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October 27, 2017 10:10 pm

Friday Free For All – July 1, 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

It is Canada Day,  and it’s Friday,  so  when  not celebrating, take a moment to take part in today’s Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic,  but obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


Have a great weekend one and all..be safe out there

Yes, have a great weekend and be careful. We want you all back safely on Monday. Have fun!

Happy Canada Day and enjoy the festivities at the Park today

Good morning all!!
With everything going on in the world, let’s really enjoy today and this weekend.
Celebrate that we live in the greatest country.
Proud to be Canadian!!

Happy Canada Day!
I see the City will be expanding the District Energy System to include the courthouse and plaza 400. That’s a good thing. Any ideas on how to send a message to the City letting them know that horizontal drilling has been around for a long time? There really is no need to block off sections of town to install underground infrastructure.

Codger. They did horizontal drilling when they ran the line from 1st Avenue under the CN Yards to Lakeland, so they know how its done.

I think this whole community energy system is a boondoggle and it should have never been built. Even their greenhouse gas emission statistics are open to question. With the drop in the price of natural gas I don’t see how they are saving any money, in fact the system may be costing them more than the old system.

    They aren’t saving money, it’s costing. When the idea was first proposed they were asked about that and they said in 20 years it MIGHT be cost effective. Just another “green” boondoggle.

      Obviously they think they are gaining savings somewhere or they wouldn’t be cutting into the system.

      Wrong Hahaha, they think they’re helping “save the planet” from an imaginary threat.

It’s our Birthday

Although a fair amount of people probably will being drinking and other things remember if your drinking or doing recreational drugs today stay off the roads and waterways we don’t need accidents or deaths marring a birthday celebration

The U.S. announced Thursday the first fatality in a wreck involving a car in self-driving mode, the 40-year-old owner of a technology company who nicknamed his vehicle “Tessy” and had praised its sophisticated “Autopilot” system just one month earlier for preventing a collision on an interstate.

ht tps://www.yahoo.com/news/self-driving-car-driver-died-205642937.html

    And you point is…??

      I guess that down vote for my question means that you didn’t have one.

      I rest my case. LOL

      Or maybe he/she isn’t online.

      The point I take from that is don’t trust self-driving cars, the technology isn’t there yet.

      That wasn’t his point, He had no point. The guy is a hater of alternative energy vehicles, especially Tesla. He only posted that link because he thought it would put Tesla in a negative light.

      It goes without saying that drivers should not be entirely relying on these early automated driving systems. No auto manufacturer has claimed that these systems are fully autonomous.

      In any case, the truck driver was the one at fault in that accident.

Amazing how Vancouver does not get it. Schools need students to stay open—but when real estate prices keep young families out of the market, then add 10,000 empty housing units equals school closures. Plus include a declining birth rate.

    But, their ‘special’; down there, in the lower rainland. Their schools shouldn’t have to close, for lack of students or fear of a building tumbling down in the (soon to happen?) earthquake!! Yup, I’m grumpy today.

Happy Canada day 😊. Took a trip to Takla lake last weekend and saw something that was a bit of a surprise. The spruce beetle is at work up there already also. It was reminiscent of the pine beetle and the red trees. The news has reported that the government is putting money out for consultation, committees, and such. The problem is that, like the pine beetle, it’s not fast enough. Already in the Vanderhoof area the mills have brought this invested wood in and the bugs will be spreading quickly. Some wood has been sent to China already and was stopped at the docks, the container had to be fumegated. It’s going to effect our industry again, mark my words.

    Folks at Tsay-Keh are also well aware of spruce beetle activity.

    The wood was always fumigated anyhow.

    The older the forest, the more vulnerable to insects and disease. This is partly a result of fighting forest fires.

Bridget Driscoll . RIP . August 1896 . Was the first pedestrian to be killed by an ICE Car in Briton . Point being ? You can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs .

    Tesla goes down in history for the first automated car death, how ironic. Wonder who gets the blame. Tesla weaseling out of blame.

      Another bald faced lie mutt.

      Following our standard practice, Tesla informed NHTSA about the incident immediately after it occurred. What we know is that the vehicle was on a divided highway with Autopilot engaged when a tractor trailer drove across the highway perpendicular to the Model S. Neither Autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor trailer against a brightly lit sky, so the brake was not applied. The high ride height of the trailer combined with its positioning across the road and the extremely rare circumstances of the impact caused the Model S to pass under the trailer, with the bottom of the trailer impacting the windshield of the Model S. Had the Model S impacted the front or rear of the trailer, even at high speed, its advanced crash safety system would likely have prevented serious injury as it has in numerous other similar incidents.

