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October 27, 2017 11:09 pm

Medical Marijuana Grow Op Raises Neighbourhood Concerns

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 @ 6:01 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A large legal medical marijuana grow operation  has some  Blackburn  area residents  turning up their nose.

The neighbours complain  the  odour from the plants is wafting through the neighbourhood  but there is  nothing, at this time, that can be done about it.

“There was a meeting of administration and  a couple of residents in that area” says Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall, “they talked about how, in some ways, our hands are tied, but  Administration is looking into it with the Federal Government to  see under what  policy or regulation  they were  able to establish out there.”

The  problem seems to be  in  the  transition from the former Health Canada regulation  to  the new one. Licensed producers under the old regulation (Marihuana for Medical Access Regulation) generally operated without any local government approvals (i.e. Building Permit, Business License and Zoning). The former regulation also did not provide regulations in regards to ventilation or the reduction of impacts to adjacent residential uses.

Health Canada  describes the  new Medical Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations  as  “aim to treat dried marijuana as much as possible like other narcotics used for medical purposes by creating conditions for an industry that is responsible for its production and distribution. Licensed producers need to meet extensive security requirements and they must notify their local government, local police force, and local fire officials of their intention to apply to Health Canada, so that local authorities are aware of their proposed location and activities.”

It appears that  in the case of the Blackburn area  operation,  that notification  didn’t happen  which may be a result of the  licenses granted under the  old regulation being  grandfathered  into the new regulation but being allowed to  follow the  initial rules that were in place when the license was initially granted.

When it comes to monitoring or inspection of  such  grow sites, Health Canada  says  it  conducts “routine inspections of licensed producers of marijuana for medical purposes, to verify their ongoing compliance with the regulations”   On the Health Canada web site,  Health Canada  says ” It is expected that licensed producers of marijuana for medical purposes will take timely and appropriate corrective actions when any issue of non-compliance with the MMPR is brought to their attention.”

Mayor Hall  says while City Administration is  going to  connect with the Federal Government  to see what, if anything,  can be done to address the odour issue  from the Blackburn  grow operation,  but he is also aware   Ottawa plans to move forward to  legalize marijuana “They made an announcement at the UN that they were  going to  proceed  with the potential of legalizing marijuana,  so we’ll have to see   what this means.  But I  know staff ( City) will work with the Feds to see what position they’ve taken and what we can do .”

As for addressing the concerns of the  Blackburn  residents,  it seems the only  thing the City can do at this point is to  meet with the operators and  request  that  something be done  in the  way of ventilation  in order to  reduce the  fumes.


Editor’s note: 

In the interests of security for the neighbourhood, 250News is not publishing  the exact location of the site






ohhhh did all the gro ops amalglamate up in Blackburn???

Once legal this will be a huge agriculture industry that will employ tens of thousands. It will be mostly indoor grown for quality control and grown in rural areas.

I think if combined with seedlings for the forest industry the synergies between the two would be very competitive. I don’t think PG will get any of this industry though as our council has been fairly upfront they want none of this in this city or region.

Stopping the smell shouldn’t be that hard with proper ventilation and charcoal filters. People grow basements full of the stuff in residential areas with no one the wiser because they ventilate properly.

    One of the most popular comments on this thread, why? Because its about money and jobs, the two things that will always perk the ears of a Conservative, and yet there is that moral dilemma about it being the devil’s work. Here is a different historical prespective about the issue:

    Our grandfathers were far more liberal and loose when it came to marijuana use than we are today. Back in the days of the 1920’s and 30’s pot was legal and smoked regularly by a number of well know people.

    Louis Armstrong wrote and played the song “Muggles” where back in those days marijuana was known as gage, mezz and muggles. Imagine that, the founder and father of jazz music, and great trumpet player, the late great Louis Armstrong was a regular weed smoking “jazz cat”. Maybe we should all “spark up” sit back and listen to his all-time greatest hit; “What a Wonderful World”.

    Then there was Cab Calloway who penned and played “Reefer Man” back in 1932. Wow, who would have thought this white tuxedo wearing big band leader was really down with the “herb”.

    Today our society has become way too church pew conservative and uptight… but that’s just my opinion. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and the NDP give me cause for hope, as both seem to be for MJ’s re-legalization.

And to think this city has any control over this is laughable.

Who cares about the smell. This is a non issue. Soon enough you’ll be able to smoke the stuff legally then the smell will be all over. I bet someone with asthma would rather smell marijuana than our pulp or wood stoves

Smells a helluva lot better than Veekens ever did up there.

From some of the comments above you would think that everyone and their dog smokes marijuana. Of course that is not true. In fact I would wager a very small percentage of the overall population smoke this s..t.

Not sure why we have to jump through hoops to smoke cigarettes, while pot smokers think they can smoke anywhere. Restrictions on smoking cigarettes will no doubt be applied to marijuana.

