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October 27, 2017 9:58 pm

Premier Makes Quick Stop in PG….Announces All 3 Local MLAs are Running

Friday, July 15, 2016 @ 7:51 PM


Mike Morris, John Rustad and Shirley Bond look on as Premier  addresses the  crowd – photo-250News

Prince George, B.C.- A BC Liberal block party in Prince George welcomed a special guest this afternoon,   as Premier Christy Clark  made an appearance and shared the news  that all three local area  MLAs  will be  running in the  May 2017 election.

Premier Clark   called on  the 200 or so in attendance  to  work  hard  to  return  Mike Morris,  John Rustad and Shirley Bond to Office.

While Morris and Rustad had   previously advised the Premier about their intentions,   Premier Clark says Bond didn’t tip her hand until this evening  “The best thing that has happened to me all week  was when Shirley Bond  met me at the car,  gave me a hug,   and whispered in my ear ‘I’m in it for another term’ ” said Premier Clark.  She  praised Bond  for  her tenacity “I have never known anyone who fights for their constituents like Shirley Bond” and said Bond was  the kind of MLA   who  connects with  the people in her riding.christy5

(at right Clark  has a chat with a local  constituent)

Clark  pumped up the crowd by reminding them  BC is the best place to be in Canada,  with low unemployment and plenty of opportunity and  set the stage for what she  says will be a  hard  fight  to  be re-elected.  She called on all  to  work hard  for the three MLAs to ensure they return to Victoria.  She  said Mike Morris is the “top cop in our province and is working hard to get rid of gangs and guns, so  we are all safe”  and referred to  John Rustad  as  having a “great imagination, as he comes up with the most innovative and  imaginative solutions to issues.”

The Premier is on her way to Quesnel   to take part in the  Billy Barker  Days parade ,  the official opening ceremony  and then  to  make some remarks at the Quesnel Rodeo.

There was no media availability  with the Premier at the  P.G.  event.


Some would see this as a bad news story.

If BC truly is “…the best place to be in Canada, with low unemployment and plenty of opportunity” , why would she ever believe she’ll be in for a “…hard fight to be re-elected”?

    It will be a hard fight because many voters either have amnesia about the unproductive nineties or are too young to have gone through that decade of turmoil, four (five?) premiers and an endless string of *gates* of various kinds, like the casino gate and the fast ferries debacle.

      You might just as well have said that many voters DON’T have amnesia about LNG, or still aren’t old enough to remember a litany of outright lies and highly twisted half-truths uttered by Ms. Clarks immediate predecessor as Premier. The BC Rail deal, the attempted ‘sale’ of the Coquihalla Highway, the HST fiasco, to name but a few. And the continuing mistake of the BC Liberals in equating what’s actually just pure ‘inflation’ with genuine ‘prosperity’.

      Here is a small sample of the Scandals and Gates the BC Liberals have been involved in:

      Yogagate; Clark’s government sold off 150 hectares of land in Port Coquitlam for $43 million BELOW the appraised value; Ethnic Vote Scandal; Selling Nestle B.C. water for a whopping $2.25 for a MILLION litres; Health Care Firings; Triple Delete Gate; etc.

      In 2003, the Liberals had a great idea of lowering the legal working age to 12 years old. On May 9, 2013, First Call released an eye-opening report on B.C.’s child labour laws, showing staggering statistics such as: 43 per cent of youth workers have reported injuries on the job, including a 12 year old who sustained burns all down the front of his body from battery acid. A handful of children now on permanent disability. WorkSafe paying out $1.1 million in disability claims to children. A high number of children dropping out of school due to work schedules.

      Need I go on?

      Didn’t the new roof on BC Place cost as much or more than the fast cat ferries? I don’t like either of our options. NDP from the 90s are doing the same thing as Campbell – enjoying a taxpayer funded early retirement.

PrinceGeorge—as they say it is now 2016. Maybe you should take some interest in what is happening now with the government we have instead of living in the past.

    Those who do not remember the mistakes of the past are going to repeat them! Unfortunately the present government has chosen to ignore most of the lessons from the past as well, relying as well on hype and voter amnesia!

