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October 27, 2017 10:32 pm

Feds Miss Assisted Dying Deadline

Monday, June 6, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Starting today, assisted dying is no longer illegal in Canada though legislation regulating its practice has not met the Supreme Court of Canada’s June 6, 2016 deadline.

As for what this means for our province, B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake and Attorney General Suzanne Anton have released a joint statement on the matter.

They said of Bill C-14, the bill presented in parliament: “We are hopeful this legislation will be passed quickly so B.C. and other provinces and territories can move forward with a clear and consistent approach to delivering this new service for patients.”

They say in the meantime the Province will be guided by the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling released in February, 2015.

“Our ministries are working together, alongside the province’s professional regulatory colleges and other partners, to ensure safeguards are in place to protect vulnerable patients. This work aims to make medical assistance in dying in B.C. appropriate, available, and well-monitored even before federal legislation is in place.”

They add doctors must abide by the standards set out by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.

“In an effort to ensure strong safeguards to protect vulnerable patients, the college has strengthened direction to doctors by elevating advice on how best to care for patients seeking medical assistance in dying from guidelines to standards. This provides clearer direction to doctors on determining eligibility and following the most appropriate and safe procedures.”

They note the government has amended the regulations under B.C.’s Health Professions Act “to give the college’s recently released standards the weight of law as of June 6, 2016. We have also direction each health authority to appoint a co-ordinator for medical assistance in dying.”

Both acknowledge the Supreme Court decision only clearly refers to doctors though, not nurses.

“The College of Registered Nurses and the College of Pharmacists are working to support registrants in getting legal clarity on medical assistance in dying to further support patient access.”


OK seriously? You know what Government? Go take a flying leap off a short pier. If someone WANTS to end their life….then LET THEM DO IT!!!!!

It’s my life and as long as I can make my own decisions then I should be able to end my life on my terms rather than have some government breaucrat make the decision for me.

I’ll go you one better. Why do you have to have any reason at all. If you’re unhappy on this planet, why should you have to stay.

Currently a person can engage in all sorts of high risk behavior and we say – that’s their right.

What if I’m just sick and tired of this life and want to go? Why should I have to muster the guts to put a gun to my head and make a mess and traumatize those who find me. It’s my body, I should be able to terminate it if I want to.

And that is the problem my friend, where do you draw the line. A line has to be drawn, and no one will be happy with it. Personally, I think the Liberals have drawn it in the wrong place. If I was told I had Alzheimer, and that one day I would be a drooling clueless burden, I would want to be able to make the decision now, that I can’t make then.

And if I had a disease that caused me to suffer terribly, but wouldn’t kill me,I think I should be able to say adios with dignity.

    You bet Ski. People need to have the right to make their own decisions regarding their health and well being. Government meddling just makes things worse.

The rest of us would be most thankfull to you both ski51 and Mercenary, just think of the health care costs alone that could be saved in the health care system. I agree as well, if we are going to be that much of a burden to our families and the system, allow me draw up a living will that not only contains Do not resuscitate (DNR) provisions but also the terms and conditions upon which to end my life.

I think we should be allowed to die with some dignity, and the “choice” should be ours!

All you have to do when you are later in life is just stop taking all the meds. the Doctors will have you on by then, and you will drop dead.

    You never know about that. Wouldn’t be surprised if many people stopped taking a lot of the stuff prescribed them found that their health improves rather than worsens. In any case, death comes to all of us sooner or later, so if someone wants to speed the process up a bit, let them go to it.

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