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October 27, 2017 10:43 pm

Tree Removal Reveals Landfill

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 @ 6:00 AM


Downed trees  eliminate visual screen  at  Foothills Landfill – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.-  There is a new look on the  west side of Foothills Boulevard  near the Foothills Landfill.

Trees have been cleared in order to make way for  the entrance relocation project and much to the surprise of many a passer by,  the activities  at the landfill  are clearly visible.

This is phase two of the $7.4 million dollar project  that will make it easier and more  efficient for those accessing the site.

It is not uncommon to see vehicles lined up  for hundreds of metres waiting to  get access to the site,  the new entrance will  create enough space to line up,  as well as create by-pass lanes for both  directions.

The  new entrance  will include new scales, scale house, an  operations building public tipping area and recycling area as well as an expansion of the compost facility.

Phase one of the project  has already  seen  infrastructure work completed, including installation of all water and sanitary lines, connection of the leachate collection infrastructure at the landfill to the City of Prince George sewer line,  extension of the water line at the landfill facility to the proposed operations building and scale facilities.

While  the  tree removal   that buffers the landfill from  Foothills Boulevard was a necessity,  the extent  of the logging activity was  amplified with BC Hydro  doing some of its own  maintenance work to remove trees or brush  that  threaten  the hydro line.

Some area  neighbours  east of  Foothills have  complained the  tree removal has  not only  eliminated  the visual  screen, but  has also removed an odour  barrier and they can now smell garbage.  The actual odour  is coming from the  Landfill’s lagoons which  were  filled to the max with  run off  when  a compost pile caught fire  in mid April.  The lagoon levels have  receded, and while  they continue to be the source of  some unpleasant odours, the odour will subside.


Yes! A most beautiful view. Good job!

Next step will be to increase the 6.00 dollar fee for dumping refuse. The end result will be more illegal dumping on the back roads.

Oh is that the land fill!! And here I thought they moved it to the backroads.

I wonder how much longer before that landfill gets shut down.

never could figure out why they shut the one down on Quinn street. In my opinion, STUPID.

    the landfill should reach capacity about the time the 7.4 million dollar expansion is complete

    Quinn was a transfer station with the garbage going… Dun dun dun dun…. the landfill :O

Meanwhile our politicians are telling us that we need to sell some parks because they cost to much to maintain… Yet spending $7.4 million on hair brained ideas at the landfill is no problem at all?

Next they will tell us the landfill has reached the end of its useful life and a new more efficient location would be the corner of highway 16 and 97, because it’s all about efficiency of their operations with these guys.

    I hear Cache Creek is looking for new customers. :-)

I wonder how many people could do better with recycling, composting, purchasing products with less packaging etc., to help minimize the vast amount of garbage that goes into the landfill?

All that garbage is ours!

    Good comment mama t, I would add though that there are not enough opportunities in P.G. to recycle/reuse/repurpose material things that no longer serve one person or business, but may be useful to others.

    It’s time for the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments to get creative and proactive on the 3 r’s mentioned above. Right now, none of us can do a lot on our own, the actions mentioned by mama t would help, but only slightly reduce the volume going into the land fill.

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