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October 27, 2017 10:02 pm

Fire In College Heights

Sunday, July 10, 2016 @ 6:51 PM


Prince George, B.C. – A shed fire  on Piedmont, off Gladstone in  College Heights,  has  leveled the shed, and  caused significant damage to the siding of a home.The fire was reported just before 6 this evening.

The  flames  created enough heat to melt the vinyl siding of the corner of a home,   and  destroyed  length of the fence  separating the two  residential properties.

There were no injuries.

Prince George Fire Rescue has yet to pin point the cause of the fire.



What a idiot

    Tre Telligman, an idiot?

    After reading the story, I’m left wondering what possible reason you might have for saying this?

    Were you there?

    Do you know the individual who ownes the property?

    Prince George Fire Rescue has yet to pinpoint the cause of the fire, are you privy to information that they don’t have?

      You gotta be an idiot to burn your shed down lmao. and yes I was there and yes, I know the individual. and fire rescue pin Pointed the cause of the fire, didn’t take a fire inspector to figure out what happened

      Since you were there and seem to be privy to said information why not share it instead of posting without the required info because now you look like the ……

      Why would I share the information with some dolt like you lmao, gonna have to take my word on it the guys an idiot and he’s lucky he didn’t burn his house down..fire dept showed up soon as his siding was melting off…multiple propane tanks exploded also,roof basically blew right off.

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