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October 27, 2017 9:59 pm

Friday Free For All – July 15th, 2016

Friday, July 15, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Time to talk about the issues that have risen this week.

It’s the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic, but please, obey the three simple rules,

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.

You are reminded that  name calling  will see  your post deleted.



My heart goes out to the people of France tonight in the aftermath of another terrorist attack, this time a transport truck was used to mow down innocent adults and children celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France. At the time of this post 84 are confirmed dead with 50 more in hospitals

Also sad news that five-year-old Taliyah Leigh Marsman’s body has been found, her death, and that of her mother’s, was senseless. Sometimes it seems like the world is becoming a more dangerous and savage place… perhaps the world need more doves and not hawks in power. I am going to listen to John Lennon’s “Imagine” song a few times this weekend to relax and center myself, in the news, it’s been a very violent and disturbing last couple of days.

    JGalt, you and I seldom agree on much, but I am 100% in agreement with you that this has been a very tragic week!

    The terrorist attacks in France continue with many more senseless deaths, deaths of innocent people out together in celebration! May the lives of those lost be not lost in vain!

    The family of Taliyah Marsman and her mother are now left with an horrible and tragic loss, one that they will surely feel for the rest of their days! My heart aches for Both Taliyah and her mother! The fear and unimaginable terror that they must have faced at the end of their lives goes so far beyond what anybody should have to face! One again such loss occurs at the hand of somebody with a lengthy criminal record!

    We should all hug our family members, and hold them a little bit tighter!

    My condolences to all who have been affected by these tragedies in any at all!

    For all of those that have had their lives taken from them, in both of these tragedies, Rest in Peace!

      I think the father knows more in the Calgary case. He claims not to know the accused… if that can be proven false than he has a lot of explaining to do.

      I only have two words for the guy who killed the little girl and her Mom. “General Population”!

    France is in a state of civil war. Youtube has lots of video’s of the street battles going on in Paris and the place looks like Beirut Lebanon, rather than Paris France. Makes BLM protests look like a prayer group.

      All old video.

      I suggest you go to Syria, amongst other countries, to see what a civil war is.

      Recall the IRA activities in Ireland. Did we call that a civil war?

      The Irish Civil War was the war of 1922-23.

      The IRA were more commonly referred to as terrorist.

    JGalt:”I am going to listen to John Lennon’s “Imagine” song..”

    My favourite by far, plus Bob Dylan’s Masters of War! We must convince our politicians not to get dragged into confrontational sabre rattling (Latvia) and provoking others into irrational responses! It may not take much to light the fuse and set off yet another war fought with conventional weapons, costing the lives of tens of thousands innocent civilian victims.

      You might want to have A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall and Let Me Die In My Footsteps on standby JIC things go south.

    Breaking news: There is a military coup underway in Turkey, martial law has been declared.

I think the activity on the Hotel construction site is a good thing for this town.

Something has been annoying me for awhile now, so I’m going to air it out here. There seems to be a lot of dog owners in this city that suffer from illiteracy, ignorance or a combination of both. When a sign in a city park states “No dogs off leash”, it doesn’t mean everyone’s dog but yours. When I go to a park with a dog on a leash, it doesn’t mean that I am coming to the park so that your unleashed mutt can come up for a “meet and greet”. It means I’m out for a walk and the dog I’m with is on a leash for purposes of controlling it from meeting other dogs or going into areas where it is not supposed to go.

The same goes for the cemetery. The sign there says that dogs are allowed, but they have to be on a leash. It doesn’t mean let your dog off the leash, so it can p*** and s*** all over the gravestones of other peoples deceased family members. I don’t want the privilege of taking a dog for a walk through the cemetery or along the road at Fort George park to be lost because some dog owners are too dumb to understand a picture of a dog with a red circle and bar means “not allowed” or “not allowed without being on a leash”.

    It’s their bizarre sense of entitlement, nothing to do with illiteracy or ignorance.

