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October 27, 2017 9:57 pm

Conservative MP Weighs in on Leadership Race

Saturday, July 16, 2016 @ 8:30 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Bob Zimmer isn’t ready to endorse any of the four candidates that have put their names forward to replace interim Conservative Party leader Rona Ambrose.Headshot of Bob Zimmer MP

Ontario MP Tony Clement was the latest person to announce his candidacy this week. The others are fellow Ontario MPs Michael Chong, Kellie Leitch and Quebec MP Maxime Bernier.

“I haven’t said I’d endorse and I’m still not fully sure on who and if I will endorse anybody,” says the Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies MP. “A lot of them are good friends and it’s tough when you’re trying to pick the best of a family member, so I’m still wanting to see more candidates announce.”

So what’s he looking for in a new leader?

“Somebody that cares about resource development, most conservatives do but I’d say with a western understanding of how things work out here economically and somebody that’s close to the west too – especially to our riding.”

In order to find that type of candidate he admits he’s tried “to coax” a few BC MPs into running.

“Somebody from BC would be well received on the national level. Someone from the west coast that knows what that centrist conservative looks like.”

He’s also sees value in having a candidate from the ‘outside’ join the race.

“Absolutely. I’m not a supporter of any of the candidates in the states but I think you see some attraction to the outside candidate and you see that with the Trump candidacy,” says Zimmer.

“People want that refreshing person of the people kind of individual that’s going to lead the country.”

The party will select its next leader May 27, 2017.

250News contacted Cariboo-Prince MP Todd Doherty’s office for an interview on the leadership question but Doherty didn’t respond to the request.


Contrary to somewhat popular opinion. We had a good western leader from Calgary by the name of Stephen Harper. He had the interests of all Canadians and worked hard to get the West in. We on the other hand decided to vote for long hair, a pretty face, and deficit spending, and selfies.

The Eastern establishment is back in power, and we are once again on the outside looking in.

    “He had the interests of all Canadians…”

    Thanks for letting the rest of us “Canadians” know that the only real Canadians are corporations and the 1%.

    This “selfie” nonsense from you Cons is starting to resemble the “birther” nonsense from the Republicans. Repeating something over and over and over doesn’t make it true.

    I don’t think everyone agreed with you.
    he isn’t there any more , that says something.
    and , no I am not saying what we got is any better.

    Pal:”… and selfies.”

    Haven’t you milked that non-issue long enough? People approach him, he shakes hands and THEY ask Trudeau if he would be so kind to be in a picture with them!!! They hand him their smart phone and he obliges! Or they take a picture of him in their company! As a souvenir! Then they take their camera and the memory with them!

    Whose fault was it that your Harper (the guy who had trouble with producing a genuine smile) was not as popular?


      PrinceGeorge, Justin is so obsesses with the “camera” that it’s always the first thing that he looks for when he enters a room.

      I keep waiting for him to trip over a chair while gawking around for the lenses! He probably already has tripped over a few, but the mainstream media edits out the stumbles!

      Um, er, gee, golly whiz, I didn’t, mm, ah, see that uh um darn chair! You guys uh er um need to um, uh tell me when I’m uh um er about to um er trip!

      If you don’t believe me about his acute narcicism, check out this National Post article. The first picture is rather pathetic, wouldn’t you agree?

      ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/trudeau-averaging-a-photo-op-every-weekday-but-half-of-canadians-say-its-too-much-pr

      By the way, recent polls show Justin’s popularity “slipping”! People are finally waking up to this joke!

      Hart Guy …. actually you are more obsessed with dissing Justin than he is with whatever you diss him for.

      If you analyze it, his is a positive action while yours is a negative. Yours accomplishes nada.

      gopg2015, yesterday Justin attended the Calgary Stampede. When introduced to the crown, he was BOOED!

      The media didn’t really focus on that, instead the headlines state that he “delights stampede goers”!

      ht tp://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/trudeau-delights-stampede-goers-with-rodeo-visit

      The fact that he was booed was an afterthought!

      It’s too bad that the mainstream media fails to report anything negative about our boy wonder!

      gopg2015, perhaps you aren’t pleased that some of us on this site are willing to share his blunders, very much how the lefties were and still are so eager to share Harper’s blunders!

      ht tps://bcblue.wordpress.com/2016/07/16/trudeau-booed-at-calgary-stampede-media-party-says-attendees-adored-him/

      Hart Guy, since you are addressing me personally, is there a name for the phobia that appears to be afflicting you? Did Justin ignore you when you asked for a selfie with him?

      @Hart Guy

      Albertans boo a Trudeau. News at eleven.

    I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps Stephen Harper could be induced to take on the job again? All things considered, he did it quite well and steered this country through some very troubling economic times with far less negative impacts than affected all the other Western democracies. I don’t agree with everything he did, but there was far more I did agree with than not.

    Bang on Pal. Another generation of Quebec governance.

Guess you are going to sit on the sidelines until you know who the frontrunner is, eh, Zimmer?

    Sound like Zimmer is looking for Mr. Wonderful to take the leadership role.

