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October 27, 2017 10:06 pm

McLeod Lake Band and BC Hydro Sign Site C Deal

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The McLeod Lake Indian Band  has entered into  agreements with  BC Hydro  that will provide economic development opportunities and other benefits related to the construction and operation of  the Site C Clean dam.

Under the  agreements, the Band will receive a lump sum payment,  a payment stream over 70 years,  procurement opportunities, the transfer of Provincial Crown Lands to McLeod Lake, and  possible land management initiatives  for some lands.

“We set out to negotiate agreements with BC Hydro and the Province that recognize and address the adverse effects of Site C on our aboriginal and treaty rights” says  McLeod Lake Chief Derek Orr  “The agreements were put forward to our members and supported in a referendum vote.”




In other words it was about how much money they could bleed out of the crown corporation

    Yet if the McLeod Lake Indian Band decided to oppose the Site C Dam and brought about court injunctions, and blockades, there would have been comments on here blasting this First Nation’s opposition with many more thumbs ups… seems like these people are “damned” if they do and “damned” if they don’t support it in the eyes of the 250news crowd.

Not sure what the macleod lake band has to do with a project up in the peace? Is this like Enbridge including a lot of indian bands outside the actual pipeline corridor and getting thier support to make it look like a bunch of indian bands are on side with them?

Hope we don’t end up having to pay them again for the same land when the money runs out and they claim it wasn’t a fair or legal agreement.
I sometimes wonder how many times we’ve paid for the same lands in this province over the last 50 years…….

Perhaps the owners of the farmland that will be flooded can get the Government to give them a similar agreement, rather than just have their lands appropriated for a minimal cost, and getting an eviction notice.

What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander. Or is it??

I smell rank discrimination when it comes to these type of negotiations. Bona Fide land owners, and settlers in that area, are not being properly represented by the Government and Hydro.

Time for a change of Government. Perhaps we all need to revaluate how we think and replace the old line parties with the Green Party if for no other reason than to show the Liberals and NDP that we do in fact have an alternative, and to stop the present form of blackmail that takes place every election in BC.

BC is stuck in a time warp between the Liberals and NDP, and we will never get good Government in this Province until we can show that it is the voters of BC that have the power.

    I certainly agree that we are stuck in a time warp between the NDP and the Liberals. How much of a real choice is the only option of always having to choose the lesser evil or staying home on election day?

    Something or somebody has to come along to accomplish some profound changes.

    BC Hydro has buying land for Site C since the 70’s. How much more do they need to purchase or are the farmers all sitting on leased land?

The adverse effects of Site C on their aboriginal and treaty rights? You gotta be kidding! What adverse effects? Hundreds of miles away and two dams on the river already between them and Site C is going to affect them how???

Looking out for Mother Earth or so we thought. It is to bad that the all mighty dollar wins again. Just kinda wonder how much longer the tax paying working people will have to keep paying for the wrongs of the past. There has to be a point when we can come to an agreement, move on and be all treated equally.

    Good one.

Hey Pap, its called apartheid.A book to read “Our Home or Native Land?” by Melvin H.Smith

“move on and be all treated equally.”

I really don’t think that’s what they want, they’re more interested in the “distinct society” status, as are the french canadiens.
Treating all as equals would mean them putting money INTO the system vs. taking money OUT of the system?

Let’s face facts. Until a politician or leader finally has the stones to stand up and say “no more” then this kind of thing is going to continue.

He or she will be branded a racist and absolutely vilified in the media but it has to be done. I certainly cannot afford to be handing out my hard earned tax dollars every time some group somewhere feels insulted or complains that they weren’t consulted enough.

All this crap does nothing but fracture society as a whole and causes people to resent the minority being catered to.

” Unless preexisting inequities are corrected or otherwise taken into account, color-blind policies do not correct racial injustice — they reinforce it… ” – so it is a nice thought that after several hundred years of inequality and prejudice we drop a hat and say sorry for everything we did to you guys; lets be equal now – it doesn’t work. Many of these places are 3rd world countries by our doing and yet many blame them for their living conditions and societal placement; etc. Open your brains people :-)

Getting tired of some of the posters/trolls on this site though – the problem with closed minded people is their mouths are open lol.

As per usual…the natives/aboriginals/first nations etc are stewards of the land until the price is right…

    You said it Pval. I cant agree more. Woder if the pipeline will have the same resolution.

    Drive by the Crow Feathers Gas Station on First Nations Band land at the east end of Moberly Lake and look at the complete disregard for even minimal environmental standards. This gas station is directly across the highway from Moberly Lake and close to the outflow into the Moberly River!

    If the Band, I believe the Saulteau First Nation, actually cared about the environment, this gas station would meet, nay dare I say far exceed event the most stringent current environmental standards!

It’s all about politics.
A general statement here, from a white guy who does not prejudice against others, has only seen the Indian Industry from a B.C. perspective, but fairly comprehensively, from both sides for sure.

The bands get plenty of money, they could do more for their own people, that is what the monthly cheques to the band are all about.
Only a few prosper, the rest go begging or next best thing.

The media makes a big hurrah about conditions on reserves, but really it comes down to: “What do the bands do with the money they are given every month on behalf of their on reserve residents?”

Not saying the Indians did not get the shaft in the past, they did, but when will it be finished?

Answer: NEVER.
Only the lawyers will win, and keep on winning.


Metalman; lets looks at your “decent” and “correct” statements.

“bands get plenty of money” – says who? Sounds like an opinion; do you know where the money goes? How much goes to where and the cost incurred by these reserves? Not properly researched; lame.

“Only a few prosper, the rest go begging or next best thing” – complete opinion; lame.

“What do the bands do with the money they are given every month on behalf of their on reserve residents?” – all bands get money for all on reserve members of the band? – speculation; lame.

“Not saying the Indians did not get the shaft in the past, they did, but when will it be finished?” – hmmmm, by past do you mean every time one goes missing or murdered or 1996 when last residential school closed. These are very very recent incidents obviously.

Also, they are not Indians, they are Native Americans duh :-) So in that breakdown you can see that you are indeed prejudice even if you think you are not; nice try though.


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