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October 27, 2017 9:54 pm

Friday Free for All – July 22, 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

It’s time to speak up  on the issues that struck a chord  with  you over the past  7 days.

It’s time for the Friday Free For All.

As a reminder,  be respectful of each other.   Comments which  resort to calling  each other  names will be removed.   Stick to the issue and leave the personal attacks  out of it.

This week, one commenter has  lost their privileges  to comment because of the  constant personal attacks,  and derogatory  remarks which have nothing to do with  the story  on which they were commenting.

With that in mind,  here are the  basic  rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


I found this interesting Youtube channel today.

ht tps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXJDBm6FkUQPg-OwNP-9fVw

    Gee a brown volvo… I wonder who that could be… lol

Maybe some of you here will become famous?

Canada needs to say either Turkey is out of NATO or Canada leaves NATO.

Clearly Turkey is not a NATO ally. An islamist theocracy can not be compatible with secular democracies.

Erdogan (Turkish President) is a power hungry dictator that commits war crimes against his own Kurdish civilians; facilitates through his sons company the oil sales for isis (thus bankrolling the isis army); facilitates the supply logistics in fighters and materials for isis; aids the foreign fighters in Syria with medical treatment; foisted the refugee crisis on Europe; uses the refugee crisis to try and blackmail his way into the EU; uses the war on isis to attack the Kurds in Syria and Iraq (who are the only real force on the ground fighting isis); locked up more than 1200 journalists in the past few months closing down independent media; funds the right wing terrorist groups in Southern Ukraine… and this week set loose isis paramilitary’s in Constantinople and Ankara to do his brand of justice beheading Turkish solders in the streets.

And this is Canada’s key NATO ally in the region? Would we really go to war for Turkey? Send our children to the cauldron in a war for Erdogan?

The Turkish coup was clearly a false flag affair. A coup with no senior members of the military; no leadership to coordinate the coup; each group operating in an isolated silo… the military privates on the Bosporus thought they were on a training mission until the crowds from the mosques showed up and started to behead their fellow soldiers. If one wanted to send them into a trap where they could easily be caged, than one couldn’t have picked a better spot. Why if the coup was for reinstating democracy would they car bomb the parliament in Ankara?

Erdogan on the other hand wants to become Sultan of a renewed Ottoman Empire based from his new $3/4 billion dollar palace. He had a list ready, before the sun rose, for the arrest of nearly 3000 judges and prosecutors. This is akin to having the Patriot act ready to enact the day after 9/11. Erdogan calls his purges (reaching over 50,000 political opponents now) a ‘cleansing and gift from god’ with a callous insinuation to the Armenian cleansing that saw Turkey genocide over a million Armenians. Erdogan has unleashed the islamists in the streets for street justice in a level not seen since the nkvd of the bolsheviks, or the brown shirts of Hitler, or the cheka under Stalin. This should alarm everyone that doesn’t want to be a bed partner through mutual defense treaties with Erdogan and his future wars.

I think the Nice, France terrorist attack was the trigger for the coup. Strange how the truck used in the Nice attack had bullet proof windows installed only ten days before the terrorist event (clearly seen from any pictures of the van, where the bullets couldn’t even penetrate the side windows). Who has ever heard of a rental van having bullet proof windows… even the side windows… its insanity. As horrendous as the crime is from one mental case with a wish to become a suicide martyr (who despite being an unemployed migrant transferred a $120,000 to his parents in North Africa only days prior to the attack)… I think its even worse that someone would fore plan such an attack for a useful idiot in order to stoke a religious war in France.

After Nice it was clear to Erdogan that Turkey would never be allowed into the EU. France would never stand for it. At this point the only thing holding him back from taking total power was off the table… so initiate the coup with useful idiots operating in silos of intelligence as to who their co-conspirators were, designed to fail, and then seize total control.

Erdogan even went so far as to seal off the Incirlik Air Base and inspecting the 50 or so nuclear weapons America holds there. Turkey demanded the Americans extradite an American based cleric that is the CIA man in Central Asia and the Middle East or Turkey would consider it an act of war to refuse this. Kerry called their bluff and said they will accept only evidence and not accusations.