    This here is one of my all time annoyances. I’m so sick and tired of dogs running up to me, some friendly, some not appearing so friendly, although the owners yell….oh he/she won’t hurt you, don’t worry! Yeah right. MThere are so many dog owners who are entitled jerks who think just because they think their dog is friendly, it should run wild. Well, you know what? I don’t like your dog! I don’t like dog encounters! I have a history of a dog attack and every single time a dog runs up to me, I have anxietey. In order to avoid these confrontations, I stay out of the off leash parks. But, that doesn’t seem to matter to so many owners! Keep your dog on a leash in designated areas. Sure, maybe your dog is friendly, but it’s not always all about you and your dog. I also have a small dog, who doesn’t respond well to other dogs. Hence, I keep my dog on a damn leash! When I have my dog with me, I don’t appreciate random dogs approaching us uninvited. Take some damn responsibility for your pet and consider others. If you want your dog to run wild go to the off leash park. Simple. There. Rant over.

    Then there are the special people that think it’s OK to walk their dogs on school grounds.

Trudeau failed his foreign policy test this last week.

He was elected for sunny ways; and yet goes to Europe this week to insult Russia with talk of eminent invasions, ratchets up the tensions with a Canadian Battalion deployment to Latvia, and then goes on to Ukraine to hang tight with the right wing fascists there.

Putting NATO forces on Russia’s border allows for a first strike with nuclear cruise missiles and the like… with Russia having under five minutes warning for their major cities and military infrastructure. If NATO has forces on Russia’s boarder it facilitates the introduction of offensive weapons into the region.

If Russia allows this they in effect agree to become the glove to the NATO hand, but Russia being a proud country will not willingly become the glove to the hand of NATO.

It’s a huge gamble… all because Russia will not allow ethnic cleansing in the Ukraine, and the odds are they are not going to allow their own national security to be compromised by their neighbors with offensive capabilities on their doorstep.

A hot war between NATO and Russia is the end of civilization as we know it. It would be a nuclear exchange.

The Americans say these new battalions in the Baltics and Poland would only be able to withstand maximum 36-hours, just enough to act as a trip wire, but not to actually defend any of those states. These are not defensive deployments in the sense that they could hold any ground. These are deployments that enable a nuclear first strike option for the Obama/Clinton/neo-con regime in Washington.

We have seen how Clinton foreign policy worked out in Libya and Syria, and how she has called for war with Russia already… enabling that kind of lunacy is not good policy.

So Trudeau is all in. All in for an open ended commitment to send a battalion to Russia’s boarder in our long-time ally Latvia (bet you can’t find it on a map), and all in for continuing the Ukrainian rhetoric of eminent Russian invasions… ignoring completely the facts as they happen. Its a policy of enabling divisions in the region. Even the German foreign minister went against Merkel and said this was a dumb and dangerous policy… echoed by the President of France. Only the neo-cons want to push war with Russia.

This was an opportunity for Trudeau to set a Canadian narrative for the region, but he is not sunny ways in reality… he himself is just a glove to the whims of the neo-con world order.

What I think Trudeau should have done is the sunny ways policy he was elected with. What good is ‘sunny ways’ when its to let a 1400 year enemy of western civilization into the gates, and then none existent when dealing with an existential threat like war with Russia. Trudeau has it backwards.

Trudeau should have found a policy that brings the regional neighbors together… a policy that opens up interactions between the nations that boarder Russia.

Trudeau should have used the Canadian example living next to America… a loyal ally that doesn’t engender suspicion because we have a common outlook with our neighbor to the south, and a realization that working together for win-win solutions is how one builds peace… not by attacking our neighbor with alarmist rhetoric, outlawing their language and allowing foreign troops on the boarders.

The Kazarians have wanted to destroy the Rus since the Rus ended their civilization a millennium ago… they go by different names: Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Slaves, Huns, cheka, the bolsheviks, the Christians, the communists… all the same millennium long blood feud that Canada should just stay well out off and not get drawn into. Its all about racist identity politics at its core.

