are granted a lot of the older generation tend to live 10-20 years in the past and then there are those who are never happy even if they get what they asked for and then there are those who can’t find anything nice to say period. Now the younger generation many of whom live with above listed or grew up listening to the above listed are exactly like their parents negative and unhappy here and can’t say anything nice about the city or region.

I am one of the few that actually like living here and working here I have my issues like with a certain minority group and some things city hall has done in the past but I’m impressed with the new council and mayor they have definitely improved relations with the taxpayers of the city for sure. There is a lot to see and do here yet many people can’t list more than 7 things to do in the city other than drink and fight. Within the city limits there are well over 100 things to do and within a 2 HR drive of the city there are numerous outdoor and recreational activities to do.

This is also the second largest city in Northern Canada with Edmonton being the largest yet few people even know that or even want to believe it

So why are you all so negative all the time about everything? Are you even able to say one positive thing without being snide or sarcastic I bet most of you can’t

    People are expressing their opinions, and they DO have that right. In case you haven’t noticed, opinions on here does influence the powers that beat times. This is the only venue available to the people that gets almost immediate action.

    Huh… the following comment was posted by you just yesterday, but let the rest of us guess, do as you say and not as you do, right Dearth?

    Posted on Thursday, April 21, 2016 @ 3:18 PM by Dearth with a score of -16
    “Just more money for the band council and chief to mismanage all in the name of progress”
    28% 72%

    You might want to work on yourself, before complaining about the rest of us being negative Dearth.

      You might want to reread my post before commenting sir

    I think you may have forgotten about Saskatoon as a large Northern city.

    “second largest city in Northern Canada”?
    We are 98 Km off the marker for the center of BC. Ever heard of
    Tuktoyaktuk, Inuvik, hey, Dawson City comes to mind, LOL.

    But yer right, human nature, like gossip in an office, the negative always feeds the brain, don’t know why, that’s why there are psychologists.

      They are not large.


What is the point of having bylaws when you do call in leave your name and they still don’t do anything?
I have called about a certain holiday trailer on the hart that is clearly in violation of the city by law, with the trailer stored at the front of their house, with a utility trailer and a Costco garage, only to hear that the female bylaw officer says she does not see a problem with it.
Why have these people on staff if there not going to in force bylaws

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/04/will-chinas-coal-power-sell-electricity-to-germany/

Get a load of this. China has been adding a new idle coal fired plant nearly every week. It is building 368 coal fired plants and planning a further 803. The Greens think the Chinese have over capitalized, made a bubble, and have built a bunch of white elephants (maybe they have). But Germany has crippled its electrical generators in order to make the weather cooler, and pays exorbitant prices per kilowatt hour that are driving businesses overseas. Merkel is still trying to get solar power to work in a land where the only thing that will make the current panels economic is if the Earth changes its orbital tilt.

Well say hello to the savvy Chinese investors who may be able to solve both problems. It seems hard to believe but all that surplus energy might just find its way to Germany. With new ultra hot coal power there is talk they can produce electricity so incredibly cheap they can send it on ultra high voltage lines all the way to Berlin. Barking? They’ll probably earn carbon credits for doing it too.

Greenpeace likes to think that China’s future coal plant projections are the result of “dysfunctional planning systems and cheap credit’’.

But there is another possibility highlighted by Britain’s Financial Times: that is, that China’s proposed investment in long-­distance, ultra-high voltage power transmission lines will pave the way for power exports from China to as far away as Germany.

Liu Zhenya, chairman of State Grid, told reporters that wind and thermal power produced in Xinjiang could reach Germany at half the present cost of electricity there.

… the World Coal Association maintains new high-­efficiency coal technology will deliver power at half the cost of gas and one-fifth the price of wind in Asian countries in the future.

    Those giving a thumbs down don’t have a clue on how they are being taken in.

The 2015 banners on the sides of the highways are sure getting to look shabby. It was a good party, but it’s time to move on.

Read this, substitute BAM BAM for our dear leader, sunny boy. Our dear leader giving away more billions of your money and for what, a show.

“In signing the Paris COP-21 climate change agreement, President Barack Obama appears to be hoping Americans never read the fine print. Unknown to most of the public is the fact developing nations such as China and India were given an opt-out clause in the original U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) treaty on which the Paris agreement is based.

“The UNFCCC stated that developing countries will implement their emission reduction commitments if we in the developed world pay them enough and give them enough of our technology. Also implied in the agreement is that even if we do give them everything we promise, developing countries may still not meet their targets if those targets interfere with developing countries’ ‘first and overriding priorities’ of ‘economic and social development and poverty eradication.’

“Since actions to significantly reduce emissions will usually interfere with development priorities, developing countries need not meet their targets at all. Developed nations do not have this option; they must keep their emission reduction commitments, no matter how badly they impact their economies. The Paris agreement is a swindle that transfers our wealth to the rest of the world for no environmental benefit in return.”

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/04/22/reax-obama-to-sign-paris-accord-today-earth-day/

    There are 195 countries in this world (including the Vatican and Kosovo) and guess what? 195 countries have signed on to engage in efforts to reduce emissions that affect the climate. That is good enough for me, unless I can be persuaded that 195 countries were ignorantly duped.

