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October 27, 2017 10:11 pm

Enbridge Responds to Federal Court of Appeal Ruling

Thursday, June 30, 2016 @ 12:32 PM

Prince George, B.C.- The President  of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project, John Carruthers, has issued the following statement in the wake of the Federal Court of Appeal ruling which  said the Government had failed in its duty to consult with First Nations and  overturned the  permits that had been granted.

“Today the Federal Court of Appeal addressed important concerns regarding the Northern Gateway Pipeline” reads the statement from Carruthers “Though the court found that the JRP (Joint Review Panel) recommendation was acceptable and defensible on the facts and the law and is reasonable they concluded that further Crown consultation is required.

While the matter is remitted to the federal government for their redetermination, Northern Gateway will consult with the Aboriginal Equity Partners and our commercial project proponents to determine our next steps.

However, the Aboriginal Equity Partners and our commercial project proponents are fully committed to building this critical Canadian infrastructure project while at the same time protecting the environment and the traditional way of life of First Nations and Métis peoples and communities along the project route.”



so they can’t take NO for an answer then?

    Kind of like environmentalists.

    So you have no petroleum products?

      A person doesn’t automatically have to approve of every petroleum industry project just because they use petroleum products. Seriously, a lot of you Cons are as dense as neutronium.

Colin Kinsley and many others should apologize for being an enemy of British Columbia!

    I fail to see how Colin Kinsley is an “enemy” of British Columbia. His position on the pipeline is well known but you’re insane if you think he single-handedly pulls the strings on this project. It also met Colin a couple times and I have different views on things than he does but that doesn’t make someone an “enemy”. Thankfully nut cases like you aren’t writing the rules..!!

    How do you expect all your social programs are to be funded?

      Including the social programs that pay the protestors every month

He puts profit before the environment! Makes him and people like him an enemy of BC! I don’t right care what you think of me bub!

    I would bet that he spends more time out in the environment than you do there scooter..

      No petroleum products in your life?

What hunting!

Enbridge contributes multi-millions to our economy and their supporters are hardly enemies of BC. The ‘groups’ that took this case to the Supreme Court are all at the trough, having never contributed a dime since none of them have ever had earned income in Canada. It’s a sad day for taxpayers.

contractor, so full of it saying these people don’t have jobs. Get over yourself. Northern Gateway is dead and dead it should be.

    No petroleum products in your life?

      What is your point? Everybody has petroleum products in their lives! We are used to the plastic products in our daily lives, like garden chairs, computers, tires, vinyl seats and plastic dash boards in our cars, seats in airplanes….one can make an endless list! But, here is some info for you, just in case you have not noticed: Almost ALL these plastics are being RECYCLED, in fact many are identified with numbers molded into them so they can be easily sorted out and reclaimed! That I why we are paying an environmental fee when we buy certain products! It is the BURNING of petroleum products that a) contributes to air pollution and global warming and b) eliminates these petroleum products from the recycling cycle – forever.

Shipping bitumen=shipping raw logs. If it doesn’t pay to refine it in Canada then leave it in the ground until/if it ever is. This generation does not have to extract all of the natural resources.

Good decision.

    With the fast rise in energy costs on Alberta building inefficient, costly eagle mincers why would anyone build a refinery there. Once the refinery is built how do you get the product to market?

    Exactly codger . Keystone , gateway or what ever , we won’t see a single drop in any of our tanks .the kocks own the leases , big international oil owns the production and the international pipeline companies own the delivery system . And our idiot governments give it away at the cheapest royalty rate in the world . We get the bill to clean up the mess .

    “If it doesn’t pay to refine it in Canada then leave it in the ground until/if it ever is. This generation does not have to extract all of the natural resources. Good decision.”

    Well said! Alberta will have to depend less on the dirty and inefficient extraction of bitumen from the tar sands! What is going to become of the filthy settling ponds which disfigure the landscape as far as the eye can see? Those rubber liners must have a limited life expectancy – once they start to leak the stuff will seep into the ground.

    Madness. Who approved this madness in the first place?

Ain’t it cute when Brad Wall gets all pissy about his pipe dreams . Then he goes whining at Trudeau for a hundred and fifty million dollars of our federal taxes to clean up abandoned oil wells in his toxic province . He’s lusting after the northern gateway as well .

Problem with closed minded people is their mouths are always open….

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