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October 27, 2017 10:40 pm

CNC Faculty Association Speaks Up on Budget Surplus

Sunday, May 29, 2016 @ 11:09 AM

Prince  George B.C.-  CNC’s Faculty Association is  waiting to see what the Board of Governors plans to do with the unexpected  $1.8 million dollar surplus from the 2015/16 budget.

The College had  prepared that budget  expecting a deficit of $2.8 million dollars.  In order to balance the books,  some programs were cut,  the  dental hygiene program was  suspended  and some faculty members were laid off.

Faculty Association  Vice President Chief Steward  Jan Mastromatteo says  the Association has been sending a  message to the Board  for years “The College  has unprecedented cuts in  programs and courses and faculty, and we’ve been seeing layoffs  since 2001. ” She says the cuts over the past year  aren’t as deep as they have been in the past, “but instead of a  predicted  deficit of  $2.8 million they have  a  surplus of $1.8 million  dollars, they were essentially cutting healthy programs.”

The College says it finished off the year  with  a surplus because of a  7% increase in enrollment, but  increased tuition for the coming  academic year  by 2% anyway because  there is no guarantee there will be a  surplus in the coming  year.

Carole Whitmer, VP Negotiations for the Faculty Association, says  she believes the suspension of the Dental Hygiene program  was just a way to  boost tuition rates higher than  is allowed.  “If you  re-tool your program,  or renew your program and change the objectives by 50%  you can submit the program to Advanced Education and they will  look at a tuition increase of more than the 2% so that’s what’s happening with Dental Hygiene.”   She says the  suspension is “A grab to increase the tuition.”

According to Whitmer, there have been discussions as  recently as two weeks ago  of possibly  re-opening the program  for this fall  and with  other  dental hygiene programs across the province over subscribed,  they would be able to find some students  who could start  this  fall if the program is reinstated.

A special meeting of the Board of Governors is set for June 3rd to look at a revised  budget for  2016/17 and possible options for   how the  surplus  is to be used.

Whitmer says there needs to be  improvement on the College’s budget predictions “Their budget projections have consistently over the years been very poor” and the latest scenario  amplifies  that  observation  as there  was a $4.6 million dollar difference between the  projection and the reality.

The Board of Governors meeting is set for June 3rd at 1 pm.  It  is open to the public.


Some of that $1.8 million dollar surplus was made off of increased tuition fees for students, how about spending some of that surplus to reverse those tuition fee hikes? Give these poor students a break.

Typical of this site, many would dislike some of our comments yet these people cannot even articulate why they dislike the comment, or present a reasoned opposing point of view. Kind of childish and petty… little wonder some are discouraged from even making comments on this site!

Save it for a rainy day…. Just because you have it doesn’t mean you should spend it.

it’s only 1.8 as they were at a balanced budget at the start of the year after the cuts. 7% increase in enrolment is a lot

Likely only a few hundred thousand was made due to the 2% hike in tuition fees. Nowhere near the 1.8M.

The dental program was around 8-11 thousand dollars less in tuition than other schools with much newer programs and newer equipment. That entire program needed new equipment and processes, the demand for hygienists dropped due to all the new schools pumping out hygienists.

instructor costs rise year after year, some pretty amazing benefits for the instructors at cnc on top of the high salary. The cost to run old programs with limited tuition makes those program unsustainable. They didn’t cut a healthy program they cut a program that needed all new equipment and students looking elsewhere as they want the most up to date technology to learn on.

The Faculty association is really not sharing all the info to cast the executive in a negative light. Not everyone on the executive is is out to get the faculty despite what the faculty will try to make people believe.

Maybe someone could find out how much is needed to update the technology and all the dentists in town could donate to the college and help out a COMMUNITY college and keep the programs in the north.

Spend it or Christy will claw it back. How about free parking for students.

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