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October 27, 2017 10:10 pm

Happy Canada Day!

Friday, July 1, 2016 @ 12:38 AM

canada day

149 years,  and still going strong!


Happy birthday CANADA! You great big burning hunk of love !

Canada day is here. We should ask a homeless person what they think of Canada. Someone that has struggled to make it. Easy to say it’s a great country when you got it all. Lets ask some poor kid that has to go to school hungry. What they think. Some poor swab that has to leave school cause his parents were beating on them. Canada can be nothing more than a third world country for some people. Lots of issues in this country.

    Oh, don’t worry, changeit. With the approach our new government is taking to everything it won’t be long before we’re all ‘equal’. Everyone can then ‘struggle to make it’, even though no one ever will. Everybody’s kid can go to school hungry. The kids can all be kept at a boarding school, where they’ll be fed meagre rations. They may be hungry, but that’ll encourage them to work harder and longer in later life, knowing that they must always produce more and consume less. And nothing like a little hunger to keep anyone from thinking too much about ‘why’?. And they’ll be free from any parent ever ‘beating on them’, or worrying about living in the Third World country we’ve finally become. Isn’t ‘equality’ wonderful?

There are plenty of problems here in Canada, but most countries are a lot worse. With all its imperfections, Canada is a democracy. Most countries aren’t. In Canada you can freely chose any religion you like, or none. In most Muslim countries and in countries like North Korea, you can’t. In Canada, you can say pretty much anything you like about the Prime Minister and no one will kill you or even prosecute you.In Canada, even if you are a poor minority you probably have access to safe drinking water, health care, housing, and food. Millions of people in many countries don’t.

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