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October 27, 2017 10:11 pm

Northern Gateway Quashed

Thursday, June 30, 2016 @ 11:38 AM

Prince George, B.C.  –  The Federal Court of Appeal has  overturned the  Government’s approval of the Northern Gateway project  that would see  a twin pipeline  move bitumen  from Bruderheim Alberta to  a  B.C.  port, and condensate   flow back to  Alberta.

“It’s a day of celebration for First Nations” says  Carrier Sekani Tribal Chief Terry Teegee.  The  Federal Court of Appeal  ruled the Government failed in its duty to consult with First Nations.  “Certainly a good decision on our behalf” says Teegee, “The Court got the decision right,  you can’t bypass (the) consulation process  and simply fast track any of these major projects.  It’s too risky   you can’t bypass  a community’s decision.”

Numerous First Nations along the proposed pipeline  route  opposed the  project  over  lack of consultation  and  concerns about  the threat a  pipeline failure would have on  the environment.

Enbridge has not yet released comment  on the decision.

There has been  talk  that  with the  Alberta companies needing to get their product to market,  that  shipments would  shift from a pipeline scenario to  rail transportation.   Tribal Chief Teegee says that opens  a whole other  world of discussion on  the transportation of dangerous goods,  not just through  First Nations territories, but all communities along  rail lines “That never really has been a discussion, and it should be.  It’s not only  bitumen, but other toxic substances , I think the whole  discussion of what’s being transported through this country  needs to happen, and I really  think that should be a concern for many communities.”

Teegee is  hoping the National Energy Board will now reject Enbridge’s request to  have a 3 year extension  to meet  the conditions outlined in the  initial approval.. Enbridge had made the  request  because the initial approval was mired in  a legal battle “I think it’s like we’re almost beating a dead project.”



Please keep your comments focused on the decision itself.
Thank you

    It was, are you censuring now?

      I was responding to the hierocracy of those against the pipeline.

      I thought the reason that you were deleted was that the premise of your post was stupid .

Where do most railways run ? Next to rivers folks come on use a little more thought.

Maybe not a great one I think this was a good choice.
With so many pipelines fracturing lately on level ground sending a pipe through mountains that are constantly moving and the company saying they were SAFE was a little concerning.

Now to see if the railroad that can’t seem to keep its cars on the track gets to haul oil.

I think however that Enbridge will appeal every chance they get just if for no other reason to keep us wondering if they can get the decision changed.
I don’t believe they know how to take NO for an answer.

    Say what? From a the forms of moving oil pipelines are the safest hands down.

I think transport by pipeline is still considerably more safer than any other mode. If we wish to continue living with cars, computers, CT scanners, Emergency vehicles and so on, we’re are going to have to find a way of transporting oil to markets efficiently.

Society can no longer afford to be held hostage by a minority.

So the government failed to do their due diligence to consult with the first nation. After all the money that Northern Gateway has spent working towards the goal, and working with the first Nations, do you think they are going to take it lightly and say Okey Dokey, I doubt it, they will likely be taking the government of Canada to task on their failure to do their due diligence, thus being sued for liquidated damages. I am sure it is going to be well over half a billion dollars.

I would not be surprised if Justin thinks about it and negotiate a deal with Northern Gateway for the pipeline to go ahead. The government beaurocrat is canned, but mysteriously enjoying the good life.

Sorry, but I just dont see a rail corporation being told to do anything by anyone. The rail corporations have never bent to anybody’s will or want. Good luck with that..

This isn’t really surprising given the opposition to the project both by coastal/local communities and First Nations. It would be interesting to read this case once its published Canlii. When it comes to First Nations consultation the courts seem to have a moveable goal post on meaningful consultation because of the complexities of case law and emerging rights and title challenges..

This really isn’t the “end” of the project it just means that more consultation is required..Now the question is.. Is the government and Enbrige prepared to go through with this and at what cost before deciding to shelve the project.

Canlii Link (for anyone who is interested)


Colin Kinsley and many others should apologize for being an enemy of British Columbia!

Keep shutting them down, all of the resource sectors. Most of the big players in oil and gas and LNG are ready to walk now anyway. There are lots of other countries with oil and gas that are more than willing to earn the tax revenue from it. Mining is facing the same issues.

We can survive on what’s left of tourism, fishing, forestry and whale watching tours.

    You think so hey, so sad. Forestry is the only one you mention that pays decent wages and it is no way near what it used to be.

Interesting that it was the federal government that failed.

Enbridge also fumbled the ball initially.

But what people seem to forget.

Is that the Federal Government can exercise its powers.

By declaring the project is for the “National Good”.

Which I believe, over rides the courts. IMO

Shame on those who supported this project! Should be made to put your full names on a list and consider those names enemies of British Columbia!

    piss off changeit. What a stunned post.

    How come changeit post is not deleted? It makes no sense on the decision. Bias maybe.

    Should get this post deleted

changeit. That’s probably one of the dumbest statements I have seen in a very long time.

Furthermore. This oil may very well travel by rail, but there would then be no reason for it to go through Prince Rupert. It could go to the refineries in Texas via rail, or to Eastern Canada, or Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, etc; Once you go to rail you have many options. There is nothing to indicate that Prince Rupert would be competitive for rail shipment.

As someone else mentioned. Keep shutting things down, and we can go back to living off the land.

    Let me back you up.. That is one of the dumbest statements I’ve read in a long time..!

I rather live off the land!

    Then do it..

    fly at er then. Love to see you do it.

    Then get rid of your computer, it is petroleum based.

Anyone that puts profit before the environment is a enemy of BC! I don’t right care what you think bub!

    Don’t be such a drama queen changeit. Your losing any support you may have had.

changeit. Then turn out your lights, turn off your natural gas, park your car. All these things are not environment friendly.

Pro Norther Gateway people on this site for years. No ya gotta suck it up.

changeit. Turn out your lights, turn off your natural gas, park your car. That would be a good start to look after the environment.

This won’t stop Northern Gateway. It costs them nothing to continue.

They know full well that Harper gave them ‘investor state resolution’ backing through the FIPA deal with China. Any extra costs for them now just gets added to our children’s tax bill in the future if the project gets halted. That is unless Trudeau is willing to do the extraordinary and make a statement for Canadian sovereignty.

This is about the best we could have hoped for to mitigate future lawsuits.

“It’s not only bitumen, but other toxic substances , I think the whole discussion of what’s being transported through this country needs to happen, and I really think that should be a concern for many communities.”

Okay then stop the movement of any dangerous goods, diesel, gasoline to any community along the pipeline route, oh wait.

All the statements are only made for political gain locally.

If this response is removed then this whole post should be removed.

“It’s not only bitumen, but other toxic substances , I think the whole discussion of what’s being transported through this country needs to happen, and I really think that should be a concern for many communities.”

On Dangerous goods. So I guess that means shutting down, the pulp mills, sawmills, most industry as they all use dangerous goods. Hey no transportation of bullets for hunting. Not much thought put into that statement.

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