Trudeau blew it IMO. It was the defining week for his foreign policy, and epic fail IMO, because he has no unique solutions, just parroting what ever the war crowd is promoting. Harper light I would say is very true after this week.

    I could not agree more! The Russian spokesman for Putin stated in an interview with the Spiegel magazine that Russia has zero intention to violate any of the borders with the former Soviet republics.

    He stated that Russia views the NATO military build-up and exercises along its border as a provocation. He also warned that if is there is any escalation the response of Russia will be a total destruction of the NATO forces as Russia is determined never to fight a war on Russian territory ever again!

    Trudeau had the option of staying out of this special group, other NATO countries have refused the invitation, countries like Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. Germany did not have much of a choice for reasons that are better left unspoken for now.

    Canada’s meagre military resources ought to be employed at home! We really do not have the equipment to monitor the country on one border and on the three coasts!

    Trudeau blew this one!

      He’s blown a lot of things. And he’ll blow a whole lot more before everyone is thoroughly sick of him. The FACT is, both Russia and the NATO nations need a return of the ‘Cold War’ to provide enough financial stimulus through military spending to keep their economies afloat. They’re not going to tell us that, but that’s what it’s really all about.

The most hilarious comment of this week in politics had to go to Jeb Bush.

When asked who Bush would vote for, he wanted to say his fellow neo-con Hillary, knew he couldn’t say that he would vote for a Democrat… remembered and still bruised from Trump… and so stuttered out that ‘for the first time in his life he just couldn’t vote because he doesn’t have a choice’….

I thought what irony… a Bush that ran for president… his family always had the republican party and their candidate in their pocket… ran the get out the vote campaign in Florida… and now knows how the rest of us feel with the choices we are given on the ballot. He will vote for Hillary anyhow, or look like a hypocrite for not voting lol.

It was almost as funny as Trump last week parading Rupert Murdock around like a Roman triumph, with the 86-year old NWO globalist promoter of the EU bouncing around in the back of his golf cart as he toured his golf course with Murdock’s wife in the front seat discussing would would be appointed the next British Prime Minister… on the very morning Britain voted for Brexit, and thus rejecting the Murdock world vision.

The logistics in timing to bag a Murdock on Brexit morning was pure genius in politics and a modern day walk of shame for Rupert Murdock.

Now Britain looks ideally positioned ideologically in their leadership team to gel with a future Trump presidency.

But Bush, calling out to the ‘not going to vote’ crowd had to be the biggest cop out I’ve seen in a long long time.

    JEB signed a pledge to support whoever became the Republican nominee. Now he won’t honor that pledge, so I guess it’s a good thing that he didn’t win, nobody could have trusted him to keep his word.

“The Russians won’t allow ethnic cleansing in the Ukraine”.

Why don’t you try reading a history book before you spout garbage about Russia not allowing ethnic cleansing. I’m reading one right now and what it describes shows how well the Russians performed their “ethnic cleansing” of Ukrainians from their own lands under Stalin. You think Ukrainians have forgotten what the Russians did to them under years of Czarist and Communist rule. It’s no wonder that actual Ukrainians want to have closer ties to the EU than to “Mother” Russia. Russian crimes in that region are on par with what the Nazis were doing to Jews in Germany, except the Germans were methodical and kept count, while the Russians didn’t give a s*** how many they wiped out, just as long as they WERE wiped out.

Where exactly do you post from? The basement of the Kremlin?

    I am not talking about the bolshivik cheka, or the 1930 Ukraine famine. Stalin was a Georgian and not Russian and 95% of the soviet bolshivik leadership was Jewish. 30 million Ukrainian and 60 million Russians Christians died in that genocide.

