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October 27, 2017 10:02 pm

Brooks Planning a Comeback

Monday, July 11, 2016 @ 5:51 AM

Prince George, B.C.- Dan Brooks may have stepped away from the leadership of the BC Conservatives,  but he is looking  to  return.DAN BROOKS(1)

He has announced he is  in the running to  return  to the post as Leader of the party when the  BC Conservatives hold their convention in P.G. in September.

When he  stepped down from the post in  January,  Brooks  cited a number of reasons including his family and his business. He now  indicates  it had more  to do with  pending  legal action “Fortunately, it has become manifestly evident to all parties over the course of this ordeal that the legal complaint is without merit and has gone – and is going – nowhere. I now am satisfied that the matter no longer will be a burden, financial or otherwise, to me and my family.” states Brooks in a release.

The 421 year old owns  a lodge near Vanderhoof.  He ran in the  2013 Provincial election and  finished 3rd in the  Nechako Lakes riding.


Man, he is old…

    TYPO, obviously!!

    they live longer in the rural parts of the country. Amazing what botox and hair color does for a person

      botox and hair colour in the rural area? … posh …. moonshine and no filter roll your owns ;)

      It’s probably just that good clean “conservative” living! ;-)

I wonder if the Conservatives / Reformers will actually leave the BC Liberal Party and go back to voting for their own party this year… nope I doubt it… pretending to be Liberals (deceitfully something they are not) seems to be the acceptable thing to do.

At least federally we can tell the difference between a Conservative and a Liberal.

    ‘Deceitful’ and ‘Liberal’ are synonymous, and if you look at the make up of the current BC Liberal Party you’ll find the ultimate control of it rests very firmly with a very Liberal clique, (as in long-time Federal Liberal supporters), in the Greater Vancouver area.

    The predecessors of this group were most of the one time BC Liberal Party caucus who merged with the old BC Social Credit League to form the BC Social Credit ‘Party’ after the League had lost the 1972 election.

    It was a ‘reverse takeover’. The Liberals got a name they could get elected government under, ‘Social Credit’, which they never could have done at that time under their own moniker. In 15 years they’d used up all the marketability of the name Social Credit, and went back to being BC Liberals. The last time the BC Conservatives governed BC was way back at the onset of the Great Depression.

    What doomed them then, and ever since, and likely again in any future attempts to form government, was financial ignorance. It’s the ‘Achilles heel’ of ALL Conservative Parties.

      That is where you are wrong, this Christy Clark Government could not be more Conservative!

      ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/b-c-liberals-hire-12-ousted-federal-and-alberta-conservatives-which-could-give-province-a-harper-tone

      Lets face it, the Harper Conservative Government is running BC.

      I’ll agree with you, JGalt, to the extent that the BC Liberals too, are ‘financially ignorant’. Sadly, the NDP is even more so. And the Greens? Completely out to lunch. The main dough behind both the Federal and BC Liberals comes from those most heavily engaged in financial manipulation. Trudeau is just a glamour-boy front-man, mouthing very ‘liberal’ utterances to fawning audiences. While the big money boys in the back room are plotting how best to pick our pockets barer than they already are. Conservatives, in contrast, are still mostly ‘producers’.

” Brooks cited a number of reasons including his family and his business. He now indicates it had more to do with pending legal action “

So he lied ?

just askin.

    He’s a politician.

    Just sayin’.

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