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October 27, 2017 9:56 pm

Search Well Underway for NDP Candidates in Prince George Ridings

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Now that the BC Liberals have confirmed Mike Morris and Shirley Bond will seek re-election in their respective Prince George ridings, how are preparations going for the NDP?

Fairly well apparently.

“The search has started,” confirms Trent Derrick, search candidate chair for the party’s Prince George-Valemount riding association. “We’ve been searching for the last several months. We’ve been in contact with some great potential candidates that I’m pretty happy with.”ndp

He says there are three or four serious candidates considering a run but isn’t naming names quite yet.

“Some are big names, some are quite well known in the community and we have some that aren’t as well known but I think they are strong candidates.”

Derrick says the goal is to have a nomination meeting by late fall which he notes will give the candidate plenty of time to prepare for the election next May.

Having run for the NDP federally last year, he confirms the candidate won’t be him.

“No, it won’t be me.”

Political groundwork is also well underway next door in the Prince George-Mackenzie riding says constituency president Bobby Deepak.

“Oh yes, we’ve had a number of people interested in running to be the candidate for the BC NDP,” he says. “So far – until the nomination date is set – I think that everyone is being a bit quiet and you’ll probably see some news releases in the near future.”

He expects the party to have a candidate in place by late fall or early next year.

And Deepak, who ran unsuccessfully against Mike Morris in the 2013 provincial election – hasn’t ruled out running again.

“I haven’t decided. This is something that I think I’m going to have to think really hard about. Just because I’m established in my law practice and I have a bit of a routine going and running again will mean big changes for that. I’m not saying no, but I think at this time I’m not saying yes either.”

And though the NDP haven’t elected anyone in the area for close to two decades, he still sees the ridings as winnable.

“The fact is that the BC Liberals will have been in power for 16 years by the time of the next election,” says Deepak.

“They have nothing to show for it other than bad government, broken promises and scandals. Whether that be the triple delete scandal, the yoga-gate scandal, the ethnic vote scandal or the health care firings. The list seems endless.”


i’m a supporter of the Liberals. But I have to admit Mr.Deepak is the strongest representative for the ndp.

I like the last paragraph in that statement almost sounds like exactly what happened when the NDP was in power how quickly they forget the past but then again politicians are known for having short memories

Its a sad day indeed when your choices in an election in BC are Liberals, or NDP. Neither party has anything of substance to offer.

Hopefully some other parties, or some independents will make a serious run, to take the ridings in this area, and with any luck enough ridings in the Province to at the very least force some sort of coalition Government.

The present system of **It either them or us** sucks, and only works for the Liberals to stay in Government and the NDP to form the opposition and continue to collect their cushy salaries and benefits, and pretend that they are relevant.

    “…to form the opposition and continue to collect their cushy salaries and benefits, and pretend that they are relevant.”

    Right on! People seem to not notice that! The benefit of being in opposition is that all it has to is do give angry thumbs down to virtually everything the government does! Cruising on automatic! A lot of jumping up and down, table pounding and fierce rhetoric! Terrific benefits and salaries just for impotent protesting!

    f—off you tool

They usually get the NDP candidates from the unemployment line, or the teachers union…

    And what’s bond got for education? ..a diploma from CNC and failed to get a degree.. At least a teacher has a degree..probably lots in the unemployment line have more education than bond as well.

      Some fancy initial with ones name means nothing. With todays education system almost anyone can get a degree if your breathing.


      And yet Premier Smiley Face couldn’t accomplish a degree and she was apparently breathing.

      But the way she ignores youth poverty, plus the way she treats seniors and the disabled with her clawbacks, I’m leaning towards her being of the undead actually.

    They must have raided our senior secondary schools for Christy Clark, all she has is a high school diploma! No wonder she is always out of touch and in over her head.

      Gordon Campbell had a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Did that help him do the job better than some of our former Premiers? Better than WAC Bennett? Or Bill Bennett? Or Dan Miller? The latter was no doubt the best of the four NDP Premiers we had in the 1990’s, was he a college grad? Harcourt and Dosanjh had degrees, they were both lawyers. And both disasters. I don’t particularly like Christy Clark ~ she’s a Liberal, and Liberals are notoriously corrupt. But I wouldn’t hold just being a high school grad against her. An awful lot of people with even less formal education than she has have been more successful in life than those who were Degreed to the nth degree.

      Gordon Campbell was just fired from his position entertaining the queen.

    They usually get the liberal candidates from the con artist line or offshore tax haven customers list.

    isthyyyyyy nice handel idiot they always get leftards from these sources, always have, always will

They need to find a local politician who’s made a career out of sucking on the taxpayer’s teat and who seems to like spending tax payer’s money with great abandon.

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