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October 27, 2017 10:06 pm

Positive Buzz About Downtown PG

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 @ 5:59 AM

downtownpgPrince George, B.C.- Downtown Prince George  is  very optimistic, and the good vibes  are  reverberating.

“We are very optimistic” says Downtown PG Executive Director Colleen Van Mook  “Just since January we’ve seen  half a dozen  businesses open or reopen  downtown.”

The façade improvement program, which offers  grants  of  50%  to a maximum  of  $5 thousand dollars  for the work,  has  really  taken off  says  Van Mook  “We are looking at 12 applications that have been approved,   and  we are  vetting another four.”

The increased interest in that   program may be the result of a boost in  available dollars.  The increased amount  is  thanks to  a grant from Northern Development Initiative Trust.   NDIT  is also promoting the Love Downtown P.G.  program which features local, independently owned  businesses.

Funded primarily  by  a special levy  on  properties within the downtown, Downtown Prince George has also leveraged more dollars through a  number of grants  and private sponsorships.

Summerfest,  which  draws thousands of people to the downtown core, is just around the corner.   Set  for  July 17th,  this  signature  summer street  party  is set  up at 6th and George Street in front of City Hall.  It provides food, entertainment and lots of activities  “It is very much top of mind for us right now” says Van Mook,  but  Downtown Prince George is looking ahead  “One of the things that’s percolating right now  is a winter festival, so we’re  trying to see how we can incorporate and celebrate winter in our downtown.”

Van Mook says  Downtown Prince George is also working with  the Emily Carr School of Art and Design “We’re looking at a partnership that will bring their students to work with businesses downtown to work on projects   that could be  anything from enhancing facades  to  public art to  engagement to events, so that’s gong to be exciting  as well.”

“There  just is a good positive buzz throughout the community” says Van Mook “Whether that’s because of the Canada Winter Games,  or just people  feeling more energetic about the possibilities, we are just feeling good about the atmosphere.”



For the love of god, please do something to force Photofax on the corner of 5th and George to clean up it’s act. This horrible business showed up at the Car Show with tons of fancy cars, trucks, and boats, but does literally NOTHING to maintain the facade of it’s business. The place is boarded up with plywood and the entire building looks like crap. I refuse to do business with them simply because they are a bad tenant of the downtown.

    Probably waiting for his tax payer subsidized welfare check to pay for the updates of the building.

    Summit, I couldn’t agree with you more. That being said, I’ve heard major upgrades are in plan for the exterior of the building in the very near future.

Outdoor heated pool. Equipped with the best outside gym. Money raised by on going donations and sponsors from local businesses. Have be able to be completely shut down and secured during winter. Sounds good to me. Be a real draw. Have it with sand and make it real Venice beach like.

Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire and Home Depot are planning facade lifts? News to me.

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