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October 27, 2017 10:30 pm

YXS Cargo Facility Officially Open

Friday, June 10, 2016 @ 12:57 PM


YXS Mascot Amelia Bearheart, joins Rosenau Transport’s Carl Rosenau, MLA Shirley Bond, Mayor Lyn Hall and  YXS CEO  John Gibson in cutting the cake – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.-  “On time and on budget” that’s how Prince George Airport Authority CEO John Gibson described the completion of the warehouse facility at the  Prince George Airport.The 25 thousand square foot facility is a key factor to  moving  YXS into a cargo facility.  With  tenant  Rosenau Transport  occupying 60% of the facility,  there  are still 10 thousand square feet of space looking for a tenant.

“If  we are going to expand the use of this airport,  we need to make sure that there’s a facility like this in place” said MLA Shirley Bond.   “This will be a catalyst” said Bond, who says  when investors want to  make sure that when their goods land “They want to be able to move those goods to market as quickly an efficiently as possible.”   In short,  Bond said “Logistics matter.”

The efforts to  secure cargo carriers continues says  YXS CEO  John Gibson “We’ve got the cargo facility, we’ve got the fueling facility up and operating,  we have an MOU with a carrier that will come, we’re trying to get a test flight  this year, the carrier has agreed to it.  We now need  to make sure we grab the product  to go on the flight.”

Gibson says  the airport is  very close to bringing the  cargo  dream to reality “We are as close as we can be without being there.”


Cue the boo-birds.

What, we have a mascot at YXS.

    A black Snoopy

The following is a link to a forum blog that has a Financial Post Article from September 13, 2008. It is well worth the read from a historical context and clearly demonstrates the expectations of what the impact of a completed airport runway extension would do, and have, on the City of Prince George.

The expectations, and pie-in-the-sky predictions, of one Harry Backlin, are way the hell out there! Hey Harry, its 2016 and we only have four (4) more years to reach a population of 200,000. LMAO!!! Eight years later and those original expectations and dreams, as stated in the 2008 article below, are wearing very thin for most of us, except for the willfully blind… right VOR?

ht tp://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=158071

Amelia Bearheart? Who thinks this shit up?

    the same people who think there are 100’s of planes circling above our fair city waiting to land just to make the CEO of YXS’s day and get free gas

    I guess you skipped childhood and went straight to the “get offa mah lawn” stage of life.

Adding to existing infrastructure is a good thing . You can’t catch a fish without a line in the water . No one foresaw two mile long container trains , wood pellets , potash , aquatrain traffic and the like when the rails came in . Predictions are hard to make , specially about the future .

    This is a very true statement

    Despite the people who want to stay firmly entrenched 10-30 years in the past who don’t want to see growth or cannot believe anything that is said it is important to have infrastructure in place before growth happens because if you wait until it happens then you will always behind the 8 ball and scrambling to catch up

    I am for one happy to see all the expansion happening

10,000 sq ft of warehouse space in nothing in the big scheme of things.

Lets keep in mind that this in not refrigerated warehouse space, and is basically just empty space. So what would it be used for??

We need to have cargo to ship out of this area before any airline will stop on a regular basis. So what do we have in the greater Prince George area that we could ship out by air cargo???

There are possibilities for getting a bona fide cargo shipping business in the Prince George area, but it is a long way off. At present the only people working on this idea are those who are working for the airport authority.

I have not heard of any business in the area looking for cargo space to ship product anywhere by air.

Air cargo is the most expensive way to move product, and you would only use it for time sensitive products, or perhaps to off set your costs on a return trip.

    The theory was that YXS could get a piece of the air freight business in terms of refueling stops, because the city is closer to China by 1000 miles (I think) on a great circle route than Anchorage is.

      So true . So it comes down to , does the PG region have a plane load of high value cargo worth landing for .

      Actually yes several companies would like to see cargo land here Shell, Rio Tinto, Kimberley Clark and several other companies that have interests throughout Western Canada and the Northern US would like to see cargo land here as for one it will cut down on their shipping costs from Major centres that would otherwise add time to travel and shipping out of major centres back north or west of the city either by air, truck or rail.

Dearth. Don’t get your logic. Have you any evidence to indicate that Rio Tinto, or Shell use air cargo to any great extent. Why do you suppose that cargo rates to Prince George and delivery from here would be any cheaper than Cargo rates to say Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton, and delivery from those points. Are you just assuming that Cargo to Prince George would be cheaper, even though you would not have the economies of scale?.

Where does Kimberley Clark fit into the picture???

    Midwest airlines is an arm of KC corp. passengers and freight .

    Kimberley Clark? Is that not a big player in the tissue paper world… Gee, what the heck interest could they have in a pulp and PAPER town?

    It is very near sighted to say that we have nothing of interest for import/export here by air. Mines, oil refinery, pulp/paper, wood pellet, beef growers, wild mushroom economy.. Then add that we are a rail hub connecting to other industries. ie: Aluminum giant Rio tinto/Alcan, coastal fisheries etc. There is many possibilities for air cargo. Our area could also be of interest for more secondary and “niche” market manufacturing.

In my opinion, you have 2 different camps on the airport expansion theory. One train of thought is “if we build it, they will come”.

The other side seems to firmly believe that Prince George should do nothing and stay stuck in a rut until the forest industry becomes extinct and then we can all wallow in self pity alongside them and cry “Well someone should have done SOMETHING”.

To all the hardcore critics of this idea I wish to say this: It has not and will not happen overnight. Maybe this idea wont see fruition at all, but trying is a gar better thing than sitting on our hands doing nothing. Yes its a gamble. Yes there is money being spent. But without risk, there can be no reward.

I cannot disagree that there is no certainty with the plan. Doing absolutely nothing is a plan for eventual failure though… and that is for certain. I feel the need to put some hope into forward thinking options.


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