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Dion was wise not to jump immediately into the pro Erdogan propaganda and instead fly down to Washington to stand side by side with Kerry outlining the importance of rule of law.

I would say Canada has not gone far enough. Turkey needs to be booted out of NATO. If they declared war on America shouldn’t that be enough to invalidate their NATO membership? If they go against the EU mandate, and start a capital punishment pogrom it means they will never be allowed into the EU; and therefor should be excluded from the NATO alliance.



    “An islamist theocracy can not be compatible with secular democracies.”

    Why single out Islam? How about a Catholic theocracy such as the Vatican? It is a country, you know, be it ever so small.

    There are only 2 theocracies in the world today, Iran and the Vatican.

    The countries normally considered to be close to a theocracy, based mainly on the adoption of sharia law, and some, but not all, political control lying with religious leaders, are:
    Saudi Arabia

    Turkey, on the other hand, is a parliamentary representative government. Erdogan may not be the leader you or others like, but he is the leader that one has to deal with. Turkey bridges two continents. Its ethnic background is a spectrum bridging East and West.

    “If they declared war on America..” Where do you get that scenario from?

    Take a clue from Kerry and post only evidence and not accusations.

      Catholics don’t behead none believers in the streets. Catholics accept civil law of their nations as full participants in the democratic process.

      Islamic theocracies only use democracy to take power then never give it up. Sharia law is not compatable with democracies or civil law.

      The two religions are very different. One founded western society, and the other has been at war with trying to destroy western society for 1400 years.

      Turkey was a parliamentary democracy. Erdogan made clear by unleashing the islamists in the streets and his support of isis that parliamentary democracy is dead and Turkey will now be a islamist theocracy.

      You are good with a search engine. It was all over the Internet. PM of Turkey said any nation that supports Gulan is at war with Turkey.

      Gulan lives in the United States and is the key CIA asset for the islamist world. Kerry quickly told Turkey they were out of line and that war language is unacceptable. British and Russian news outlets reported heavily on this call to war by the Turkish PM. It’s why America cancelled all civilian flights to and from Turkey even via indirect routes and still have shelter in place warnings for Americans in Turkey.

    Bullet proof glass? He was shot and killed through the glass. There is a difference between Hollywood bullet holes and real world bullet effects on glass.

As for Trump last night. Great speech I thought. A very pointed calling out of Hillary Clinton that is a withering indictment and well overdue.

The best part I thought though was how he talked of the equality of opportunity for all children in America, and how the problems of the inner cities will be solved through employment, education, and controlled immigration. To me he solidified his credentials as a bonifide free enterprise candidate. Maybe one of the first free enterprise politicians of my lifetime… not since JFK has America had a free enterprise politician.

I hope he lives to be president. We all know the globalists and monopoly capitalists of free trade arbitrage alchemy will be gunning to stop him and protect their ill gotten gains.

    “…..the problems of the inner cities will be solved through employment, education, …….”

    And this is a revelation to anyone????

    He did not talk about he is going to do it, how he is going to improve on what is already being done.

    I di not hear him say that attempts have been made at this by both democratic and republican governments, how far they have gotten with this and his new “businessman’s” approach that he will bring to this problem. He is long on words, especially on those dealing with “me, me, me” and short on specifics because he is basically ignorant of such matters.

    As to what part of it will deal with “controlled immigration”, we already know what that is. Perhaps he will bring in more Chinese immigrants who have been educated by the state using the currency injection from the WalMarts of the US clamoring for Chinese, Pakistani and other foreign goods.

    Then again, he is going to slap a 30% tariff on those, especially US companies operating in foreign countries.

    The whole Trump campaign is plagiarized from Hitler’s rise to power through the established political system at the time. Trump even has his gun toting bikers safeguarding him. Hitler had wimpy brown shirts.

    Trump is a shyster businessman…. a person who uses unscrupulous, fraudulent and deceptive business practices. While he has never filed personal bankruptcies, four of his businesses have.

