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October 27, 2017 10:28 pm

Expect Smoking and Vaping Bylaw to Return

Sunday, June 12, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  Now that the Province has announced  September 1st will  see e-cigarettes and vaping  under the same rules and regulations as tobacco  products, (see previous story)  a  proposed bylaw  in Prince George  will likely  reappear in the coming  days.

The proposed bylaw first  appeared in August of last year,  and called for smoking and vaping  to be  banned  in a number of areas:

  • customer service areas, such as  patios , balconies, or  sidewalks  that are connected to a place that serves food or alcohol
  • bus shelters
  • parks and  open space areas
  • places of public assembly
  • City owned outdoor sports  facilities
  • taxis, limos or other vehicles for hire
  • buildings owned by the City of Prince George

As 250News reported last August, the City’s playgrounds and parks are already designated “Tobacco Free Zones”  but  the designation doesn’t carry  an penalties for those in violation of the  rules.

The  bylaw that was  proposed last summer,  would also  ban  smoking  and vaping (e-cigarettes  hookahs etc)   from  within 9 metres of any opening to any building, bus shelter or taxi stand  and  prohibits  smoking or vaping within 25 metres of any outdoor sport facility or playground.

There has been  extensive consultation on the proposed bylaw,  and it was expected it would  be back  before Council early  this year  for  consideration.   Now that the Province has added e-cigarettes to its  Tobacco  and Vaping  Control Act,  the proposed bylaw  may  be tweaked a little to  reflect the Provincial  regulations before  being  presented to Council.


Will this also apply to marijuana?

How about people that have to put up with marijuana smell from neighbours?

    Don’t be such a narc. Inhale the good sh*t, exhale the bullsh*t!

Well, you do have a good point if you are forced to inhale second hand pot smoke from your neighbours which are closer than nine meters from your front door.

The City has included private dwellings in its ban > “…from within 9 metres of any opening to any building” – note: any building!

Perhaps it should identify those dwellings more specifically when it re-examines the bylaw.

What use is it having a by-law if there are no penalties? Not as if smokers of whatever are going to obey it anyways, even if there were.

So nice living way out in the country . I feel for you urbanites living in the hood . Poor Ezra s. Mutt living down wind of the hood . No wonder he’s so messed up . Maybe be add furness filters to the bars on your windows mutt . Don’t you just hate it when reality seeps in . There must be a reality filter app for that .


    You posted earlier this week that you have chosen not to grace(?) our community by moving here because of the unacceptable posts made by some on this site. To this I would have one question. Do you own a mirror?

    In the past couple of days you have had posts removed for calling people goofs and #WLB’s because they posted something contrary to your viewpoint. Further you continue to body shame a federal party leader by using the term “Fat Actress” instead of her name. Do you realize how many people end up with life threatening eating disorders because of body shaming?

    You of all people should not be casting stones as I imagine your glass house is triple glazed with argon gas and expensive coatings:P

    Ataloss, with the very definite possibility that marijuana use may become legal, Seamutt asked reasonable questions.

    In turn, you yap off with the following comment:

    “Poor Ezra s. Mutt living down wind of the hood . No wonder he’s so messed up.”

    Your comment begs one question for you, how come you are so messed up?

      Seamutt and Ataloss have been throwing barbs at each other as if they were the new Smothers Brothers – except they are not funny!

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    Criticism is defined as judging the merits and faults of something. Not sure what “critism” is….possibly the hurling of grade school insults such as “Fat” at another person.

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Do we enforce the bylaws we have now? Do we have one for littering, because it doesn’t seem anyone is enforcing that one either because the city is starting to look like an open sewer (thank-you regional district board for that piece of $6 contributory wisdom). Will the city be hiring another half dozen bylaw officers to deal with this very serious problem? What’s the point in spending the resources to develop policy we can’t possibly hope to enforce?

And what extensive consultation? Does this refer to a couple of news paper articles and another voluntary survey that is statistically worthless. What a waste of taxpayer money.

It is nice they make all thes bylaws when they have no intentions or ability of enforcing them

I have no issues with the idea of the bylaw against smoking/vaping…. just so long as there will be strict enforcement.
While we are looking at this, does it not also make sense to introduce a “bylaw” against using hypodermic needles in public places? I realize that heroine use is ILLEGAL, but it seems that there is most definately a problem there. Downtown business owners must keep a vigilant eye open for the used drug needles in front of their stores. One does not have to look far (if you know what to look for) in order to find discarded drug needles/paraphenalia.
Some of the street people downtown are openly shooting up while sitting on the sidewalk. When they finally leave, the needles are left close by. Why is Council not addressing this too?

Like the city will do anything about it. I see vehicles continuously parked in bicycle lanes along Simon Fraser Ave. One day I saw a vehicle even parked on the sidewalk forcing a woman pushing a baby to go on the road to get around. I complained nothing was ever done. A few days later my elderly neighbor gets a knock on her door. Lo and behold it’s a bylaw officer saying she could face a fine if she doesn’t license her 5lb toy poodle.

You cant regulate everything, e cigs give me a break, just try and stop me.Its Fu%^g vapor, want to really stop the shit then stop the cars and buses, trucks and trains good grief are people really this stupid????

Wont be going to any more concerts, and that will be the same for a lot a people, But its ok to go to the beer and have 6 to 12 beer then drive home, why because the right palms get greased.

Too many rules. Too much noise made about nothing.

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