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October 27, 2017 10:46 pm

IIO Issues Update on Granisle Shooting

Friday, May 20, 2016 @ 12:39 PM

Surrey, B.C.- The Independent  Investigations Office, which probes police incidents in which people have suffered harm,  has  released an update on its ongoing investigation into the  incident  April 21st in Granisle which ended  with  two people dead.

The IIO has confirmed police were responding to a complaint of an assault involving neighbours on April 21, 2016. Police attended the residence of  39 year old Jovan Williams and his 73 year old mother Shirley Beatrice Williams.

Jovan Williams  interacted with police and was subsequently shot. Shortly after, Shirley Williams exited the house, interacted with police and was subsequently shot.

Police and non-police issued weapons were seized during the initial stages of the IIO investigation. The presence of weapons and their use is being examined as a part of the IIO investigation.

Seven IIO investigators and one Affected Persons Liaison (providing services to the family)  were sent to Granisle for the investigation.

Investigators have interviewed witnesses, designated subject and witness officers and collected evidence from the scene. If the investigation necessitates, IIO investigators will return to Granisle.

At the invitation of the Mayor of Granisle, IIO staff participated in a town hall, attended by roughly 100 members of the community, to provide information on the investigation process.

No further information or updates will be provided at this time.



Interaction with police, over reaction of police. Just plain sickening.

    How do you know? Were you there? If not, that’s a pretty big assumption you’re making.

      It’s a safe bet.

Are you suggesting it was an over reaction of police? If so what information are you basing it on?

Fact, the release of information to date makes no mention of the interaction involving the persons killed having guns or other items that could have caused immediate danger or harm to the 7 officers involved. Had there been its not a problem to state so at this stage off the investigation. Second is the delay, they have way more info and much of the info as in past shootings does not jive with witness statements. So delay and find a hole to use. Such as they did not stop when ordered we feared for our lives and pulled the trigger. Getting really skeptical of this shit to much happening and way to long of investigation time. You pull the trigger and your charged and in jail within days. Police to day not all but many new recruits are given the wrong training as many old time RCMP will agree, we are the enemy its a war, so much for protect and serve. Killing someone should be a last option NOT THE FIRST

    First, there were not 7 officers at the scene of the incident, there were 7 IIO officers assigned to the investigation OF the shootings.

    2nd, why would there be a rush to release information to the media? They all ready held a town hall meeting for the people of the community.

    The RCMP do a job which is for the most part thankless, they deal with the worst of the worse, they deal with problems we try to avoid. Why is it when something happens people like your self jump to conclusions and make assumptions which are always negative? Ever think there is more to the story?

    Time to throw away the tinfoil hat and jump into reality with the rest of us.

    oh, and fact from the story:

    “Police and non-police issued weapons were seized during the initial stages of the IIO investigation. The presence of weapons and their use is being examined as a part of the IIO investigation.”

    from that paragraph we know for a certainty there were weapons from both the RCMP and non-police.

    When your as biased as yourself, its hard to read the facts.

      Death by cop occurs almost twice as much in BC (RCMP) as in Ontario (OPP). This should concern everyone in BC.

      That doesn’t mean those killed had guns in their possession when they were shot. All it means is guns were confiscated from the scene.

mike drop!

    oops ment mic drop

Fact, Greg Matters shooting an amateur deadly operation.

Valemount shooting, police claimed an exchange of gunfire, turns out that may not be true. Gone to crown council.
This is where the skeptizm oringinates from.

Be careful out there folks.

I know the IIo, had 7 police on the seen and there were also 7 at the shooting. Unless they came out shooting the event is murder,Police are trained to day to shoot if you even think your in warms way which is bull shit ,over a thousand workers those their lives every year does that mean we arm ourselves to protect workers from negligent employers? NO, use comment sense and make every effort to defuse a situation to prevent harm, not shoot first. Its bull shit and no need for this or other killings at the hands of police. In the last 2 years its insane the use of a gun to resolve a simple issue, just crazy.

oops oringinates my texting is not upto snuff.

Thumbs down, interesting. Well those are the facts.

You can’t hide anything from the people. You may think you have pulled a fast one, but a black eye says other wise. Then you flip over your city land taxes and see the bill for protective services. Time to have a long look at cleaning up your act.

When the victims of police shootings are dead who will speak on their behalf? IMO there have been far too many police shootings. It appears they want to spend all their time investigating these shootings when a simple video camera would most likely tell the whole story. The police hang everything else including a gun on their body so why not a camera the size of your thumb?

    Without an off button and cloud feed .

Government concerned about privacy, really? get the cams on police and it takes away a lot of speculation and maybe prevent the use of gun first. A family is still waiting for info on how their unarmed son 18 crying for help could be shot when 5 officers jumped him and in the scuffle an officer is shot in the foot and the kid dead.. WTF

I have not heard Tasers being mentioned at all for a couple of years or so. Wasn’t this touted as a preferred weapon as compared to shooting? Has the Taser been retired from the police weapons arsenal?

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