    When I say the Russians won’t allow ethnic cleansing in Ukraine I am talking about the ethnic cleansing of Russians in Eastern Ukraine the Dunbas being ethnically targeted by the Ukrainian extremist groups and the Kiev government since the current revolution which was a western backed coup. They outlawed the Russian language and burnt alive in the union trades building in Odessa all those that peacefully protested the coup… Russia naturally protected the overwhelming Russian speaking areas and their only warm water port… The point is to think they would do otherwise is a dangerous way to think for a politician beating the drums of war.

    Have you read, ‘The Great Terror’, or anything fron Nathan Shilanski (spl)… If so then you can say you understand politics in that part of the world… Otherwise just making assumptions is all. History is history though and today Putin is no Stalin. If he was we would have already had WW3 when the whole Ukranian coup took place. Putin didn’t take the bait on Ukraine, and bailed out Europe with their Turkish enabling immigration problem from Syria. I think he has shown to be more of a real leader than Obama, Clinton, or Harper ever were.

    Why the neo-cons couldn’t just wait for an election a few weeks away in Ukraine I could never understand. The government would have left constitutionally and the country would still be united.

      Since Putin is such a hero to you, why aren’t you moving to that s***hole of country that he runs with his mafia pals? Or maybe you already live there? That would certainly explain your fanboy hero worship of that bloody sociopath. He is such a good leader that you would probably cast the first vote for him as PM of Canada if he could run for it, right?

      Right. I am sure that a Pro-Moscow government would have constitutionally left power. Yep, there wouldn’t have been any vote-rigging in that election. LOL

      No I would not vote for Putin. I am saying I would not start a war with him, especially a war without the moral high ground. Instigating a coup and ethnic cleansing because one does not trust the democratic process is not the Canadian way. Starting wars with aggressive language and troop deployments is not the Canadian way either. If you think it is than you should go back to where ever it is you come from.

      You hahaha have very little understanding of the situation other than your own hyperbole.

    I wonder who allowed Stalin to do his pogroms and ethic cleansing of various people in that area, including driving the original non-Ukrainian inhabitants out of Crimea? In fact western politicians called Stalin Uncle Joe and one prominent western politician said that Stalin is a great human being, a great friend and to be admired! Turns out that Uncle Joe was the most prolific exterminator of all times!

      Careful, Prince George, you’re straying into forbidden territory wondering things like that. If anyone were to tell you, well, there just are some things that must never be mentioned publicly. In some countries, Germany for instance, one might even be jailed for saying the unmentionable. After a ‘show trial’, of course, where whatever just might be the ‘truth’ can’t be used in your defence. Even qualifying who you really mean and separating them from the larger group won’t do.

Some good news Costco is putting in Diesel pumps in Pr. Geo. only the third one in Canada.

No it’s not overcast. Theweathernet is wrong

We and our few Soldiers in the Baltic will stop the Russians? , give your Head a Shake PM, at the heights of the Cold War it was stated by Nato , Russian Tanks would be on the Rhine in 8 Hours “from the East German Border” in a Conflict .The Idiots at Nato stated ,our Nukes will stop them and we have the same talk today . Who wants a War with Russia, look around you to the South. Top Advisor to Putin stated “We will never fight another War an Russian Soil”.
So don’t Saber-rattle you will never able to back it up!

    They are already fighting a war on Russian soil . Their enemy is truth and the Russian people . They are going after the press , coloured people and the lgbt folks . One can only imagine whom will be next .

      That is the business of Russia and Russians! Look what the constant meddling of the West into the affairs of others hale-way around the globe has gotten the West into?

I have to agree with those who are upset with dog owners who allow their dogs off leash in areas where they should be leashed.

I would like to believe that these people are not stupid, however when you clearly see a sign that indicates your dog should be leashed, and you see other people walking with their dogs leashed, then why is the message not getting through. One reason could very well be that these people are in fact stupid. We can make allowances for them and say that they feel they are entitled. My guess is they have never learned the proper way to function in society, and do not know what to do, or where to do it, and therefore I think that stupid pretty well covers this type of behavior.

