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October 27, 2017 10:01 pm

Nechako View Subdivision Grows

Monday, July 11, 2016 @ 8:58 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  The development of the Nechako View Subdivision  off North Nechako Road in Prince George just got a little larger.

Tonight,   Council was  asked to rezone another piece of property  for another 8 lots that would link to the  multi-lot development already under construction.

The main issue  of concern is traffic.

Residents of neighbouring Edgewood Terrace  have complained long and loud during the numerous rezoning applications leading to the current development, that there needs to be  a new access to the subdivision.  Narrow streets,  no sidewalks,  high snowbanks in the winter, all cited as reasons for a secondary  access point.

Those who spoke against the rezoning also spoke of  broken promises over the years from the developer, and  pointed to  the  removal of trees along the Nechako River bank.  City Staff  say  a  stop work order was issued on that  clearing, and  remedial action has been  undertaken,  but,  reminded  Council, that particular piece of property is  not the one that  was under consideration  for a rezoning this evening.

A secondary access will be  provided  from North Nechako Road,  as  Emergency services  ( police and fire) have indicated there would need to be another  access road  for the sake of safety.

Councilor Terri McConnachie said  the addition of a “handful of lots  is not a deal breaker for me”  and  she supported the rezoning  as did  her Council colleagues  as the rezoning was  passed unanimously.





And the HYPG buyout by Brink continues to grow!

Of course it is no deal breaker to her. She doesn’t have to live near that blight.

“that there needs to be a new access to the subdivision. Narrow streets, no sidewalks, high snowbanks in the winter, all cited as reasons for a secondary access point.”

Considering the above issues, and the gross ignoring of the heavily used crumbling Marleau and Bear roads don’t expect any improvement as the priorities are bike lanes, and renames.

As far as I’m concerned this city’s planning department should be ashamed of itself and how they are recommending these subdivisions.

I spoke with city planning last year and asked why they would recommend such an idea to council if they are having problems after they are built. I was told it is up to council to approve or not. What?

They also commented they are having problems handling the small roads etc. If it is a major problem then why are they recommending it? To save the contractor money as the public purse is full to grab from!

Talk about passing the buck! Here we have a planning dept that has a job of planning and it is up to council? WTH! They have no clue and if anyone has noticed just go along with it.

Our system is whacked!

It was interesting to note that city planning turned down the offer of having parkland in this area, and instead took **cash** in lieu thereof.

Does the Mayor and Council have sufficient information on these types of developments to make the right decisions?? We know that they basically operate on the recommendation of administration, however it seems that there is a real need for a shake up of administration in Prince George.

We have developments taking place all over the City, while at the same time we have a stagnant population. So what the hell is going on.

Who is building all these new houses. My guess is that people are building new houses and people are moving to Prince George and renting the older houses. In addition a large number of people are leaving Prince George for the Island, Okanogan, or other areas and are selling their houses. Hence no real change in population.

So we have any idea how many houses are rentals in Prince George and how many people building new houses are renting out their old houses?? Probably not.

Seems like the Citys development strategy is based more on collecting money for development services than it is for good long term planning. In other words revenue tops common sense.

This present Mayor and Council needs to do an in depth analysis on Prince George and see where we stand going forward. The present policy of building outside the bowl and creating a huge number of rental in the bowl could have an adverse effect on property values in the City over time, and of course this will effect the Citys revenues. (Taxes)

The cost of services to outlying areas for snow, water, sewer, roads, etc; increase with the distance these developments are located from basic services. So, the reason for the rising costs are the outlying developments, while the payment of these costs (taxes) are born by all taxpayers. Hmmmmm.

Just a couple of points;
1) This subdivision is providing it’s own direct access to North Nechako Road, so the idea of increased traffic on narrow poorly designed roads is a spurious one.
None of the new residents here will snake their way through the existing roads in Edgewood just to access North Nechako
2)This is not development on the outskirts! First of all Edgewood Terrace is in the bowl,secondly this development is on the edge of an already existing neighbourhood, and thirdly Edgewood Terrace predates the city of PG when North Nechako was not even part of PG. This is exactly the kind of development that is needed here. This development will necessitate the creation of any new infrastructure, but rather it will take advantage of what is already there and paid for, while at the same time adding to OUR tax base!
3) Who really cares who is building and buying these new homes? I don’t have to make their mortgage payment. Perhaps our population is stagnant, but these homes are being occupied, there are not many visibly vacant homes, and I can tell you from personal experience that there are a minimum of 20 prospective tenants for any available rental homes, the overall vacancy rate is less than 2%. Therefore I would suggest that there are more people moving here than leaving.
4) I’m sure a lot of the griping comes from the fact that this is John Brink, a man that is perceived to be a bazzillionaire, and he is going to make some money! Is it jealousy? Is it the perpetual lefty lament that some have so much while others have so little? To those I always say go an put your cojones on the line and make your own fortune rather than be jealous of the product of another man’s hard work

Need light at the Nechako Edgewood intersection.

NyteHawwk. Not concerned about John Brink one way or another. The problem would be the same if it was another developer. People put forward what they thought were valid arguments against this proposal, and they were completely ignored by Council. We had the same situation with Haldi Road, BK Bottle depot, Friendship centre at 17th and Queensway, and others. In each instant those opposed were ignored.

Why bother having these open sessions if the decision has already been made. By doing this project in sections at the end of the day the developer got what he wanted.

I suppose you think that all the money being spent by the City to upgrade the roads, etc; for the Fraser River Bench Lands is money well spent.

You might not care who is building new homes, and in fact I really don’t give a s..t other than if it is people in the bowl who are relocating, to the hillsides, and renting their houses, or selling their houses to absentee landlords, then of course those who live in the bowl are concerned because the value of their property will go down.

We need only look at the Pine St., area which at one time was the prime place to live in Prince George, to see what can happen if the City continues to allow developments far removed from the centre of the City. We will end up with a huge problem in the bowl area, and those who can afford to move out will. Those who cant will get it in the ear.

You may be right about more people moving into Prince George than are leaving, however what you need to determine is if those moving in are building houses, or renting. Regardless of what you or I may think, the Provincial and Federal statistics show the Prince George population is in fact shrinking. Look at the industry that has shut down, the schools that have closed, and the negative enrolments at UNBC,. the Collage, and schools and you will see a shringage.

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