    As he tweeted at 9:30am on 19 June 2015: “Stop saying I went bankrupt. I never went bankrupt but like many great business people have used the laws to corporate advantage—smart!”
    Simple, if his businesses were not failing, he would not have to declare bankruptcy to safe them. Is he going to bankrupt the US as well?

      No you have it wrong with your hypothetical reasoning to justify your hate for Trump.

      Trump reasons that only through rule of law can society prosper. For inner cities they are undermined most by illegal immigration. Having control of the boarder and vetting new immigrants so as not to undermine local economies with cheep near slave labor, it thus enables inner cities to claim a greater chance for opportunity.

      Like or not that is a policy that has nothing to do with ‘me me me’ specifics as you say.

      As for business bankruptcies. Trump is an entrepreneur. He has had thousands of incorporations over the years for risky business ventures… So it’s only natural that a few (4) of them were not worth sinking good money after bad. That’s the risk of creating economic opportunities. Nowadays every company has a separate corporation for every subsidiary that carries any risk. It’s how it’s done. Think Northern Gateway and Embridge…. But Trump was in the realestate speculation business.

    As for Clinton, she lives in the USA and is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

    A simple fact that Trump and his family do not understand. And most certainly not any of those who have made those statements.

    Here is what Colin Powell, a republican who was in the same situation as Hillary and several others says about the matter.

    “Powell reacted to an NBC News report in February 2016, that the State Department is retroactively classifying his emails by calling for all of his emails to be released. “I wish they would release them, so that a normal, air-breathing mammal would look at them and say, ‘What’s the issue?’ They were unclassified at the time, and they are, in my judgment, still unclassified.”

    The report goes on to say that the announcement about Secretary Powell’s emails shows just how routine it is for government bureaucrats to go overboard when it comes to judging whether information is too sensitive for the public to see. Hillary Clinton agrees with her predecessor that his emails, like hers, are being inappropriately subjected to over-classification. She joins his call for these emails to be released so that the public can view the contents for itself.”

    You can read it here: politicususa.com/2016/02/04/colin-powell-blows-up-republican-email-scandal-by-agreeing-with-hillary-clinton.html

      So gopg2015 being a Clinton supporter and overlooking her flagrant criminal acts and making excuses for them, I expected more from you. What do you think of the Whitewater affair?, How about the questionable donations to the Clinton foundation?, Here out right lies about her private server which use off was to circumvent FOI laws? Here out right lying about the Bengasi affair? Her and Obama attacking a sovereign country, Libya and lying about why? The question ways Billy gets his extraordinary speaking fees paid? Her demonizing any woman who complains about Bills sexual acts and advances?

      Hey I wonder what kind of cigar Hillary prefers

      Innocent until prove guilty by a court of law, are you really that naive?

      Hillary and Billy are perfect examples of what is wrong with the system, and you ignore that, so sad.

      Hillary Clinton`s emails were not ALL made public afterwards! A number of them (I believe the news stated 59) were not made public as they were classified or top secret, a release would endanger the government. We all know how common it is for some who have the knowledge to read ordinary emails sent by basic servers. No classified or top secret emails are to be exposed to such low level security. They have her a break, do not ask me why.

      Hillary Clinton didn’t even have passwords on her private email account. Every foreign nation had an open book on her private emails while she was Secretary of State. She was trading favours to foreign nations for donations to the Clinton foundation and if Obama wasn’t president she would be going to jail for that.

      Powell is irrelevant. He didn’t use a private server and didn’t have a quid pro quo foundation running on the side. His emails were all documented as property of the United States. Powell has nothing to hide as he clearly states.

      Sure he thinks more should be declassified… So what.

If after you park your car and your passenger either gets in or gets out and opens the door with such carelessness as to dent the vehicle beside them Kindly reach over and give them a slap

EagleOne your posts come with way to much thinking for the unwashed, thats why the thumbsdown. Keep them up for the people that can follow

Ness Lake Bible Camp management are showing their true colors of divisiveness and hate with the recent decision on LGBT&Q supporters working in their midst.