On the other hand we the taxpayers are paying the City big money to run this City in a safe manner, and part of that responsibility is for the City to ensure that bylaws are enforced.

Quite often the City can hide behind the excuse that bylaws are complaint driven, however when it comes to parks, schools, cemetery’s, etc; these are city properties and it is the responsibility of the City to ensure that its bylaws are enforced.

How many dogs do you see of leash, or dumping on the grass in front of City Hall??.

Once again we are paying for a service through our taxes, and not getting the service. There are many areas where this is happening, and dogs off leash are just one.

Time for the Cities Animal Control people to take a walk through our parks, school yards, and cemetery and start to enforce some bylaws. Once a few fines are assessed people (stupid or not) will get the message.

    I’ll have to agree with you on bylaw getting out there and handing out tickets. It is just too bad that it has to come to that.

For those who rant on about Trump do a search, Hillary Clinton career criminal. A real piece of work.

    Better a mentally stable career criminal than a mentally incoherent bomb thrower if that is the only choices available.

      Down vote all you want, but we have enough sociopaths in power as it is with “Don” Putin in Russia and “Uncle” Xi in China. We don’t need to add to the mix by having one in the White House in the form of “The Donald”.

Trudeau looking more like Harper everyday, secret meetings with billionaires, sabre rattling. Oh my sunny ways.

    He doesn’t look anything like your hero Quasi Modo . Brassou yesterday said Stevie can now safely resign his seat because of the charges being dropped Stevie has no fear of being called to testify . Slither on Stevie , slither on .

      Speaking of slithering . Thanks to canada post for finding and capturing those Chinese pit vipers in the mail . There is no antivenum in canada if bitten by one of them . Thank goodness we had antivenum in the last election . Trudeau used truth to enoculate Canadians against the likes of Stevie and Lynton Crosby the race baiter .

      Sadly our queen has shown which side of the race baiting issue she is on by giving Lynton Crosby a knighthood for services to politics . Shameful in the extreme . I can no longer support anything to do with the monarchy.

    That should make you happy then.

A fan of Ras Putin and a fan of Jabba the Donald . I think the wrong people are leaving PG . I would pay for your bus tickets fanboys .

The South Australian Government been forced to beg fossil fuel operators to bring mothballed plants back online, to contain wild swings in electricity spot price caused by unstable renewable production, prices which last month peaked at $14,000 / MWh – up from more normal prices of $100 / MWh which prevailed before political favouritism towards renewables messed up the market.


Once again renewables are demonstrating their total inability to cope without backup from real power generation systems.

The fallout from this disaster may extend much further than a month of insane electricity bills.

Australia is currently struggling with an ongoing trend for heavy industry to translocate business operations to other countries in Asia, countries which provide stable regulatory environments and costs, lower taxes, cheaper wages, and less red tape. The ongoing renewables madness, which afflicts every state in Australia to some extent, may convince even more large employers that it simply isn’t worth waiting for Australian politicians to stop messing around with fashionable non-solutions to the nation’s energy needs.

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/07/14/14000-per-mwh-the-price-south-australia-pays-for-renewables-madness/

    To inoculate yourselves against this kind of bs . Just read Solar power in Australia at Wikipedia . It’s about a five minute read . Twenty five percent of aus house holds are solar powered . They are also one of the leaders in the world going battery back up .

      Solar power may be great when you get as many hours of sunlight in a year as they do in Australia vs BC.

      Ataloss read Dirtmans post again without ill-informed bias, you might learn something.

      Ontario was consuming 16GW at 7am this morning. The heavily subsidized solar plants were producing 0.002GW. The heavily subsidized wind plants were producing 0.9GW

      Grid scale batteries sound like a great idea, it will make lots of money for the batteries make manufacturer and ding the consumers who will pay through the nose.

      Here is the real problem with these battery arrays big and small the HIGH cost of replacing degrading battery packs down the road

      Battery-testing firm Cadex Electronics.