      From the reports I’ve read. Ataloss is correct.

      (Ataloss correct??? It can’t be, can it??? Mark this on your calendar!)

      It was the automated system he had installed that was at fault, not Tesla.

      Chill out dude, I was just reporting a fact. I get a chuckle out of all your excuses, what lie.

      Sometimes I catch a big one when I go fishing.

      So Ataloss how do know the driver would not have seen the truck if he was paying attention? How do you know if the crash would have been survivable under other circumstances? Your comprehension of the article seems to be selfdriven.

      Excuses excuses.

Something that main stream media like the CBC blacking out.
Syrian migrant men in their twenties are attending a Canadian school, hitting on fourteen-year old girls, and demonstrating aggression towards their younger male peers. This is happening in a Fredericton High School in New Brunswick.

Interesting how the liberal left media sucking up to our dear leader failing to report this but it is making news in the states and around the world.

    What is your source?

      Voices in his head ?

      Most likely.


      That is one of several “original” sources. I am sure by now it has been sent to many of those supposed “friends” on facebook, twitter, and other asocial media.

    Sounds like the Calgary Stampede.

    It is not “a” Fredericton High School. It is simply “Fredericton High School.” It is one of the high schools in Fredericton. It was founded in 1800. That is sort of a clue as to why it is called “Fredericton HS”

    Yes, there is something going on and it is being reported by several right wing press agencies. So far they have apparently asked for FOI material from the school and they have provided it. They are sifting through it…. seems to mainly consist of emails going back and forth with a mess of information which might add up to something in the end, but mainly written gossip at the moment from what I can tell.

    I can see where a national news source would need some time to sift through such material.

    My interpretation of what I have read it is quite different than a bunch of males in heat attacking a bunch of females in public squares in Europe. This seems to be a clash of people from different cultural backgrounds in the same space over a longer period of time.

    We have 20+ year old males, supposedly very macho looking, in close proximity to high school teenagers. I would think that would cause some friction even with North American born groups.

    What you did not report are some other aspects of this cultural clash.

    “One school employee reported “issues surrounding gender/age divisions that seems important to our Syrian population – especially these older boys when it comes to their younger sisters.”

    So, interesting that the Syrian population … meaning the older boys who have younger sisters in the school trying to ensure that THEIR younger sisters do not get hit on.

    TheRebel has at least 2,700 documents to read and try to piece together into a meaningful statement of what is happening…..from THEIR point of view.

    They are planning a week long “expose”.

    Hopefully some others will be involved to provide another view as well.

    Ataloss with the zingers. Keep em coming peabrain.

Who are the brain dead individuals putting twenty something males in a high school?

    They claim they’re younger and because they’re Syrian muslim refugees, nobody dares question them.

      Let me get this straight. They claim they are younger. Based on what? Some documentation they have.

      Someone else claims they are older. Who is that? and what documentation do they have to make that claim?

      Why do you think that because they are Syrian muslim refugees that no one dares to question them?

      TheRebel site claims they are 19 and 20 year olds.

      I think some who are reading this stuff can see why the 2,700+ pieces of documents which are there with the same back and forth inuendos and gossip contained in them will take a long time to weed out the possible truth from the rest of the fear and fear mongering of the general public as well as parents and their children associated with the school.

      Why do you think that because they are Syrian muslim refugees that no one dares to question them?

      Yup, that’s what I said. And if you’d been paying attention you’d also be aware that such is the case for a lot of people – they don’t speak up because they’ll be called hatemongers, islamaphobes, racists and much more, and get into deep doodoo if they do.

Geez ! I was hoping for a Friday free for all without racism and or xenophobia. One can always dream .

    The mere mention of race or a race is not racist ….. unless your some PC’er who uses racist labeling to shut down any conversation they don’t believe in or are losing …

      Yup, he is.

How about our government practicing due diligence beyond a half hour vetting process for refugees

    Like I said earlier, what was his source? Still waiting.

      Google it and pick a source … tons of stories on it ..

Happy Canada day..! If your going to ride a swamp donkey like those hosers up north, don’t film the damn thing and put it on the interweb..

Keep your stick on the ice ladies n gents. Cheers..!

    Looks like it was a case of dumb and dumber.

