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October 27, 2017 9:59 pm

Hotel Site Scene of Activity

Thursday, July 14, 2016 @ 4:33 PM

hotel site prep

Site clean up  underway – photo250News

Prince George, B.C. –  The  question  has been the same for the past couple of years, ‘when  will work start on the new hotel site next to the library’.  The answer is,  now.

Crews have started  cleaning up the site which has been idle since  the spring of 2014 and a new Atco trailer has arrived  on the property and will be the construction office for the project.

It has been confirmed  construction will  soon resume, and  the  project will be  a “Courtyard” hotel  by Marriott.

Initially, the hotel was to be a Delta Hotel ,  but construction stalled,  and then Marriott bought out Delta.

A special news  conference is set for  a week from tomorrow  at the site  where details of the new project will be released.

The permits  for the project  are ready and only need to be picked up from City Hall.  The  permits list  this  construction value  at $20 million dollars,   the previous  foundation work had a construction value of $9 million.


  • April 2012 –  Developers announce  intent to build a hotel/condo complex  on the site at 10th and Brunswick.  It is valued at $40 million dollars,  and will include 34 to 36 condos
  • October 2013 –  Delta announces it will build a 4 star “full service hotel” on the site, and that it will be completed by 2015,  just in time for the Canada Winter Games.
  • November 2013 – Official ground breaking  ceremony at the site, although  concrete forms  were already  in place.
  • March 2014 – work stops at the site
  • December 2014 – plywood  fence is installed around  worksite
  • January 2015 – Marriott  buys out Delta  Hotels in Canada
  • June 2016- rumours abound that  the project will soon be revived
  • July 2016 – Confirmation that Marriott will build  one of its “Courtyard” hotels on the site,   construction value is $20 million.

It is  expected work crews will be on site early next week to start construction of the  hotel.



It’s about time, hopefully the crane will still be certified safe and the site stays that way, Keep an eye out ” Work Safe BC “

    Obviously, that crane will have to be inspected and re-certified. It’s been swinging with the wind for a couple years now.

Would be nice to get some updates as well for the six story hotel the casino planed for the corner of highway 16&97… As well as the six story residential development by the Turkish company for the old casino parkade downtown?

The Hotello behind Mr PG is now scheduled for 2017 per the website. The issue with the downtown one behind the old Chances Casino (Commonwealth Health), is that it is also a very delayed Clint Dahl project, just like the one mentioned in this article was.

Here are 6 or so computerized amateurish “renderings” of the project. Look at the appropriate high rise background of PG … LOL


I do not have much confidence in this developer.

There are rumours that Commonwealth is ready to make a new move. There seem to be some court or other legal decisions made which have been part of holding off the early big ideas.

would love to know if the foundation is good.

Ramping up for the prime October to March Prince Géoge constrûctin season. What a gong show!

Wonder what has been cut with reduced budget?

    Downsizing of the building which included the condos on the upper floors originally and footings and first level columns were likely designed for that unless they had decided not to do that.

    The quality of the finishes for the Courtyard level of hotel is less than a full service Merriott. The square footage per guest room would be lower.

    I personally think it will be a gong show ,but … reduced budget?

    “The permits list this construction value at $20 million dollars, the previous foundation work had a construction value of $9 million.”

Marriott is a good hotel chain; have stayed in Courtyard hotels before! Time to get going on this one.

Looks like they are finally going to build this hotel. The one in West Edmonton looks like a pretty nice place. Five stories, and reasonable rates, and good looking rooms, and banquet facilities, etc;

This hotel can basically take up the slack from the Connaught Inn, that used to be a fairly nice motel at one time.

Not sure how Prince George can support two more hotels in addition to this one unless there are a few others that are going broke.

I notice the motel on 20th across from Mother Maria’s is closed. Some of the motels on the bypass look pretty bleak during the week.

In any event good to see the project move forward.

I hope this is completed..it was a eye sore for a long time.

    Hammerhead cranes are indictors of the amount of construction there is in a community to those who do not know the community and are travelling through. For locals, who see the crane for years without a building going up it is an indicator of something having gone wrong.

    We were never kept up to date of what was happening, thus tons of rumours.

    Still the rumour about inadequate concrete strength, etc. It looks like that is not the case.

    If they demolish a substantial part of the existing structure, we know that was part of the original problem. I expect some demolition if they were unable to fit their functional space needs around the existing structure.

    There is no engineer who will certify the existing structure if it is below standard. These days there are non destructive testing methods to make that determination.

      I used to wonder who pays for all the equipment that sat there for all those years. There were rock trucks there for at least 2 years that never turned a wheel.

Someone told me that a new hotel/ casino was coming to PG…I wonder if that is true ?

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