SD #57 made the correct decision. Public money must not support hate.

    100% with you Codger! No one SD #57, Rotary, etc. should be supporting this organization knowing this.

    If the church wants the right to discriminate they should first lose their tax-free status. They can not ride on the backs of those they exclude.

      Finally, a lake front opportunity at Ness!

    That just blew me away.Here’s a young lady that has gone to the camp many times, has volunteered there without any issues, all of a sudden she is told, based on a facebook post that she supports the gay community, that she can no longer interact with the kids for fear of her saying something to them about her view of life. Even after telling them she would never do that, she’s told she can only volunteer in places separate and apart from the campers.
    These are adults telling a 17 year old that she is not trusted, will be a bad influence on children? Did they even think how their overreaction will affect others?
    What a pious bunch of fools!

Very disappointed about Ness Lake bible camp. In this day and age it is completely unacceptable. Bullying and harassment stems from organizations like this. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Is everyone else as sick and tired as I am about this Pokémon thing yet?

    yeahhh they go out chasing after pokeman.. In our days, we had a lot of personal interaction.. We used to go out chasing girls, and they loved it

      ah yes at the drive-in with your favourite gal…those were the days!!

Bravo Eagleone! On point, a serious red flag for me was when I saw the video of trained military soldiers surrender to the police.

On another topic… any updates on the dead man found by Pine Center a couple weeks ago?

    ohhh Think that is a cover up… Seen big machinery along that stretch moving earth.. Just seemed weird

    Update. He is still dead.

I am not sick of the pokemon thing so much as I am sick of seeing people DRIVING and playing it. Three times last week I noticed drivers all over the road and lo and behold they were playing it. NO MORE!

I’ll be calling 911 and following the next ones I see. They were all over the road, looking worse than drunk.

On a brighter note, looks like gonna be a nice weekend… Everyone enjoy it while we have it.. Summer just flying by

Saw a pokeman dude walk into a parking meter on 3rd. Looked like he hurt himself. LOL. Made my day.

    You find that funny? A decent human who watched it unfold would have shouted a warning, regardless of their activity.

      Why? Just like the two idiots that passed me in a blind corner on a double solid line today. I kept on motoring with my foot in it and watched to see if they would make it by me without killing each other or someone else. I was disappointed to see them get passed me unscathed. Would have made for an awesome video had they crashed into the ditch or a tree.

Was walking in fort George park the other night with my son and noticed a group of about 35 people chatting near the entrance. We walked over and it was a bunch of people playing and chatting about Pokemon go. It was nice to see strangers becoming friends and everyone helping each other out. Much better than them all sitting at home on their butts doing nothing.

I know a bunch on here think it’s stupid but so what..don’t play it. But you should be encouraging this not putting it down. People are getting out in the sun walking and having fun…what’s wrong with that? No one is saying you have to play it.

    Meanwhile in Edmonton Police responded to the Griesbach neighbourhood Thursday night to break up a crowd of about 500 Pokémon Go users.

    This is the third night in a row that hundreds of people had come to Patricia Park to catch the little monsters on their phones.

      Meanwhile in tens maybe even hundreds of thousands of basements kids are staring at the screen doing no type of excersize or real personal interaction..

    P Val, you suggest that it was nice to see strangers becoming friends? How exactly are these strangers becoming friends? Are they going to go grab lunch, perhaps invite each other over for dinner, plan a golf day together or a weekend camping or fishing with their families?

    While I agree that people are actually getting off of their butts and getting some Vitamin D, I would suggest that it’s pretty sad that it takes a video game to do it! And as far as these strangers becoming friends, I suggest that they are a bit too self-absorbed in their own little virtual world to actually make friends with each other!

    Looks like a nice day! Think I’ll call some friends, grab the golf clubs and hit the links! Maybe head to a lake this evening for some fishing!

      I think it’s great, we all know that Tech way of life now.. Almost everyone has a cell phone.. It gets people out.. And I did hear a few people exchange numbers to grab lunch or coffee.

