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October 27, 2017 10:01 pm

Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign

Monday, July 11, 2016 @ 7:33 PM

Prince George, B.C.- Council for the City of Prince George  has approved two  sign applications   for signs that  are either over height,  or exceed the  allowable coverage area.

The first approval was given to the operators of the  new Kask Taproom and Eatery on 4th Avekasknue.  The sign  sits 4.97 metres above the roof line,  so a special  permit was needed .

Council  had no objections, and  gave  it unanimous  approval. ( see image at right)

Mayor Hall was also

The second signage approval was for  the Northern Lights Estate Winery.  The request  was for three signs  for the Winery,  and their total size would exceed  the allowable limit, so a variance  permit was necessary.  Again,  Council  gave the  request  unanimous approval.




Good call bcracer!

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oversized signage on the Northern Lights Estate Winery = shoe in

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    So I guess over size signs or over bright (ie the BurgerKing one) are just fine. In the winter coming down the hart hill- Burger king sign can be seen from the top of the hill!!!

I would rather eat at Burger King than Wendys any day of the week

Maybe someone from 250 staff can tell me why they seem to have stopped linking inset pictures to larger versions. Those little thumbnails are pretty much useless.

“Mayor Hall was also”………was also what? somebody needs to proof read their articles, not just screen the comments.

    I am so grateful to have this online paper . A paper that is indipendant of American hedge funds . And the likes of David Black moulding opinion of their readers with disinformation . Thank you soooo much 250 . May you never be corrupted . Typos are easy to read around or fix online . People that willingly swallow disinformation at face value are irreparable.

      For a real big belly laugh have a look at the long charts for David Blacks company which includes the PG citizen T.gvc and post media which is now 98 % owned by two USA hedge funds T. pnc.a . Both of which should be booted to the venture exchange . Why are they still on the tmx ?

      Independant? What a laugh. 250 news is no different from any of the media outlets in this town, whether it be radio, news print, online news or TV they all get the same press releases and publish the same stories virtually word for word. There are very few, if any, actual reporter generated stories that I am aware of.

It’s about darn time this news site got some american backing! We need more stories about gun violence, and the latest fast food to hit the market.

I read the article over an hour ago..The song is still in my head.. Well played 250 news.. Well played..

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