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October 27, 2017 10:32 pm

CN Centre and CINEPLEX Welcome Ice Age

Monday, June 6, 2016 @ 11:18 AM


CN Centre’s Glen Mikkelsen  at the  show announcement – photo 250News

Prince George BC –  Ice Age on Ice is coming to Prince George this fall.

This summer the new Ice Age movie comes to the screen in 3D (July 22nd) and just a few months later the live on ice show will hit Prince George.

The world premier of Ice Age on Ice  will include a huge video wall which  CN Centre’s Glen Mikkelsen calls “Mammoth”.

The Ice Age on Ice  will  present 5 shows  in total at the CN Centre  October 15th and 16th.  Mikkelson  says the  show   will be  “Thawsome”.

Tickets for the October Ice Age on Ice show at the CN Centre go on sale this Friday morning at 10.


I wonder if they will allow alcohol in the stands

One can’t help but wonder in these supposedly scientific days of ‘global warming’ if someone in some future generation inhabiting that part of the globe still habitable as a 100 ft. high wall of ice again descends from the Arctic over most of the continent, scouring down to bedrock everything natural and man made in front of its ruthless advance, will advertise a show called “Global Warming on Warm Ground”?

    Socredible, are you actually trying to make an argument against global warming based on a CARTOON movie? Ooohhh… the Ice Age is coming, the Ice Age is coming, and all the animals can talk in our own english language.

    Actually not surprising, but sorry I have side with science and NASA, you know that agency that put man on the moon. However by all means you go with the Cartoon Movie; Ice Age as a basis for your global warming denial rationale.

Does this mean the cougars are going to have to change their new slogan?

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