    Unless a viable third party arises out of this very old dilemma one will always have to choose the lesser evil on election day or instead go to the pub and have a pint or two and ignore the whole fluff and hot air!

    I need not be told to take an interest in what has been going on since the NDP got the boot! I have been keeping an eye on everything and everybody! Very little escapes my attention! It is high time for the status quo to be replaced by a real alternative, something that does not carry the burden of broken promises and outright deception.

    Happy now?

      Almost. Now the next thing, WHY do all the people we elect end up disappointing us with “…broken promises and outright deception”?

      What is it that keeps them from keeping those promises, especially when they are ones that are clearly “..physically possible, socially desirable, and morally correct”?

      As many of them must have been seen to be by the largest number of voters, or who ends up getting elected government wouldn’t get elected government.

I’m hoping her remarks at the quesnel rodeo are don’t tie up baby cows and throw them on the ground . It hurts and scares them .

Ohhh wowwww they sneaked her into town

LET’S PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Only to avoid a shoe toss…

Love your post about being deleted change it.
As far as the NDP goes – they were so bad in the 90’s we had rallies at CN Center named HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH and the place was packed.
At the end of every month ( during their rein of Socialist Terror )the NDP announced the hiring of another 250 social workers.
Yeah let’s cancel Site C
What a party of wing nuts

    Not quite.

    Glad to see that you are in favour of cancelling Site C.

    The NDP only get elected after the right wingers have wrecked the economy. Then when they can’t immediately turn it around, the sad sack electorate blames them for the entire mess, including the period of time when it was right wingers destroying the economy.

    I really find it amusing how right wingers go on and on about “Free Enterprise” and “letting the markets rule” and then turn around and complain that the government isn’t intervening when “Free Enterprise” and the markets rule that a recession or depression is in order.

Bald Eagle. Although I am no fan of the NDP the idea of cancelling Site C, which is one of the worst ideas any Government has had in many, many, years is a good idea.

The Liberals are trying to make a connection between the power to be generated at Site C,. and the LNG industry. Fracking would use some of that power in the North East, and Alberta. Problem is, is that LNG is dead in Western Canada, and there is no need for the power from Site C for many, many years to come.

So no need for the power, and therefore cancelling the project is a sensible decision. If the BC Liberals were not so full of crap, and so lacking in intestinal fortitude they themselves would cancel this project, and take the credit for doing the right thing under the circumstances. Not likely to happen.

So, just because the Liberals are intellectually restricted when it comes to making correct decisions, this is not reason to assume that the decision to cancel because it was made by the NDP is the wrong decision.

Get my drift??

Whether we really ‘need’ Site C power itself, now or in the future, is NOT the PRIMARY reason why there’s such a great push by the Liberals to build it. It’s being built because what they DO ‘need’ is a way of introducing a large volume of new credit into the BC economy to attempt to allow already existing credit to be more fully repaid as originally contracted. Likely when it’s finished most of the power it generates will be exported, and there’ll be an influx of money from outside the Province in return. But this is in no ways certain. Nor is it certain that we will get the level of price for this power that we expect to. What is certain is that the money borrowed to fund this project will have to be repaid, and if it doesn’t come in from outside the Province it will have to be exacted from all of us within the Province. This can only mean that what we’ll pay for the electricity we DO use, which may only include a tiny fraction of what Site C generates, will RISE. How does THAT really benefit US?

And that’s only a PART of the story. For the introduction of such a large amount of new money into the BC economy when construction ramps up will undoubtedly induce a rise in the price of everything here. We’ll get an increase in ‘inflation’, which always comes first in the guise of ‘prosperity’, but in reality is anything but.

200 in attendance.. That’s whooping support isn’t it.. She skulked into PG..then slithered out.

You mad bro..?

Those complaining about this gov’t, clearly aren’t old enough to remember the NDP and the massive damage they did to BC. They never owned owned a house, that plummeted in value, saw the mining and forestry sectors dry up, and trade dwindle to nothing.