      Some of the kids these days would see you going fishing as harming the environment or what a waste of water golf courses are. But you don’t see them posting because they are out walking around catching pokemons and possibly making new friends.

      Have a great weekend :)

We need a turning light during rush hour on 15th and Carney st also at the end of first ave turning left onto Carney, preferably before 3 people have to die.
Cannot wait to get a dash cam!!
And lastly, I was disgusted by the cleavage of a gal that works in one of our “local” rental stores. Very unprofessional and inappropriate. She does not work for tips… there is a time and a place. This makes me want to go elsewhere.

    Which rental shop? I want to go rent something, lol.

I am sure everyone has heard the Black lives matter movement. I came across this interesting breakdown

Analysis of Washington Post police-shootings data reveals surprising result – nearly 2x more whites than blacks shot by police

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/07/18/analysis-of-washington-post-police-shootings-data-reveals-surprising-result/

    I believe that every innocent life lost is a tragedy!

    With that being said, a few days ago, I read an interesting comment regarding the whole Black Lives Matter issue.

    If this movement is so concerned about Black lives, why are they not targeting Black pimps, Black drug pushers and Black gang bangers instead of white cops?

    The fastest way to save the most Black lives is to focus on those causing the greatest loss of Black lives, and that group is not white cops!

      BLM is a George Soros funded movement. The BLM leader lives in a mansion funded by Soros. Anywhere Soros invests in civil movements chaos follows. Soros is a globalist that destroys nation states to facilitate his one world order vision.

      Black pimps, Black drug pushers and Black gang bangers aren’t paid to serve and protect. That’s a whole other issue.

Why is it that the same people in climate change denial are also race baiters ? Uber weird . And why is it they can’t tell the difference between reality and manufacting concent ? Motivated reasoning at its ugliest .

    Besides gracing up with your presence, are you actually going to provide us with the proof of manmade global warming that Seamutt has repeatedly asked you for?

      I’ve been asked not to feed the trolls . No amount of facts can over come ideologically motivated reasoning . So please stop asking for a feeding .

      The feeding trolls comment was the other way around

      Posted on Friday, July 22, 2016 @ 10:31 AM by Ataloss

      No amount of facts can over come ideologically motivated reasoning.

      Which would explain why, though you’ve been inundated with facts, you still cling to your ideologically motivated reasoning.

    Ataloss then counter the facts, very simple concept that you seem to find problematic. But resorting to immature shallow name calling seems to be your forte.

VW announced today they will produce EVs in pensalvania for the American market before 2020 .

    Today is the grand opening of the worlds first gigafactory for doubling world supply of batteries . And VW confirms that they will build the worlds second battery gigafactory to power one million VW EVs .

      I’d like to see the mining, resources and carbon footprint required to double the worlds supply of batteries – sounds pretty green alright.

      I’d like to see you guys fact check once in a while . You can’t be fact checking your own stuff but you should at least check mine once in a while . The grand opening is next Friday . They will produce all their own power from wind , solar , and storage . It should be in MSM but probably not going to be . At the time that the gigafactory was proposed , musk said he would likely live long enough that he would see hundreds of gigafactories .

      Will have to check this out..@interceptor. Mining of lithium isn’t really the nasty part of the supply chain process it’s the end of life disposal of lithium that’s the problem. Recycling is very hazardous because of the toxic, corrosive and flamable properties of lithium. Processing lithium ore is also very highly energy intensive because it has to be heated to liberate the lithium from guange minerals. So at the end of the day lithium isn’t “green technology” by any means.

      Ataloss cannot handle the facts with out a name calling fit.

      Ataloss please tell us about your solar system. Maybe we can learn from the solar master.

I found it interesting that the Ancient Forest will get a one million dollar intersection. No intersection at Purden or Tabor ski hills and most likely get more traffic. Who has the ear of politicians?

Her’s one for Ataloss.
I read the other day that the Solar energy industry is on the verge of total collapse. It seems that the only way it could survive was with heavy government subsidies. Those subsidies are ending, and the reality of generating solar power in a country with the same amount of average annual sunshine in Alaska is clearly not going to sustain the industry. It is predicted that within 5 years there will be ZERO solar facilities operating in Germany!