If there’s a lower auto insurance rate for young female drivers than there is for young male drivers how would they classify a young transgendered male driver who identifies as a female? Male or female? If it’s female then what’s to stop any young driver who’s male from claiming he’s really a female in the wrong body to get the lower rate?

    Well, let’s put it this way. Would you claim to be female just in order to get a lower car insurance rate?

      No, I wouldn’t, hahaha. But then I’m not a young male driver in today’s modern, non-discriminatory Canada.

Canada day is here. We should ask a homeless person what they think of Canada. Someone that has struggled to make it. Easy to say it’s a great country when you got it all. Lets ask some poor kid that has to go to school hungry. What they think. Some poor swab that has to leave school cause his parents were beating on them. Canada can be nothing more than a third world country for some people. Lots of issues in this country.

    When poor kids go to school hungry in Canada, it’s a good bet that it’s their parent’s fault.

    Here’s what it’s like in a socialist utopia for comparison:


    Mariangel Caceres’ teachers, whose salaries do not buy enough food to live on, stopped showing up for classes early this year.

    The state school in the verdant Andean state of Tachira in Venezuela also had to cut back on providing meals due to nationwide food shortages.

    So when the leftist government in April decreed Friday school closings to save electricity, it was the last straw.

    “I left school a week after Easter,” said Caceres, a sports-loving 13-year-old who now spends her days traveling to neighboring Colombia with her mother to buy flour, rice or sugar they can no longer find or afford at home.

    While Caceres hopes to enroll again in the next school year, she may find the oil-rich nation’s economic crisis makes that difficult.

    Education is no longer a priority for many poor and middle-class Venezuelans who are swept up in the all-consuming quest for food amid a wave of looting and riots.

    Between 30 percent and 40 percent of Venezuelan teachers fail to show up at school each day, mainly because they are standing in lines for food or medicine, their biggest union estimates.

    Pupils’ attendance is also dropping because children have not eaten, know there will be no food at school, or must line up and help their parents shop, according to the union
    ht tp://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-education-idUSKCN0Z222E

      It has little to do with the type or shade of government that they have and everything to do with a one asset investment strategy like in Alberta . In the long run this latest oil shock should brighten up a few dull minds but then like John Cleese says ” there is no hope ” .

      Not so, Ataloss. True, they’re worse off now, but Venezuela was in economic doodoo when oil prices were sky high. Their store shelves are empty, people are going hungry. This in a warm, fertile, productive country that was a food exporter before the socialists came to power.

Kid has to go to school hungry ? … kid has to quit school cause his/her parents beat on him/her ? …. maybe blame the schlub parents and not the country ….

The discussion of the dugout canoe closed just as gopg2015 made some comments that are, I believe, based on a misinterpretation of my own. First, with regard to my statement that at the time of contact Robert Frederick and Jen Pighin would not have spoken English, he or she seems to think that I consider this as a disability. That is not the case. I was merely pointing out that if the project were fully realistic as a reconstruction of how things were done pre-contact, the partcipants would not have been explaining themselves in English. (As it happens, I know quite a few languages, including, Carrier,)

With regard to my observation that Robert Frederick would at this time of year pre-contact probably have worn a loincloth and moccasins, gopg2015 makes the amusing suggestion that I have “Hollywood preconceptions”. Actually, my idea of how Carrier people dressed comes not only from early European sources but from Carrier oral history and even knowledge of the language. (The word for “loincloth” is tsan; the expression “naked” is tsan’et, literally “without a loincloth”, indicating that the state next to nakedness was that of wearing only a loincloth.)

    “I was merely pointing out that if the project were fully realistic as a reconstruction of how things were done pre-contact, the partcipants would not have been explaining themselves in English.”

    You would have to go much further than that if that was your real intention. You would have had to exclude the exercise of reporting on the event by any modern communication tool such as TV, internet, newspapers, radio. Even the notion that the canoe will be hung in a museum for people to come and view it is a modern construct.

    Exactly how far do you wish to go and why did you only go so far as including English??

    English has the word loincloth in it, as it does for many other types of dress. Does it mean that we generally wear loincloths? No.

    I am not sure why having a word in a language implies that the thing is in general use by the local population.

    The Carrier traded in many directions prior to local contact. For instance, they traded south as well as west. That is how they could have received metal tools, as an example, pre local contact. If they traded with people who wore loincloths, for example, they would have needed a rod for it, likely the same word as those who wore loincloths would have used. In addition, they may have worn loincloths on other occasions as they may have been naked on others.