      The problem of longevity. Lithium-ion and even newer lithium-polymer batteries have a nasty habit of losing capacity over time or, worse, dying altogether.

      Any battery issue is by definition a chemistry problem. In a healthy battery, ions flow freely between a cathode and an anode. Charging a battery forces ions from the cathode to the anode; using the battery reverses the flow.

      Over time, this process wears out the cathode, which results in reduced capacity. A high-end lithium-polymer battery can lose about 20 percent of its capacity after 1000 charge cycles. Another way to think of this is to imagine that every time you recharge your laptop, you shave a few seconds off its maximum battery life. Erratic charging and heat speed up this degradation.

      And batteries degrade even if you don’t use them. According to battery-testing firm Cadex Electronics, a fully charged lithium-ion battery will lose about 20 percent of its capacity after a year of typical storage. followed by further annual capacity loss.

      grid scale batteries are what is needed I hear

      ht tp://www.bpva.org.uk/members/bpva/news/uks-largest-battery-energy-storage-array-comes-online/

      ht tp://eandt.theiet.org/news/2014/dec/uk-power-networks-battery-storage.cfm

      but dont ask me about their carbon footprint, running costs life expectancy, waste products, chemicals used or efficiency or….

      grid scale batteries are what is needed I hear ????? Too bad you can’t post a link to the voices in your head . Your hero Jabba also hears everything in his head . Orangutang wisdom .

      It’s rather telling, Ataloss, that you so often have to resort to name calling ad hominems rather than logical argument. Not unlike an outright admission that you’re wrong.

      Inoculate yourself from the truth? Why would you want to…..oh, right, you have an agenda.

Went to Brookside store this morning(Cluculz Lake) and had the pleasure to see some inbred idiot had dumped a load of garbage in the ditch by the community hall. Didn’t even take the time to drive it into a cutblock road which it was right beside(which is no better). What the F+++ is wrong with some people.

    Actually that inbred idiot was thinking, dump by the hall the garbage will get picked up, dump out in the bush garbage may stay there. So he was environmentally friendly.

    I will clean it up…..asshole.

War of the races coming to a country near you.

    I can’t wait to see what France does.

      You don’t have to go back far in history to see France as a conqueror and an empire builder. I wonder if these attackers realize that one of these times, they will hit the tipping point and France says enough is enough. I’m not the greatest fan of the French but that tipping point has got to be close and I’m cheering for them. They have a strong air force, strong allies and a pretty well armed police force. Not to mention a large economic base that can afford to take a run at these ISIS idiots. The killing of innocent civilians has got to stop.

    There is? Expand on that please, I’m not sure what you mean.

Remember to stop on the merge and merge on the yield Or is it the other way.

    And freeflow means just that!!!

#turkeycoup nineteen years since the last one . Sure glad we’re not there or are we ? but then they are a NATO member state . Aren’t they ? Everything is great , till it isn’t .

    I don’t like to see a coup, but it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving politician. Endogan is probably the biggest war criminal in power today, so good to see the secular army finally put a stop to his Islamist rule. With Erdogan gone isis is finished within weeks.

      I don’t like to see a coup either . It sure sends a message . The very first demographicly elected president in Turkish history could go down in one of their many coups . 1960 , 1961 etc , etc , 1997 . 2016 ? That’s what happens when you have polarization. But don’t worry the UK will be sending their brand spanking new foriegn minister Boris Johnson . He’ll never give up till they see reason !

      Democratically . Otto Phil .

I am far more interested in what the dimwit know as Trump has to say about what is happening in Turkey. Will have to wait till Sunday as he has stated he gets his foreign affair information from “the shows” If he issues a statement tomorrow his reference to the shows was actually Saturday morning cartoons and not the Sunday news shows.

That being said looks like the coup has failed to overthrow the government.

Trump/Pence released their logo today…a stylized TP that is being mocked without mercy on the web. We keep our TP in the smallest room in the house and I will think of the Donald while using it:)

    You should Google Hillary Clinton career criminal.