    Here’s another one:

    Satellites: Earth Is Nearly In Its 22nd Year Without Global Warming

    “After September of this year, the Earth will be entering its 22nd year without statistically significant warming trend, according to satellite-derived temperature data.”

    ht tp://dailycaller.com/2015/07/17/satellites-earth-is-nearly-in-its-21st-year-without-global-warming/#ixzz4FAmuLp2a

      I looked at the website you quoted and, lo and behold: on the graph showing global temperatures of the lower atmosphere from 1979 to 2015 the trend is steadily up, not down! Give it another 5 years and the temperatures which used to be all below the 0 base line will be all above the zero line! In other words: The trend is up, so the temperature of the lower atmosphere is steadily increasing! Just like your much maligned global warming alarmists ae saying!

      Cheers! Thanks!

    Good thing our current energy infrastructure doesn’t rely on government subsidies. Just image if government had to fund things like the WAC Bennet Dam, the Site C project, power grids, etc.

      There is a very large return on investment and do you enjoy about the lowest power rate on the world. Just think if you were living in Ontario with its mercuric rise in power rates chasing the wind.

And I read another one this week about an Arctic exploration that couldn’t get to where they wanted to go to research receding ice packs. They couldn’t get there because there was too much ice! I’ll post the link if I can find it!

This week, the url teslamotors.com began redirecting to tesla.com. Elon Musk has promised to reveal what he calls his Master Plan Part 2 tonight at 5 pm PDT. The smart money says that it will focus on Tesla becoming more directly involved in ways to transition the world away from fossil fuels in favor of using free, renewable energy from the sun. Elon has called burning fossil fuels “The dumbest experiment in history

    Smart money in tesla.? With a P/E ratio of zero and a cash burn rate of over 200 million per quarter.? Smart money no.. Speculative money yes.. When the existing car companies start producing EV’s on mass then Tesla will be screwed..I like the Tesla story but there are better places to put money..

      But yeah if everyone jumps on the solar bandwagon all at once to 100% replace fossil fuels. It won’t happen because there isnt enough mineable silver to produce the solar panels and there isn’t any substitute for the silver ion which transfers solar into electrical energy.. The mining industry thanks the green tech industry. Going green basically means your replacing the fossil fuels industry with mining.

      Tesla will gladly recycle all their used batteries and reuse all the products in their gigafactory directly from the recycle plant . That’s all part of their plan .

      Northman you state that there is not enough mineable silver to produce the solar panels. Then, I ask, why is the price of silver as low as it is! One would think that silver mines all over the world would be running full tilt in order to take advantage of the price which has gone through the roof.

      @ Prince George.. Low silver price..? Where have you been the last 20 years.?? Yes the price may be low compared to the 2011 high of $50 but the all in sustaining cost to mine silver is around the $18-20 dollar range.. With a spot price of $25..thats not a lot of margin to go around..silver mines are at full tilt as well as mines that produce it as a by-product. The reason for the production/price gap is low ore grades and higher strip ratios in mines…

    While much of the recent public attention surrounding Tesla has focused on the car’s self-driving or “autopilot” feature, which was implicated in the May 7 deadly crash and has resulted in a NHTSA probe as well as a potential SEC inquiry into whether the company misled investors by not reporting the death at the time of Tesla’s May equity offering, the real problems facing Tesla is not so much whether its cars are safe but the increasingly evident lack of demand at any price point.

    Last month, Tesla cut the base price of its Model S sedan to $66,000; this happens at a time when Tesla has missed its sales targets in the first two quarters this year. Then earlier today, Musk also added a lower-priced version of its Model X crossover. The new Tesla Model X 60D is priced from $74,000, $9,000 less than the Model X 75D. Equipped with a 60kWh battery,

    But the real sign that Tesla is concerned about flailing demand for its cars came later in the day, when Tesla said it had discontinued its resale value guarantee program that assured buyers that cars would retain value over time.