    So, why would you not also include that Robert could have been naked while he was working? How do you know what state of dress or undress people were say 500 years ago or even when Mackenzie, Fraser and others travelled through this region in the late 1700s and early 1800s? I do not have the faintest clue what my ancestors wore in those days other than from pictures – photos and drawings – of people in general in those days.

    Can you let us know what your early European sources were specific to this region regarding the clothes worn by people during the summer versus the winter and shoulder seasons.

I have a question. If the turban is such a highly regarded symbol of Sikh culture, to the point of getting special privileges because of wearing it, why would they allow it to be wrapped on the heads of everyone who wanted to wear one today?

I thought it was a symbol of being baptised into the Sikh religion and therefore mandatory for them to wear it. Today though, they were wrapping turbans on non Sikhs, men and women alike and even children. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Sikh woman wearing one.
I mean no offense, I am simply wondering.
Perhaps there is a good reason that I have not been made aware of.

    So far as I’m aware, one of the tenets of orthodox Sikhism is that the males aren’t supposed to cut their hair. The turban is to contain it. The women cover their heads with a scarf. The head covering they offer non-Sikhs is usually for when they enter a Sikh temple.

      Gee , I wonder if Wikipedia has anything on the five tenets of Sikhism .

While on the subject of automated cars, Marleau and Bear roads would be an excellent test for pothole and broken pavement avoidance testing.

Now city hall should make a video of these roads and send it out to all the car companies developing automated cars and for a fee allow them to use these roads for testing. Heck might make enough to pay for the PAC.

Ataloss. A one asset investment strategy as they have in Alberta.??? That statement shows you know diddly squat about Alberta, and probably less about Canada.

Some Alberta Industries.

1. Aerospace and Defence.
2. Agri-food
3. Building products and technologies
4. Engineering and construction.
5. Environmental products and services.
6. Financial services.
7. Industrial manufacturing
8. Information and communication technologies
9. Life sciences
10.Oil and gas.
11.Refining, petrochemicals and biochemical
13.Logistics and market access.
14.Pulp, Paper, and Sawmill Industry
16.Cattle exporting and meat processing

There is more but you get my drift. Alberta is a well rounded Province, which just happens to have a lot of oil.

I suggest you look into the above mentioned industries and educate yourself.

    At least the Venezuelans got one part of the equation right. Read once that gasoline there is something like 17 cents a gallon. Even oil rich Alberta, or the current poster child of the socialist world, Norway, never allowed their own citizens to benefit directly from consuming a resource they abound in at so close to its actual cost of production.

    Might cause us to wonder, sometimes, if those pioneers who first came to this country to have life more abundant than it was wherever they left had been told they’d have to pay ‘world price’ for everything here, would they have ever come? Why would anyone want to endure the hardships some of them must have had to endure just to get here and get established? And look at us today. Their descendants. Being told we can’t have anything unless we produce more and consume less. And failing to see the contradiction.

      Yes, we should have allowed people to buy furs, lumber and anything else they shipped to England and France at 10% of the cost we got from England and France.

      No, wait, maybe we should not have sent pelts to England where they manufactured Beaver hats. We should have manufactured them here and sent the finished product to England.

      We made so many mistakes……. yet we are still prospering compared to most other countries in the world.

      I have to ask myself why that is. It does not seem to matter how much we are charging ourselves for the market value of goods and services.

      Any time gasoline is priced in the neighbourhood of 17 cents a gallon, you can be sure that it’s only because of government subsidies. So which would you prefer, gasoline at over a buck per gallon and plentiful, affordable food, or cheap gas and unaffordable food (if you can find it) and empty store shelves?

    That is a list of industries. There is no attempt at showing how interdependent they are, especially with respect to the dominant industry centered around oil and gas.

    Alberta is on one of Canada’s least diverse regions. In contrast, BC is one of the highest.

    The less diverse a region is the greater the risk of fluctuating economic well being.

    Luckily we have a diversity index for Canada and the provinces and territories.

    The index for Canada is 93.1
    92.93 for Manitoba
    92.67 for Quebec
    92.43 for New Brunswick
    92.36 for BC
    92.28 for Ontario
    92.05 for Nova Scotia
    91.73 for PEI
    90.75 for Saskatchewan
    90.75 for Nunavut
    87.87 for Yukon
    87.29 for Alberta
    86.51 for Newfoundland
    86.43 for NWT


      Palopu , don’t let the facts get in the way of your ideology . Just keep jumping to conclusions . Be careful of motivated reasoning , you’ll miss the obvious .

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