      Well you should look into it most of those countries are lining up for your money being paid into the scam. Why do you find it so difficult to investigate.

      Do you buy the first car you look at just because some salesman says its the best. Do you not shop around.

      A consensus does not make CAGW in relation to C02 true. If your pockets are being picked in support of the scam are you not interested in if the stated facts are true or not?

      Can you name one just one CAGW prediction made in the last 30 thirty years that has come true? Just one.

      Now about earth day

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/04/22/seven-earth-day-predictions-that-failed-spectacularly/

      PG you should read this on how science works, especially government, read your money funded science.

      ht tps://nofrakkingconsensus.com/2016/04/01/another-look-at-science/

      Since most of those 195 countries are “developing” and thus have a green light to emit as much CO2 as they want (and that includes the biggest emitter in the world, China) they’re quite happy to sign on. Not only that, but they also are entitled to $100 billion US per year from the rest of us. They weren’t duped, they’re laughing at the idiocy of the developed nations who agreed to be fleeced by this agreement. For the developed nations, some were duped, many are in on the scam, the whole purpose of which is not to cut emissions or stop global warming/climate change but to bring world-wide socialist rule to the successful capitalist economies. Agenda 21. Look it up.

Will be interesting to see “facts” about the shooting up in Granisle.

    @seamutt, you will likely not evaluate the facts. Based on the above you have already made up your mind as to what happened.

      Historic “facts” or have you forgotten.

      Just waiting for more information.

      Only the people who were there will know what truly happenedo. We all have to remember there are three sides to every story. Details released will be one side only.

Our dear leader is getting ready to spend even more of you money by restarting the foreign investor program where wealthy foreign investors buy a Canadian passport, get their money back, pay next to no income tax and even in some cases collect welfare.

ht tp://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstories/canada-is-subsidizing-foreign-millionaires/ar-BBs4O5z?ocid=spartandhp

Why do people in my neighbourhood feel it is appropriate to park their vehicles on their front lawn, or on the grass just off the curb? I live in town within the bowl. This is not Pineview :)

    What does it matter to you? It is their yard to do as they wish as long as it does not directly impact others.

    Are you going to pay to have a proper drive installed? If not, maybe they do no have the resources to do for themselves.

    A least it is not engine block planters.

    This is like the neighbour in Winnipeg that called child services on a family because the children were playing in their own fenced yard, “unsupervised”, while mom was in the house doing mom things.

    The busy bodies are getting out of hand.

      It matters to me because I find it unattractive and feel it brings down the general appeal of the neighbourhood. I don’t lose sleep over it and am not calling on anyone to report.

      This has zero connection to social service calls regarding the safety of children. Such a comparison is ridiculous.

    The city bylaw does not allow anyone to park on the boulevard. The boulevard portion is between the streets curb and the house fence, or where that fence should be… measured so many meters from the center of the roadway. It is city property they will tell you – although you have to mow it.

PAttern Energy might want to add a little more to their transportation budget. How do you expect to get a hotel room for two nights and eat in northern BC for under $150? Whoever low balled the bid on that contract should find a new line of work?

our bylaws are only enforced on nice days when the officers need coffee I think..

We had one person park their car in the culdesac for over a month without ever moving it.. a few people in the culdesac called the city.. the bylaw officer ticketed the car 3 times with warnings in a 1 month period.. then when a week or two later the bylaw officer came by and actually went to the house of where the car belongs and the lady of the house said the car was broken down.. so they gave them another week to move it… then as soon as the bylaw officer drove away she jumped in her car and moved it.. so now they park it on their front lawn right beside a truck on their lawn… best part is their house has been half resided for 3 years..

How about the Citizen winning an award???????? The biggest joke is Tuesdays paper with Sunday and Mondays news which everyone has already heard about. It has become just one big AD.

    I quit the Citizen a few years ago (thanks 250 news) but did get a chance to look at a copy the other day. I love being right. It was pitiful. Crappy outdated content, 75% ads and read it cover to cover in a matter of minutes.

Many countries have immigrant investor programs, like Australia, the USA and even a province like Quebec. The rules are very precise and applications are only taken during a short time each year. The number of yearly accepted applications is restricted.

It is impossible to “buy” a Canadian passport. Let’s not exaggerate!

Proper passport applications can be made at the following website:

ht tp://www.cic.gc.ca/english/passport/

So how many hunters out there voted for our dear leader. Well here just might be your new gun control laws.

“What this seems to imply, is that you will be able to hunt with ONLY shotguns, smoothbore black powder, and .22 rimfire rifles.

You will not be able hunt or possess any center fire rifles for hunting purposes.”

ht tp://www.therebel.media/canadian_firearms_expert_predicts_massive_non_compliance_with_new_law

Just search . Is Ezra levant Canada’s biggest liar . He may not be Canada’s biggest liar but he may be our most prolific liar . He’s paid 80k$ to prove it . If his lips are moving , he is lying .

    Ataloss that’s an interesting description that YOU use.

