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October 27, 2017 10:42 pm

Northern Health Rolling Out New Health Care Delivery Model

Thursday, May 26, 2016 @ 11:26 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The Northern Health Authority is making a move to  a new model of health care delivery.

The change will see the development of   professional care teams who coordinate community  health services  along with the patient’s  Doctor or Nurse Practitioner so  that instead of the patient  having to navigate  the system by  seeing a number of  different professionals,  the professionals   come to the patient.  In short,  it’s an effort to  make access to health care   available in a “one stop shop” scenario.

The  change is meant to  improve  health outcomes for  patients  and their families,  it is also expected to reduce wait times. For the average  person,  who  is visiting their   Doctor’s office  for  routine issues,  the change  will not be evident, but for those with chronic  or complex  health issues,   the  patient  will  have  access to a team  that will work with the patient to develop a health care plan.

“The research shows that we need to get better at providing person and family centered care in order to help us better meet the needs of our patients,” said Dr. Sean Ebert, a family physician in Vanderhoof who is also the Physician Lead and Board Chair for the Northern Interior Rural Division of Family Practice. “The primary and community care work that is happening with physicians and Northern Health’s community services across the region shows this commitment and I look forward to working together on implementation.”

The creation of the inter-professional teams who will work closely with a patient’s family doctor  or nurse practitioners in communities across the north will begin over the coming months. The team will be made up of nurses and a variety of health professionals that may include social workers, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists.

The  new  model won’t be the same  in each and every northern community  says  Northern Health  CEO Cathy Ulrich “The inter-professional teams will have common elements. However, there will be variation in order to meet the needs of each community across northern B.C.”

The transition will begin in several communities served by Northern Health by the end of this month. These changes will be put in place community-by-community over time to reduce the impact on patients during the transition and to enable services to be designed to meet the specific needs in a community.


Social workers, lol

Social workers are an integral member of the health care team, so I do not understand what the “lol” is about. I do not think you would find many (if any) staff members in long term, community or acute care who do not value their role in patient/resident/client care.

Northern health.. It’s a huge waste of dollars..

It’s a lie that it will reduce wait times.. How can it ? They aren’t adding docs, surgeons, operating time. Same
People doing the same jobs but in a group now? Wonder how many more people/managers northern health will be adding to our budget to get this joke in place ?

Having a Mother in the system I have seen first hand how it works, my advice to Seniors is try to be independent as long as possible. My Mother went from assisted living to full care, her mind was still good but her body was failing she was put with people with their minds shot, some of her mail was still going to the assisted living complex and someone there put her government mail deceased, so for about four months money was not going into her act. thanks to someone in the tax dept. who caught it now we have to prove she is alive.

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