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October 27, 2017 10:01 pm

Renaming of Civic Centre Gets Green Light

Monday, July 11, 2016 @ 6:50 PM

Prince George, B.C.- It is called the Prince George Civic Centre, but that really doesn’t say what  the building is all about.

Staff  called on Council to  support  the renaming of the  Civic Centre  to reflect its conference and convention  opportunities.

Most of the changes would require digital changes,  with just one  physical change, and that would be on the building itself.

There is also a   possibility for a sponsorship  as was the case of the neighbouring Coliseum and the  former Multiplex  which  both  have been renamed to  reflect the paid sponsoship.




Seeing that the Civic center is a publicly owned building, can we at least have the words “Prince George” remain in its title?

Good golly, can’t you leave some of our names for things alone?? Enough already.

Around we go again , do you idiots ever work out the cost ( letterheads signage etc, etc. ) give us tax payers a break ….

Meh, as long as it doesn’t end up being called something like the Preparation H Center, I’m happy.

Its time for the City to quit making changes to these buildings. Seems they forget that it was the City than named them in the first place. Is this Council suggesting that they are much better at picking names than the Council that originally picked the names.

This is nothing more than a crass attempt to change the name to get some sponsorship funding. When you consider the millions that the City of PG blows every year on less than stellar idea’s, perhaps they should consider tightening their belts to save some money.

Definition of a Civic Centre.

***A large building or group of buildings used for entertainment, social, and business events.***

That seems to reflect what the building stands for. Everyone involved in this City knows exactly what the Civic Centre Stands for. In fact it was built to attract conferences and conventions. Problem is, it never attracted very many.

What is all the bitching about? Sponsorship means more private financial support, less burden on the taxpayer. That’s good isn’t it?

    Not likely that any revenue from signage would ever be reflected in less costs to the taxpayer.

    If signage is the answer then lets start putting signs on our fire trucks, police vehicles, City Hall, etc; etc; etc;. We could generate enough revenue to reduce our taxes by 25%. Just think of all the space we have on our roads, and bridges for signage.

    The NDP could put their logo on all left turn lanes, and the Liberals logo on the right turn lanes. Perhaps a Waffle Restaurant could advertise on the through lanes.

Suggest they call it Courtyard by Marriott Center then we will have one standing building by that name in the core. The only thing that I have seen happening on the hotel site since they announced construction would resume was more rust on the fence and taller weeds.

    Good one!

    At least the rusty crane lets us know what direction the wind is blowing!

Wonder is Krause will have a say in the renaming?

As long as it’s not “Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Centre” … this should get booted pretty quick.

Rolling Mix Concrete Lhedli Tenneh Convention Centre. Makes me puke in my mouth a bit.

Please! Stop trying to change the names of all our city features! Maybe if we don’t like one of your names we can change it…just like that! We are the taxpayers, paying more every time we turn around. We are the citizens who make this city and we are entitled to a say in these decisions. It will always be The Mulitplex and Fort George Park to me and my family. It’s not a convention centre, it’s a civic centre, used by all citizens.

    Agreed. It will always be Fort George Park. Can’t even pronounce, let alone spell that other name.

      Become educated and open minded and it will be just as easy to say as Canada, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and countless other Native names in your small vocabulary ;-)

    I totally agree, Overwaitea (I know, nothing to do with the others, but still),Multiplex, Fort George, Civic Center. Guess I am stuck in the past but these names are just stuck no matter what name changes they get.

Wonder when the “late ten eh” will start making payments on the park that was renamed… That was a pretty shady deal that Kraus slid thru without consulting his costituents

here comes another taw increase


Council knew they made a mistake autocratically deciding to change the name of Fort George Park, so why do it again! The tax paying citizens want to be involved in changes to their city!!!! You are our council representing us, so include us in these decisions please! The term is “referendum”. Many of us have lived here for a very long time.

By definition, change is a departure from the past. Those people associated with the last version — the one that didn’t work, or the one that’s being superseded — are likely to be defensive about it. When change involves a big shift of strategic direction, the people responsible for the previous direction dread the perception that they must have been wrong…

    A little over analyzed don’t you think?

I honestly think the name of the “Prince George Civic Center” has very little to do with the amount of events it attracts. However, it may have more to do with the management and the catering, mainly the quality of food. The service is quite adequate but most of the meals I have had were horrible. I particularly remember the last Dr. Ewart memorial where they served what was salmon. It was most likely “farmed salmon” and then ruined some more in the preparation process. What about those who don’t eat seafood? I saw many full plates heading back to the kitchen. Maybe there should be selective options? That was the product fo $80.00. It was disgusting. Leave the name as is, and change some personnel. Better yet change some councillors!

No worries, I believe 2017 is the next election for mayor and council.
We can all express our appreciation for this council at that time.

How about a name like Prince George Harassment Center, or You Got a Smoke Square. It seems every time I’m down there someone is asking for money or some other damn thing. I don’t care what the name is, I’m not going down there even if the queen shows up.

    Tell me about it..Last time the queen was here she managed to get two smokes outa me and what was left of my parking change..!

Is it possible that these people are so bored and have nothing to do come up with these stupid ideas. If someone wants to contribute money to these places is it not good enough to put their name on a plaque without a name change to the building? Something is very wrong here. Next maybe rename the City.

    Next maybe rename the City.

    Oh great now you have given them their next project lol

      Oh I bet its probably on the books somewhere..


You guys ready for the PG Pride Centre..??

Well, let’s hope the hell the council members do read all the comments. It’s like the bike lanes, that needed to be revisited…..

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