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October 27, 2017 11:06 pm

Regional District of Fraser Fort-George Strike Anniversary Committee

Saturday, April 30, 2016 @ 6:52 AM

regional district signPrince George, B.C. – The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George is exploring ways to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year (March 8th).

The Board has struck a Select Committee which will oversee planning and provide advice for the occasion.

The committee includes directors Lyn Hall, Lara Beckett, Kevin Dunphy, Terry Burgess, Jeannette Townsend, Sharon Reichert and the district’s manager of external relations, Renee McCloskey.

Board chair Art Kaehn says it was one of the many districts created in the late 1960’s.

“The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George was the 11th regional district to be formed.¬†There was an amendment to the Municipal Act in 1964. They intended to form 28 (districts) but they ended up with 27 and the majority were in 67′ which is the year the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George was born.”

Does he anticipate the sheer size of the district, 52,000 square kilometres, will pose any challenges to holding a celebration?

“All those things will be discussed but I think we’ve got so many little hamlets and associations and connections with them through the regional district and the local municipalities to do something nice and touch the entire regional district.”


There are lots of things worth celebrating. This is not one of them.

Got to agree with axman. Nothing to celebrate here though a better way to say it is, nothing worth wasting our tax dollars on. The problem is the politicians around the table don’t even know what the regional district is or in this case “isn’t”. The regional district is not a village, town, or city, so no reason to throw a party at our expense! It isn’t even a place. It is just an organization on paper that was constructed by the Province that allows for a conversation among neighboring communities and as such was created maybe, but certainly not born.

Buy a cake and slice it up at the next board meeting if you have to find a reason to party, then get on with governing. No need for a “party committee” to waste our tax dollars celebrating not the founding of a city, town, or village, but the passing of a piece of bloody legislation . Goodness.

Notice how it’s always easy to find a reason to spend other people’s money!

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