    I guess there really are people as stupid as u haha….. dipper trol

Pap. We get it u hate unions and r a right wing fanatic that loved Harper. So give it a rest, step away from the keyboard already. Go get some sun, maybe even go on a summer vacation.

    He’s so messed up in his own little reality that he can’t let reality in . Stevie is and was from TORONTO . That’s in Ontario btw . Not quite the west .

    F-150 WE GET IT you brain damaged leftard. Commonsense will never come easy. maybe your union has a plan for that.

I believe Zimmer is referring to and entertaining the possibility that the Conservatives in the States parachute an outsider into their Convention to bushwhack Trump, ignoring the fact that Trump got over 14 million votes in the Primaries, more than any candidate in history! Some democracy! It reminds one of another method called prorogation! No respect for voters but that’s fine?

You are right. He is a non-entity. The media seeks him out, not the other way around. They get the same response all the time, a response which does not put him in a good light on this site from both left and right winged commenters.

He simply has not got any charisma. He has the seat because of the riding preference. Anyone who runs on the Con ticket can fill that seat. He is proving that over and over again.

“Somebody that cares about resource development, most conservatives do but I’d say with a western understanding of how things work out here economically and somebody that’s close to the west too – especially to our riding.”

Spoken like a true western reformer. As for priorities lets get those AK-14 assault rifles approved for unrestricted access and purchase.

    I wold like to have a coffee with you jgalt

So sad the liberal left cannot have a debate without the ad hominin attacks from the likes of Ataloss, Jgalt and hahahha. With these attacks they loose all credibility thus the debate, so sad they are unable to add anything constructive.

“Somebody that cares about resource development, most conservatives do but I’d say with a western understanding of how things work out here economically and somebody that’s close to the west too – especially to our riding.”


What about resource development in central, eastern or northern Canada? Shouldn’t that matter as well? Shouldn’t the leader of a national party, and the potential Prime Minister, have a national view on things? It is, after all, the entire country they need to govern.

Sounds like Zimmer wants someone who doesn’t see the big picture.

    He wants a repeat of the last guy . A one trick pony if you don’t count real estate . He was big on looooong mortgages/ debt slavery . The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over then expecting a different out come . Kind of like two terms in your case , Bob . Same out come , nada a single dollar to show . Except for the ad champaign and sign cash .

      There really is no one more stunned then you ataloss. you have a gift.

Zipper Zimmer!

f-150. You don’t get it. In fact you are so far from getting it is laughable.

I was a member of a union for many years. Worked as the Chairmen of a local, and was a strike leader who got the attention of management during a strike. So forget that line of attack.

I take a vacation every year. I was up a 6 this morning and did a number of things around town. Went to two farmers markets, worked in the garden and cut the grass. I will now do some other things this afternoon and maybe go to the driving range and hit some golf balls..
In addition I will cook supper and wash dishes.

I probably do more in a day than you do in a week and do it much better.

I can type 45 words per minute when checked for errors, and 70 words per minute if I don’t concern myself about errors.

I spend half the time on the computer than you do because I find information faster, read and absorb information faster, and type faster.

I suggest you take some time to upgrade your skills before you find fault with others.

Last Tuesday AM I drove from PG to 108 stayed overnight, to Kamloops, Vernon, stayed over night in Barriere BC drove to Tete Jaune and back to Prince George through Mcbride, back in PG Thursday afternoon.

What have you done lately,.

    you go pal…..

The most powerful people maybe the ones that don’t got nothing, nothing man! Eh! That’s what I think.

Late breaking news.

‘Purged’: Public documents on Stephen Harper’s 2012 India trip have vanished

The 219 pages dealt with the cost of flying Harper’s armoured limousines to India, and were approved for release under an access-to-information request earlier this year. The name of whoever made that request is confidential under federal law.

it cost $1.2 million to fly the limos to India


    Seems a bit expensive, even if it was round trip. And why did it take 219 pages to arrive at the final figure? Seems a bit excessive even every possible cost that could be assigned to the flight(s) was included. How were they sent? Via an RCAF Hercules, or by a private air freight carrier like FedEx?

Triple delete?

250News contacted Cariboo-Prince MP Todd Doherty’s office for an interview on the leadership question but Doherty didn’t respond to the request. So its true then ?

    ndp troll f….. off

Seems the story that the documents covering Harpers expenses to India being purged was an error. Some sort of computer glitch.

The RCMP confirmed that the documents actually do exist and will be released next week.

I know that this is heart breaking news for the Harper Carpers, however such is the way of life.

You will now be able to ascertain the expenses attached to this trip, and then carry on with your anti Harper campaign.

Have a nice day.

    And undoubtedly gopg2015 will closely peruse every one of those 219 pages with the thoroughness of a forensic auditor :} We’ll await his final report.

If Zimmer plays the political game correctly he will wait then back the one with the best chance of winning, that way he may get a cabinet post or something..

As for this selfie junk… It’s called modern technology.. It the way of the world.. Get a grasp on it people.

Didn’t Harper have his own personal news crew follow him around and take videos that he could then show his flock of followers? The same crew that published video footage of Canadian special forces soldiers, despite instructions to not do so?

And people are getting bent out of shape over a selfie? May want to lookup irony in the dictionary.

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