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October 27, 2017 10:18 pm

Work Underway At 16 and Cowart Rd

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 @ 4:27 PM


Crews at the Intersection of Highway 16, Cowart and Vance Roads – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Crews have started work to install a dedicated left turn signal at one of the worst intersections in Prince George.

The intersection of Highway 16 , Cowart and Vance Roads,  was the site of a fatal crash earlier this year.  The Ministry of Transportation  responded to  local MLA Shirley Bond’s call for  improvements to be made,  and a dedicated left turn signal is now being installed.

While the work is underway,   drivers can expect  delays.   Long line ups  of traffic were evident this afternoon.




What an inconvenience and a waste of money. You cant fix stupid.

    Its terrible you are inconvenienced in your commute when they are trying to make a bad intersection safer. Take Ospika if it bothers you that much.

    Awwww, were you late for your anger management meeting ?

      Yeah, it was right after your troll gathering. 👍

    Yeah, big deal people have died there…probably deserved it right pgman44.. Shouldn’t fix it, just let others die..that will show them…

    I wish you would go tell your thoughts to the family who just lost their daughter in the accident there.. Tell them how stupid the driver was.. How righteous you are..

      It was the drivers fault not the intersection.

PG, I understand where you’re coming from, changes have to be made because of some drivers actions, that’s why we keep getting new laws shoved down our throats, because the actions of some folks make changes necessary, like texting while driving. But, I am very pleased at the changes, believe Ferry will be next.

How about learning how to drive properly, and taking responsibility for your actions? The nanny state can’t, and shouldn’t try to protect everyone from themselves.

    The state has the obligation to protect citizens from preventable stupid and careless actions done by others. Who else? The state is in charge of it! Nobody else can do it or is allowed to do it!

    There are quite a few drivers in town who have no idea how to handle a four way stop intersections. Keeping that in mind one must always drive as defensively as possible and let the ignorant go first!

    An intersection like the one above should have never been built without the proper left turn signals. There are a few more like that, some of them put into service quite recently without any left turn signals at all.

      I wonder how much it would have cost extra if the proper signals were installed in the first place.

      Then compare that with how much it costs to install them now, after the fact. 50 fold more at least.

      I won’t even talk about who is paying for that mistake made by whom? A MoT transportation engineer?

      No. Individuals have the responsibility for protecting themselves from the preventable stupid and careless actions of others.
      If you’re at a gas station, and some idiot is overfilling his water ski boat with gas with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, you walk away, fast. You don’t demand that the ‘government’ (us) enacts additional legislation restricting the use of stupid people from filling up their boats with a butt hanging from their lip.
      See the 17 year old long-boarder zooming down University Hill without a helmet? Walk away. It’s not up to the ‘government’ (us) to protect that idiot from him or herself.
      How about some sense of personal responsibility in this age of endless coddling of grown-ass adults?

    Don’t forget to put on your seat belt when driving.

    Don’t forget to stay on your side of the road.

    Don’t forget to stop at stop signs.

    Don’t forget to turn on your headlights at night.

    Don’t forget to signal when intending to turn.

    Don’t forget …… nanny state rules, not you.

This intersection is a good location to install a Diverging Diamond interchange when the Malaspina extension joins a realigned Cowart Road. This fairly new and innovative type of traffic control would allow for highway 16 to flow without the need for lights with all turns completed in the Cowart/Vance direction.


Another “Nanny state rule” that I hope is soon to be instated. One is required to prove there is a small amount of brain matter present before being permitted the purchase of any electronic device.

So the nanny state built the roads, put in the present traffic lights, hey even the divider on peden hill well that’s remove them. Hey there is the answer to Nanny state.

    The divider put in on the Hart going north was put in place AFTER a woman lost her life in a head on collision with a transit vehicle. It is a lot safer now!

    I understand that your comment is sarcastic but I too can’t help becoming somewhat frustrated with the primitive Nanny state comments!

“If you’re at a gas station, and some idiot is overfilling his water ski boat with gas with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, you walk away fast.”

Bad example! The state is already involved, mandating No Smoking signs!
What if the whole gas station explodes before anybody can escape? What about tainted meat or small metal splinters in Corn Flakes? You do not want the state to set standards and enforce them because you believe everybody should look out for their own safety, no state rules? A free for all? Chaos.

Hope this installation includes an orange light warning sign at the Husky station corner of Ferry Ave heading east to warn drivers to slow down for an upcoming red light. There is one coming down the hill.

” The Ministry of Transportation responded to local MLA Shirley Bond’s call for improvements to be made”

Hmmm, I thought the citizens of PG made the call for improvements to be made. If Bond or any other politician were on the ball, these type of improvements would be made without it being a photo op sensation.

    I agree.. NOW they give all the credit to Bond.. She drives these roads and sees the accidents but doesn’t do anything bout them

    Takes time, many bad places to change. At least this is one to be positive.

There are some seriously disturbed people on this site. The driver made a mistake. A mistake that will be with him or her forever.

Personally, I blame the government. They have known for a long time that that intersection had issues that should have been fixed. However, they never do anything until someone is having dirt thrown on their face. Once someone has been killed they suddenly find the money to fix the problem, because they finally run out of luck with their s***ty “risk management” practices.

Things are getting done. most positive changes are awesome.

I wonder if other communities have as many tools as this town apparently does. If that was your daughter, you think you may want a change at that intersection? Are you one of the tools in your lifted f350, honking at others to turn through the green, because you can see but they cannot? So they risk their life trusting white trash, and their super cool Oakleys?

    Precisely! They should also ban logging trucks pulling a trailer recklessly running side by side on the Bypass, thereby making it impossible for vehicles behind them to see the traffic lights at intersections. They routinely run red lights. A vehicle following behind has no idea whether the light is still green, already amber or even red!

    Trucks over a certain height should be restricted to the RH lane!

“Hmmm, I thought the citizens of PG made the call for improvements to be made. If Bond or any other politician were on the ball, these type of improvements would be made without it being a photo op sensation.”

Uh, that’s how its supposed to work. The “people” demanded change and our elected official made it happen. Or are you suggesting she personally drives around on her own, checks out dangerous intersections and implements change without public input or knowledge?

    She thrives on photo ops, capitalizes on tragedy, just like all the others. Look at all the clowns coming out of the woodwork in Orlando.

    You’re a rocket scientist right?

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