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October 27, 2017 11:06 pm

Victoria Funds New Apprenticeship Seats at CNC

Saturday, April 30, 2016 @ 1:07 PM
Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and the Minister Responsible for Labour Shirley Bond at today's announcement - photo 250News

Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and the Minister Responsible for Labour Shirley Bond at today’s announcement – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Good news for the College of New Caledonia.

Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and the Minister Responsible for Labour Shirley Bond announced $151,600 for 32 new apprenticeship seats today.

“16 of those will be Level 4 electrical apprenticeship seats and there will be 16 seats for power engineering. So very important positions and training for jobs that are in demand.”

According to the government the programs support a number of sectors including construction, liquefied natural gas and forestry.

Victoria has invested a total of $755,000 in trades training seats and $1.9 million for trades training equipment at CNC since 2014.

Bond made the announcement at the site of the 12th annual ‘Heavy Metal Rocks’ program which provides 30 students from the Prince George School District with hands on experience in the construction industry.

“Days like this are really critical for young people to get a chance to understand what the skilled trades look like. So I really want to thank the Northern Regional Construction Association and all of the partners that are here for making this happen.”

She said there’s still work to be done though.

“One thing I want to see improve is there are no women in this class of 30 students and we continue to try and find ways to encourage women to contemplate a career in the trades.

“Last year there were a number of women so this is something we need to work on.”


Wow, Shirley you are sure getting your photo ops in lately, even though in some you have nothing to do with them…
I wonder if Bond and Hall take turns to see who can get the most free press….

How can you tell an election is just around the corner? Photo Op. Shirley is getting some serious news coverage, as the province begins loosening it purse strings for the next few months… predictable.

    I’ll know when the election is close because the Bollywood awards will hosted by the good people of British Columbia.

Election on the horizon.

Maybe Op250 could set up some kind of private message board for those that want to use the comments section to message each other.

okay ” with a score”. Then what apprenticeships are going to fill the other 16 seats?

I do agree that power engineer are needed, I have trained many of them along with lots of chemical and mechanical engineers. The job market is bad at the moment due to the oil prices. But in time the demand will increase.

    Demand for PE was high a few years back. Since then, almosst every community college in Canada has started a 4th class program. Very few students are getting placement after school is done. Employers now are seeking minimum 3rd class with 5 years experience. The job market is flooded with 4th class PEs looking for work. A few years back a second class was a guaranteed job, now many seconds are on the job hunt. When oil rebounds the market may tighten a bit, but a 4th class is no longer a job guarantee.

What other 16 seats??

The article states there are 32 new apprenticeship seats
• 16 of those will be Level 4 electrical apprenticeship seats
• 16 seats for power engineering.

My “old” new math from the 1960s tells me that 16+16 = 32

6+6 = 12

place the 2 into the units column and the 1 into the tens column

add the three 1s in the tens column = 3 and place that into the tens column.

So we have 3 tens and 2 ones for a total of 32. ;-)

Or maybe Greg edited the article??

    Like I said. Power engineering is NOT an apprenticeship.

Sit up straight now P Val school is back in session.

    You have been schooled

So you have all these seats but will employers participate. What good is the preapprenticship if no employer has openings for an apprentice.

That is a great point retired…with your 4th class power eng ticket you can actually get a real job..with an apprenticeship you need a employer who is able to continue your training as well as help with the 4 years of school.

I wonder if they’d offer night school for that power engineering course. I’d like to take it but I work full time during the day. I’d take it if it was at night school.

Mercenary, the power eng course also has field work, you go to steam plants in the city to learn about them so it wouldn’t work as a night course. You can buy the books to do the course but you need “firing time” as in real time around pressure vessels to be able to get your 4 the class.
That is the big difference between it and other “professions/trades” you need to have a job in the field. It’s just not going to school and walking out with your certification/degree.

@ mercenary . You can do most of the Power engineering courses online at BCIT . Btw the power engineering is needed for fracking .

Is the backlit photo , sarcasm ?

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