Have a look at Alberta, and the damage going on by the NDP. Go ahead and blame it on oil prices, it’s the laughable excuse the NDP put on every one of their plundering terms.

    Housing prices drop and forestry and mining dry up during the rule of right wing governments too. Quit acting as if a socialist government is the only time economic disaster visits. Any government that lasts long enough in power will see economic good times and bad, regardless of their efforts to manage. That is what you get when your economy is mostly privately owned and controlled.

    I don’t like the NDP, and in the ten years they ruled the roost here in BC they did make some totally boneheaded errors. But I don’t believe we can blame them for the ‘Asian meltdown’ that occurred in that decade. And to their everlasting credit, they DIDN’T try a repeat of the latter-day, so-called ‘Social Credit’ Party’s (really, the BC Liberals in drag, only they hadn’t ‘come out’ yet), “austerity program” that was visited upon us after the 1981 recession. If they’d done that, an already bad situation would have been made far, far, worse.

      Nobody is blaming the NDP for the Asian meltdown! The rest of Canada did very well during that meltdown, even the Eastern provinces. Only B.C. was on the ropes?! Some of them became have provinces! Obviously that is a lame excuse. B.C became a have-not province, the first time in its history. I know it had everything to do with the mismanagement of this province and a mantra of being openly and loudly anti corporation, anti profit and basically anti too many things!

It is not the oil prices. It is the lack of diversity. Alberta has the least diverse economy of any province in Canada.

If one has a store that just sells lamp shades, do no be surprised that when the need for lamp shades plummets, your store will as well.

    You could have the most diversified economy in the world, even to the point of being completely ‘self-sufficient’ in everything you’d ever need or want, and you still COULDN’T make it work ‘financially’ under the current money set-up.

    ALL modern, industrial economies are dependent on having an outlet external to their own market to rid themselves of their otherwise unsaleable surpluses.

    When the farce of receiving some other countries’ ‘money’ for these exports is revealed, (which ‘money’ is only effective demand for THEIR alternate products to the ones we’re sending them ~ only it can’t ever be fully used for that, nor can it ever be collected on as the ‘debt’ it really is), then we ‘donate’ surplus products to them in the form of bombs dropped on them, or anything else which will do as much material damage to their economies as possible. So we can subsequently boost our own economy by aiding in the re-construction of all the damage we’ve inflicted. We pretend they’re going to pay us back, but the last thing in the world we want is for that to ever happen.

    Go back to the end of World War One, when the cry on the Allied side was, “Hang the Kaiser, and make Germany pay for the war.” The Kaiser died of old age a couple of decades later, his neck quite unstretched. And as for Germany “paying for the war”, Germany agreed to do just that. But what happened? To pay for the war the Germans had to send exports to all the countries they owed. But they couldn’t do that, because the workforces in all those countries receiving those exports would then be unemployed, and it was regarded as the greatest sin that anyone should ever “…get something for nothing”. Even though their victory had certainly paid for it.

BTW, I borrowed heavily from the segments on David Letterman some time back when he would visit stores with the names of “Just …….”. Insert shades, balloons, etc. While there he would ask if they sold some other items …. there response was always “no, just …….”


Mike Morris always looks like he’s on his way to a rodeo.

it may not be what you say but the words you use to day it.

I wonder who Clark is going to get to bow out so she gets elected again this time.
Last go around she couldn’t even get voted into her riding.
That should have told her something but I don’t think it did.
She had to get someone in the Okanagan to quit so they could have a byelection to get her in.

Had Hall been there we would have had all the photo op hogs in one place.

Hard to give up those perks, free lunches and expense accounts.

Seems to me the worlds economy went to crap in 2008 when George Bush right winger, the Liberals in BC and many other right wing parties were in power. The forest industry in BC also took a big hit during this time. Alberta’s crappy economy began with the right wingers in power and during all their years of unbelievable surplus budgets, they could not put enough away for the difficult times they are facing now. So stop blaming the lefties for all the bad times because the right wing governments can’t avoid the tough times either.

You would think politicians could afford dress pants. I guess we don’t pay them enough.

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