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October 27, 2017 10:07 pm

June 2016 Not Wettest on Record

Monday, July 4, 2016 @ 1:00 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  Meteorologists had labelled last month “June-uary” because of the cool  and  wet conditions,  but  it wasn’t the wettest on record.“Last month was actually  number 13 on the list of  wet Junes   in Prince George” says Environment Canada Meteorologist  Lisa Coldwells.   She says  Prince George received 92.2 mm of rain, the normal  average  is 65.3mm.

“It was  definitely wetter than normal  you got 140% of what you normally get in the month of June.”

As for the temperature, “Practically bang on normal” says Coldwells.   The  monthly average was 13.8 degrees and that  matches the  monthly average.

But now it’s July, and its been a soppy start.  “The weather pattern that’s causing all this wetness throughout the  last part of June and continuing into the first week of July, we call  them ‘cold lows’ and they are little  low pressure areas that drop out of the Gulf of Alaska and cross over  B.C.   They like to wrap bands of  rain around themselves, so you end up  with this rain happening, as more rain feeds into the region.”  She says the  cold lows  are to blame for the recent  devastating floods  in the  Peace Region.

And we can expect more of the same says Coldwells ” I can  count three more small little cold lows that are  destined to come across this week  so it’s  going to be a cooler showery, rain  patter for this week at least.”

If there is good news,  the  amount of rain won’t be as heavy “The Prince George area is going to be looking at rain amounts  maybe 10-15 mm today, then   a couple of days  it bounces back  and its not so bad then   you’ll get  another  cold low for Thursday and maybe 10 more millimeters. So not the best camping weather that’s for sure.”

Prince George’s normal  average rainfall for July is  62.1  millimetres of  rain.  On Saturday and Sunday the City had already received  19.4 mm  or about  one third of the monthly average in just the first few days of the month and there is  no immediate relief in sight.




Global warming they say[ya right]

Bah, Climate change is real. It’s happening now. Only a fool can’t see it. Very important not to treat it as a joke. We must keep trying to keep emissions down. I am glad we have a government now that doesn’t ignore and silence scientist. I hope we never disengage from the political process again. Where we allow the types of people we had run Canada for ten years preach their lying ideology, or try and stifle our citizens ever again.

    changeit, Bah, this climate change nonsense is pathetic! The climate has been changing since time immemorial. Is the climate warming at this point in history? Perhaps! Is mankind the reason that the climate is currently warming, if in fact it is warming? Doubtful!! I’ve yet to see concrete evidence that the climate is warming and that mankind is to blame. Another poster on this site has repeatedly asked for “proof” and so far, nobody has provided it, not even Ataloss!

    You suggest that it is very important to not treat climate change as a joke, yet just this evening, I read about another joke, Leonardo DiCaprio! Apparently this global warming alarmist is hosting an exclusive gala in St. Tropez (in the south of France) to raise money to stop global warming — and is asking his celebrity guests to fly halfway around the world to attend.

    Why doesn’t Leo host the event where he and most of the guests live, in Los Angeles? Obviously he couldn’t care less about his and his friends carbon footprints! If he doesn’t care, and he’s a global warming alarmist, why should I care!

    ht tp://www.calgaryherald.com/News/12034901/story.html

    changeit, I just love when you guys criticize the previous government!

    You have an issue with Government scientists being silenced? I don’t have an issue, at all, with Government employed scientists being required to receive consent from Government before the release of any of the information that their work produces!

    I am pretty darn sure that scientists employed in the private sector understand that the work that they do and the data and information that they produce belongs not to them, but to their employer. I am pretty darn sure that they understand that the release of any of their work, date, findings, etc. can only be done after approval from the people that write their paycheques! Scientists employed in the private sector seem to be able to grasp the concept that their intellectual property is not theirs, rather it belongs to the company that employs them unless their employment contract stipulates otherwise!

    So, why should scientists employed by Government feel that they should be treated any differently?

    ok, so I tried to post another comment but for some reason it’s not appearing. I wonder if by tomorrow, all 3 attempts will show up! Hope not! I apologize in advance if they do, although I hope that the last “shorter” one is the only one that does!

    Perhaps we need an edit/delete option for the brainfart moments that we all suffer from every now and then, haha!

    Changeit, can you name one CAGW prediction that has come true? Can you show evidence of man affecting climate and by how much.

    About silenced scientists, well scientists in government organizations, universities, what ever that speak against AGW mantra will soon find themselves out on their ear. The only scientist free to speak against AGW are those safely retired.

..but they ran a big article how this summer was going to be ‘hotter and drier than normal’ in June. More fear mongering by the media.

Warmists must be happy right now in PG, cold wet and dreary. Must be ecstatic up at the uni.

“Motivated reasoning ” at its finest from people who either expect no descendants or hate the ones they have . So pathetic . So selfish . So anti social.

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