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October 27, 2017 10:46 pm

Project Swoop Results

Friday, May 20, 2016 @ 12:30 PM

20160519_111157Prince George, B.C.- Yesterday,  Citizens on Patrol,  RCMP Volunteers , ICBC and  Prince George RCMP   conducted a special  event  aimed at getting people to be aware of their speed on the roadways, and  hopefully  slow down.

Drivers had at least two  reminders to  adjust their speed to the  limit.   There  was the posted speed limit,  followed  by a speedboard  manned by  volunteers.  If drivers failed to  slow down for either of those visual prompts,  well,  just a little further up the road was an RCMP officer with radar, who  would deliver the expensive message.

Project Swoop targeted four  areas in Prince George yesterday, and clocked  just over 1300 vehicles.   The good news is,   most folks  got the message and slowed down after seeing their speed on the speedboard  as  just  6 violation tickets were issued including one prohibited driver who  had their  vehicle  towed.

“The volunteers noted more than 70 vehicles that were speeding” says Corporal Craig Douglass,  who says most can expect a letter in the mail advising them to  adjust their behaviour.  In spite of the  flashing  speedboard, nearly 10% just  kept their  foot on the gas, only to be   pulled over by an  RCMP officer  a little further down the road.

Speed is the number one contributing factor in fatal crashes  in B.C.



I noticed that drivers on Foothills and the Hart this morning, were seemingly calm and collected. What a nice change!
Later this afternoon though, a few had gone back to their old habits. Hopefully this Operation Swoop will help people reconsider bad habits and change them.
I guess the 10% who took no heed of the posted signs and speedboards must be somehow too important to be governed by mere mortals and commons sense though.
Perhaps a stiff warning from ICBC may wake them up. I hope so anyway.

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