It was interesting to see some 300,000 people in Surrey celebrating their holiday. Then there was that other celebration 4-20 that also took place,. Quite a difference between the two, one robust and tied to history, and the other laid back, and baffling. Hmmmmmm.

    You’re rather deluded. I’m a professional, in my 40s, living in a “good neighbourhood” so most definitely not a teenager, and I would say about 85% of the people I know, are weed smokers. This includes colleagues, co-workers etc. So doctors,lawyers, teachers etc….

      I’m with sunshine north I’m a professional in my mid 30’s and I know more tokers than non most professionals thierselvs

      Of course, as a professional, you do know the relationship between smoking and lung cancer, smoking and heart disease….? Any kind of smoke is bad for the lungs and that includes tobacco smoke, pot smoke and smoke from wood stoves, forest fires and slash burning. Even second hand smoke, come to think of it!

      toke on brother toke on

What’s a professional?

But they have no issue with the pulp mills? lol

when this crap is legalized im going to open up a pizza joint!!

sunshine.north with a score of 4

I’m in my sixties, same holds true ~85%.

Smoking is but one way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Reefer Madness (google it) has consumed a percentage of the population as attested by some of the comments above.

We know who the morality cops are ‘thou shall not crowd’

Ya, the jazz police.

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Some facts for the Professionals to ponder.

Despite a decrease in marijuana use among youth in recent years, marijuana remains the most commonly used illegal drug among Canada youth, 15 to 24 years of age.

The number of youth (22%) and young adults (26%) who used marijuana in 2013 was more than two and a half times that of adults 25 and older (8%) according to Stats Canada’ Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Survey.

So we can see from the statistics that.

A. Marijuana is mainly used by young people between the age of 15 and 24.

B. A very small percentage of adults over the age of 25 use marijuana. 8%.

So it would appear that as people grow older and mature, they tend to stop using marijuana. Hmmmmm.

    Well, stats don’t tell the whole story. There maybe a lot of people who do not answer any questions from the government etc. You know how some people think big brother is watching lol

    Those statistics are not even close to accurate. A lot of “professionals” don’t mention it to there doctors, health insurer, government survey due to the fact they’ll be labeled as a drug addict

    More mature people are less likely to share that information. For instance, I was part of the sensible BC petition for decriminalization. I had well over 3/4 of the people over 25 agree that it should be decriminalized and also used marijuana but they would not sign…mostly because they hold a career that may have them lose their jobs (or so they think)…there was many other reasons too that I am not going to get into. The biggest response though was that they didn’t want their name going to government or get back to their work. It was a very few that straight out said NO to me. So no they didn’t stop using they just don’t like sharing their use with the “powers that be”. I might add I had people that didn’t use that still agreed it needed to be decriminalized and even for those progressively thinking, legalized. It is an industry that will help in low economic times, it will also if done right, get us back out to the farms….Organic Pot anyone?

Not to mention the impact it could have on there careers.

The good news is that we ‘society’ are about half a generation away from ridding the population from Victorian rule.
Wake up, Britannia hasn’t ruled the waves in at least two generations.

You old (of thought) people should embrace the benefits of cannabis as you age and find your body and mind falling apart.

Yup, a comfortable decline…..then help on the way out.

PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT (aka food for thought)

I believe the statistics. Alot of people from Prince George that comment on this website only live a “local” lifestyle and don’t see the bigger picture.

Another statistic. 10% of regular users of pot develop dependency.

Lets quit the BS on this issue. Ask any person who drinks alcohol on a regular basis whether or not he has a problem and the answer would be no.

People who use pot on a regular basis naturally support the use of pot, what else would they do.??

People who see it as an addiction much the same as smoking, or drinking alcohol, have a different point of view.

In other words, you would be hard pressed to find a pot head, that did not support the legalization and use of marijuana.

Its called **rationalization** and as long as you can rationalize your actions you will continue to wander around in a drug induced haze.

    “A new group wants to reclaim what it means to be a “real” Conservative by launching a Canadian campaign supporting marijuana legalization. “Real Conservatives support legal marijuana,” former MP Inky Mark said in a news release on behalf of a newly-minted group called Canadian Conservatives for Legal Marijuana.” OMG, let’s hope these are the Conservatives who influence and lead the CPC in the future.

    www .huffingtonpost.ca/2015/04/17/canadian-conservatives-marijuana_n_7090300.html

    But then again, the Conservatives **rationalization** on the use of illegal drugs continues to confuse me; it seems ok for them for support and vote for a crack cocaine smoking Conservative Toronto Mayor (RIP), and yet at the same time support a $6 million dollar anti-marijuana ad campaign. The Conservative message has been sent loud and clear; using crack cocaine is ok, but marijuana is not.

    ht tp://i.imgur.com/bD5WLqg.jpg

Palopu with a score of 0

Man, you are totally bought in to the madness. Why would you give a ‘hoot’ what others do?

