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October 27, 2017 10:06 pm

Gas Dips Below Dollar Mark

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 @ 1:04 PM

gas dropsPrince  George, B.C.-  Once again,  Prince George  can boast having the lowest gas price in the Province.

The average price in B.C. is 118.68

For the first time  since  this spring,  you can get a liter of regular  for 99.9  in this City and to no surpise  it’s being offered at the Costco  pumps.   Most other gas stations in town  have their gas  in the 105.9 range.

Costco is also  expected to start construction soon  on the installation of diesel pumps at its Range Road  location.   It has long been a sore  point with  many  in P.G. that  diesel  was not available at the Costco pumps.



Good . Glad to here it.

85.9 in Edmonton and 1.80/g in Texas. Still being gouged.

Just setting us up for the next increase.

Of course the price of gas goes down AFTER the long weekend, not before or during a Statutory Holiday long weekend, but always AFTER!!!

    Now don’t be mad at me but I just wanted to point out how surprised I am that you didn’t mention Christy Clarke in your post, not once, not at all! ;-)

      would it have mattered whispering the stunned ones name…or made any diff.

      Guess some people just don’t have much of a sense of humour! Oh well, too bad, so sad!

It went down in plenty of time for the August long weekend.

Gives you time to fill up your tidy tank ;-)

    I’m hoping that it dips a bit more before filling everything up!

You all enjoying the carbon tax. Cool weather must be working.

Costco installing diesel on every fill station by September.

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