CKPG picked up a news feed about the mercuric rise in electricity costs in Ontario leaving the reason for the rise, shutting down cheaper coal power and building much more expensive and very inefficient wind and astronomically costly solar.

Here is the breakdown of electricity generation in Ontario. Notice the very small supply from wind and almost non existent supply from solar despite their huge costs

ht tp://www.ieso.ca/Pages/Power-Data/Supply.aspx

Ontario charges more for rural delivery where BC Hydro everyone pays the same rate.

The same steep rise in electricity costs is happening in Alberta, Australia, Germany, the US driving industry out to cheaper power such as China India. It is also diving people into energy poverty which is critical in winter, heat or eat.

A Republican lawmaker has proposed an amendment to an appropriations bill that would effectively ban Environmental Protection Agency employees from flying around the country on the taxpayer’s dime.


The amendment is likely an effort to get EPA officials to practice what they preach. Republicans have criticized top EPA officials for logging thousands of air travel miles while issuing regulations on how much carbon dioxide can be emitted by power plants, cars and other sources.

ht tp://dailycaller.com/2016/07/08/gop-lawmaker-pushes-bill-banning-epa-officials-from-airline-travel/

Right on, how could they possibly object?

Now if that could be extended to climate activists like DeCaprio, Clinton, Obama, Gore, Suzuki…..

Oh, and you too, all you local global warming promoters, don’t be hypocrites, act like you believe what you’re preaching.

Or maybe you don’t believe, you just have some other agenda?

Careful driving Marleau and Bear, rain erosion is narrowing the pavement but city public works does not give a poop.

Fact checking is troll food .

It keeps them lying .

And thumbing down out of frustration . Too darn funny !

Is the Chinese economy close to collapse. Loads of money leaving, people not investing in there own economy. The Chinese is printing money overtime to prop up the economy. When will it collapse?

    The whole world’s economy is a house of cards, and when one crashes the rest will all come tumbling down. $20 trillion debt in the US??? All European countries borrowing like mad, some of them already bankrupt, Japan, Canada, all of them buried in debt. When a small economy like Greece hit the skids, the rest of Europe managed to print enough money to bail them out but what happens when a big one, like China or the US collapses? The whole world economy will crash, making the dirty thirties look like heaven on earth. And it’s not a matter of if, but when it happens. Economists say there’s another recession in the offing. Could that be the beginning of the big one?

      The best defence against ‘Black Magic’ is simply don’t believe in it.

      If people are so utterly stupid that they cannot see the difference between the production of actual ‘wealth’ and the production of the numerical reflection of it we call ‘money’ without ever stopping to think that there has to be a correct nexus between two for the latter to have any meaning at all, they deserve entirely what the clique that manipulates that latter has in store for them.

Their, not there.

In the past several years, many scientists have become afflicted with a serious case of doubt — doubt in the very institution of science.

As reporters covering medicine, psychology, climate change, and other areas of research, we wanted to understand this epidemic of doubt. So we sent scientists a survey asking this simple question: If you could change one thing about how science works today, what would it be and why?

We heard back from 270 scientists all over the world, including graduate students, senior professors, laboratory heads, and Fields Medalists. They told us that, in a variety of ways, their careers are being hijacked by perverse incentives. The result is bad science.

The scientific process, in its ideal form, is elegant: Ask a question, set up an objective test, and get an answer. Repeat.

But nowadays, our respondents told us, the process is riddled with conflict. Scientists say they’re forced to prioritize self-preservation over pursuing the best questions and uncovering meaningful truths.

Today, scientists’ success often isn’t measured by the quality of their questions or the rigor of their methods. It’s instead measured by how much grant money they win, the number of studies they publish, and how they spin their findings to appeal to the public.

ht tps://judithcurry.com/2016/07/15/the-troubled-institution-of-science/#more-21844

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