“the Liberals are the party of the debt dealers”

And why is this important to you, socredible?
Because they will do as the masters of money tell them. Which will be anything for the priority benefit of those doing the telling, namely anything that puts the country into as much debt as can have the interest payable on it wrung out of us in taxes.

As you posted today, Friday, April 22, 2016 @ 7:45 AM by socredible
“This unconsciously separates ‘money’ from what it really is ~ simply an ‘accounting’ of what has, or is being, or can be done ~ and elevates it into a ‘commodity’ of its own, which it very clearly is NOT.”

So why are you so concerned about government debt, especially if it is going into infrastructure and not taking vacations in foreign lands or buying a significant amount of goods and services from oversees as long as we have a reasonably even balance of trade?
I wouldn’t be the slightest bit concerned about the national debt, the ‘liabilities’ of the government, if we had proper accounting that also showed the corresponding growth in the nation’s ‘assets’. If the latter were, as it should be, truly beneficial to the populace to a greater degree over time than what it cost to create them, this is the equivalent of a ‘profit’ in a private business. And from that ‘profit’, we could and should be paid dividends.
Rather than being charged ever more in taxes, and paying again what we’ve already paid for.

Why is nobody commenting on the hundreds of OUR CANADIAN children attempting to, or are, committing suicide in our Nation? How about the ones that are travelling to big cities to get and education from their reserves, trying to better themselves and be something (a contributing part of society), only to wind up floating in the river or the another body of water.
This is heart breaking. This is all caused by OUR CANADIAN GOVERNMENT and history is starting to prevail that this time MONEY is not solving the bigger problem.
Yet we have all the money in the world to assist refugees, and we can’t help our own people. So very sad!!

    It’s residential school by another name . The government is being really stupid when it comes to this issue . Would many urban schools stay open without a steady supply of students being bussed in ? There is no reason to bus the kids with the advent of tele-education . This also applies to remote villages . Trouble is that no government is ballsy enough to demand a fiduciary duty on the part of our telcos to serve us all from coast to coast to coast . They make billions . They can afford it but they don’t care . The disconnected don’t even get to see the cute little Telus commercials meant for kids . Those kids that kill themselves have given up on hope . Let them know there is a world full of hope and opportunity.

      Ataloss our dear leader could also use teleconferencing but then how would he get to travel the world showing off his sunny mug.

      hey ataloss goes for all those politicians and pseudo scientists leaving carbon trails to all the climate scam parties, oops sorry, conferences. Bunch of hypocrites.

      It’s also shameful that the “how do the practitioners get paid problem ? ” prevents tele-medicine from being practiced in B.C. The technology has been available for years .

I just wanted to say thanks to anyone that went out and picked up garbage along the roads , highways and trails today. It was looking pretty bad.

Got to admire a man who is consistantly on the right side of history, Bernie Sanders predicted the Panama Papers over 5 years ago, and this short 90 second video is the proof.

www .youtube.com/watch?v=LrsI0Sw2hq8

Way to go Bernie, you’re our man!

Seven Earth Day predictions that failed spectacularly.

1: “Civilization Will End Within 15 or 30 Years.”

Harvard biologist Dr. George Wald warned shortly before the first Earth Day in 1970 that civilization would soon end “unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.” Three years before his projection, Wald was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.

2: “100-200 Million People Per Year Will Be Starving to Death During the Next Ten Years.”

Stanford professor Dr. Paul Ehrlich declared in April 1970 that mass starvation was imminent. Ehrlich is largely responsible for this view, having co-published “The Population Bomb” with The Sierra Club in 1968. The book made a number of claims including that millions of humans would starve to death in the 1970s and 1980s, mass famines would sweep England leading to the country’s demise, and that ecological destruction would devastate the planet causing the collapse of civilization.

3: “Population Will Inevitably and Completely Outstrip Whatever Small Increases in Food Supplies We Make.”

Paul Ehrlich also made the above claim in 1970, shortly before an agricultural revolution that caused the world’s food supply to rapidly increase.

4: “Demographers Agree Almost Unanimously … Thirty Years From Now, the Entire World … Will Be in Famine.”

“Demographers agree almost unanimously on the following grim timetable: by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these will spread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the Near East, Africa. By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and Central America will exist under famine conditions. By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine.”

5: “In A Decade, Urban Dwellers Will Have to Wear Gas Masks to Survive Air Pollution.”

Life magazine stated in January 1970 that scientist had “solid experimental and theoretical evidence” to believe that “in a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive air pollution … by 1985 air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching Earth by one half.”

6. Ecologist Kenneth Watt told Time that, “At the present rate of nitrogen buildup, it’s only a matter of time before light will be filtered out of the atmosphere and none of our land will be usable.”

7: “By the Year 2000 … There Won’t Be Any More Crude Oil.”

On Earth Day in 1970 ecologist Kenneth Watt famously predicted that the world would run out of oil saying, “You’ll drive up to the pump and say, ‘Fill ‘er up, buddy,’ and he’ll say, ‘I am very sorry, there isn’t any.’” Numerous academics like Watt predicted that American oil production peaked in 1970 and would gradually decline, likely causing a global economic meltdown. However, the successful application of massive hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, caused American oil production to come roaring back and there is currently too much oil on the market.

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