Cannabis is proven to help people in distress. Whether that is to improve appetite for cancer victims to getting Johnny Cash high to de-stress from the Victorian/Puritanical rule you suggest in your comments.

As far as young people using cannabis then stopping as an adult tells me one thing…..it’s not addictive such as opiates (dispensed from an authority figure ‘Dr.’) or alcohol distributed by our government.

Life is hard, even harder if your stupid!

You should know Codger. The last line of your post applies to you correct?

Frankly I do not care if people drink or smoke pot until the cows come home. All I am saying is that people who use this type of behavior rationalize it to make it *OK*. They rarely ask for a second opinion, and practically never act on any sound advice. Hmmmmm.

Well I don’t need no stinking chemicals to enjoy life. I have no need to be cool or artificially belong. I was a teenager in the sixties and saw first hand what dope did to people I new, mainly in changing of personalities.

I went for a nice hike in the bush this morning, lots of birds, saw a couple of rabbits, a beautiful shiny black bear. Great to see how the forest is greening from winter, a marked change from day to day.

See no chemicals required.

    Great comment! Best one so far today! Thanks!

It’s a sorry state the world is in when people have to get stoned to enjoy themselves. But each to their own, I guess. Now we’re rapidly coming to the situation where ‘every’ workplace accident was the employer’s fault, whether it actually was or not, (here, Ontario is already there, apparently), are those of us in business going to be penalised massively by WorksafeBC when Potsie is injured on the job and a blood test reveals he had enough marijuana in his system to cause signifigant impairment?

    No…what is really sad is all the people on prescribed anti depressants…permanently “stoned” but legally.

The story is about the Blackburn neighbourhood and complaints about odour from a marijuana growing operation.

Objectionable odours emanating from virtually any process can be controlled, even eliminated. But it costs money.
The equipment and filtration needed is expensive to purchase, install, and maintain, but could prove to be a wise investment, as it would allow a grow op to remain under the radar i.e. one less thing for neighbours to notice and possibly make an issue over.

seamutt with a score of 1
See no chemicals required.

Perhaps life is just to boring, for the intelligent, with out chemical enhancement.

Anyway , the new laws proposed will de-criminalize cannabis and that’s a good thing for reasons all to obvious to a parent.

The war on drugs must come to an end.

For the odor, call the RDFFG, and lodge a complaint as they are the ones that sanctioned this activity at that location. The growers are in compliance or they are not.

So, when you are old and hurting don’t mess with cannabis go for the oxy……of course manufactured by big Pharma and dispensed by ‘Professional’ drug supplier, be sure to make an appointment first.

    No, oxy is for losers. Oxy makes people mindless soulless losers. The Israeli’s supply oxy to the isis fighters to enable them to kill their own family members if they don’t fall in line. The stuff is pure evil pharmaceutical crap made by globalist anarchists that benefit from chaos and crimes that lack consideration for human decency.

    Oxy should be banned completely even from pharmacies.

    Just because weed is harmless the same doesn’t apply to drugs like oxy, heroin, or the chemical drugs like ecstasy that truly do harmful brain damage and are addictive to the point of self harm.

If marijuana is such a wonder drug why isn’t big pharma all over it? Seems dope is sold by “professional drug suppliers”. Hey is that what is meant by “professional”?

“Perhaps life is just to boring, for the intelligent, with out chemical enhancement.” oh my, just so sad.

    The reason big pharma hates this is because they can’t own the rights to this drug, if they could they would have.

From Dr William Courtney: cannabisinternational dot org
“The simplest approach is to consume the trichrome laden fully mature flower along with the 80-day leaf. Patient responses have exceeded any expectations.

Historically, dietary use of the entire raw cannabis plant brings us back in line with 34 million years of cannabis evolution. ”

He grows acres of cannabis at his clinic in Luxembourg for dietary use – juicing of the plant and oil which is how the plant is most effective.
Heating or smoking decreases its effectiveness and produces the psychoactive side effects.

“Research conducted in Bethesda Maryland led to Patent 6,630,507 held by the United States of America since 2003 that teaches that the lack of psycho-activity in CBD allows doses that are 100-200 times greater than the tolerable dose of THC.”

Don’t you worry, BC’s biggest entrepreneur has got his finger on the trigger on this one. Big Pharma already is exploring the marketing ,distribution, production and tax avoidance schemes . Mom and Pop store fronts don’t have a chance

Mom and Pop store fronts, you are kidding I hope!

On the bright side: Once pot is available like liquor no law enforcement officers will have to be laid off! They can immediately be reassigned to deal with the insane speeding that is going on everywhere! On the Hart: 90, 100, 110 or more! On a street that goes through a residential area (posted limit 50) they often travel at 80, 90 or more! As it is now they know that they can drive as fast as the want to and always get away with it! The City may even be able to lower our taxes when it gets the financial windfalls resulting from writing speeding tickets! Photo radar,
bring it back!

Win-win situation!

Could at least provide what road in Blackburn lol

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