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October 27, 2017 10:43 pm

Council Holds Hearing on Connaught Business License

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 @ 5:57 AM

Prince George, B.C.- A special  meeting of  Prince George City Council this morning as  it  hears arguments   both for and against  granting a business license to the owners of the Connaught Motor  Inn at the corner of 15th and Victoria.The decision to  suspend the business license was issued on April 8th  and the owners of the property have an opportunity to appeal that  decision.

As 250 News had reported earlier, the  decision to suspend the business license was  based on   what Bylaw Services Manager Fred Crittenden  calls a “history  of issues”  which includes staff and patron behaviours, public health and safety, security, and the physical condition of the building.

According to Bylaw Services, the owner of the Connaught had been  issued  a notice  outlining  specific actions that were to have been taken, but   the owners  did not comply.



I think it’s great that the City is taking this business to task. If the owners aren’t willing to take an interest in this business (time and money) then they should pay the consequences.

If they aren’t interested in doing that then maybe it’s time to sell to someone that is interested.

Glad the City is dealing with this issue. The place looks like a rundown welfare hostel. These guys don’t even haul away the winter parking lot sand. They don’t deserve to run a business in P.G. “SLUM LANDLORDS”

I guess is that the city has been looking for a large lot down town for a PAC…
could this be it?????

how many people has city made homeless in their attempt to onvince us of how tough they think they are????

4 or 5 years ago we did a bit of business with the owner…who at that time was the son of the original long time owner. If the same owner now (the son) he truly is a slum lord. He lives in Vanc and doesn’t pay his bills. We repo’ed our product and just laughed at him when he threatened to sue us.
I commend the city for taking action, something that is long overdue.

He doesn’t deserve to run the business. His father would be ashamed at his behaviour.

This has nothing to do with the property or the location. It has everything to do with ownership and management that is trying to squeeze every nickel out of the property without re-investing a penny..It is ownership that is allowing the scum to collect on his property. When this property was operated by the father, it was always well maintained, and never a problem. As far as downtown motels go, this should be the prime location,and should be able to attract a better class of clientelle.
Force the owner to sell to a new operator, and this place will once again be an asset to the city rather than a disgrace.

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