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October 27, 2017 11:10 pm

Shaw Internet Outage Impacts P.G.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 @ 2:55 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Shaw Cable’s Internet Service is down in a  broad area of the province.While no reason for the outage has been  given,  Shaw says some  customers in the North (including Quesnel and Prince George), West Kootenays and the Okanagan  “may be experiencing an interruption to their Internet services”.  Shaw  says it  is working to restore service as quickly as possible.




I guess that is why we got an increase to our costs…to endure unknown interruptions….
Internet back up and operating…
for another two or three minutes.
We really need a couple more internet providers and maybe Shaw and Telus would pull up their socks., naw probably not.

I’ve had Shaw internet since I moved to PG in 2013 and it has only been out a few times in the 3 years. The longest it went out for was about 5 hrs due to damage from construction workers working in the area. I have never had a speed issue and I have never called in to complain. If you want crappy internet move further north and then you can complain about how crappy it truly is!

Crap happens not the first time we’ve lost the internet here nor will it be the last time other than businesses who were affected by the outage which caused lost business it was just an inconvenience to the rest of us

This interuption in service is brought to you by CSIS, RCMP, and our Federal and Provincial Governments who required the installation of additional server hardware and sofware to better track your emails and online activities.

Sorry for the brief inconvenience, but our business is to know your business to better protect you from acts of terrorism, however remote that is. Now please go about your daily Internet business… and remember… we are watching you! ;-)


someone is doing brisk business in tin hats today!

Ok, maybe reading this link from PC World might help. In the title it refers to ISPs, an ISP stands for Internet Sevice Provider… like Shaw for instance. It is amazing what these ISPs can track as far as your browsing behavior on-line, the websites you visit, who you send emails to, when, and how often.

www .pcworld.com/article/261752/is_your_isp_spying_on_you_.html

But that’s not enough apparently; if anyone can tell where the following quote is from, I will transfer $10 in bitcoins to you.

“If you are against this Internet Spying Bill then you are for the child pornographers”.

Vic Toews , House of Commons .

Yup, Conservative Public Safety Minister; Vic Toews… we have a winner Ataloss, and why am I not surprised?

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