    As Reuters adds, the discontinuation of the buyback program, as of July 1, shows the company stepping back on a pledge begun in 2013 that Tesla would buy back its cars financed through specified loan partners for a predetermined resale value after three years. The program was intended to help Tesla control its secondary market and assure buyers that cars would retain value.

    This means that used Tesla values are dropping faster than the company had expected in its worst case scenario, and as a result it can no longer afford to fill the gap. With this program ending, demand for new vehicles is set to slump even more as concerns about resale prices emerge.

    A Tesla spokesperson said the program was discontinued to “keep interest rates as low as possible and offer a compelling lease and loan program to customers.”

    What he really meant but would never say is that demand for Teslas, both new and used, is cratering, something which will promptly be reflected in prices of used Teslas as they suddenly hit the market now that the company is no longer backstopping all repurchases. And, we expect, once the public realizes what the true clearing price of these vehicles is, demand for new cars will slump even further in a feedback loop that ends with Tesla eventually running out of cash.

    ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-13/tesla-quietly-kills-car-buyback-program-probes-reporter-reveals-undisclosed-sec-inve

Have you seen the tesla semi trailer truck that is being road tested . The master plan part deux is already avalable on line ( two days ago ) they are working on a pickup truck as well .

    Just checked it out..would be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Im always hopeful when i read about elon musk. Even if its mostly investors money it cant be denied that he is changing the world as we know it. His plan could collapse tomorrow but i think the direction he pointed us in will go on. Not muched has excited me in the last 30 years as much as the space x landings or self driving cars………except pokeman go of course!

    actually Musk knows how to maximise taxpayer subsidies and has as yet to turn a profit.

      The conversion of the world fleet of cars to electric only will take many years. That is a good thing because the change will cause predictable upsets as electric cars are very simple compared to the complicated internal combustion engine vehicles we have now. No oil changes and no complicated transmissions, etc.

      The service industry will have to adapt or else. I would not be surprised if its lobbyists are trying everything in their power to slow the process down, possibly going as far as spreading information that could delay the progress of going to electric.

    You can’t argue about Elons vision, the man is a dynamo and he has a nack for getting buy in..from an investment point of view if your putting money in his business, at this point it’s very speculative. I won’t dive into all the reasons but the main one being is the competition already has the infrastructure to re produce the ideas and sell them.Money speaking aside, he is carrying the proverbial torch..and I admire him for that..

You bet princegeorge . The dealership model is being disrupted and are fighting back but to no avail . The ice car is a gold mine that just gives and gives your money . The dealers make very little on the sales and leases . Where they make the money is trying to keep them running till they wear out . Teslas have infinite mileage warranty because they so rarely break down . Even for taxi fleets or ride share . The ice cars are going to suffer the same fate as the Kodak gougers .

    Actually another story from ataloss, the telsa cars have a quality issue, do a simple search.

The future will be in 3D printer cars. You buy a EV motor for each wheel and some control modules, lights, a few assessories, a battery… Then 3D print the rest. Some guys will have a classic 46-Ford pickup style, others the Farrari F-40 but all with the same running gear. Just bolt together 3D printer subframe and body.

Eliminate the need to build a heavy chassis and motor and shipping could come from anywhere even PG. assemble the parts and sell the kits. The Detroits of the future will have good airport connections and lots of empty airport cargo space to fill with parts shipments from suppliers around the world.

    But will that light chassis provide sufficient protection in case of accident?

Seems like P Val thinks that because 35 people were in the park playing a **stupid** game, that if they weren’t there they would be sitting at home on their butts. That P Val is an assumption on your part, not backed up by any facts whatsoever. For all you know they could be hockey players, golfers, lacrosse players, soccer players, etc; etc;,
Who knows what they do.??

Unless you know for sure that they are butt sitters, don’s assume that they are.

The fact that you and your son were there does not necessarily make you butts sitters does it??

Could someone in the city or highways department please increase the signal time at Hwy 16 and Ferry. Letting only 4 cars through turning onto Ferry per light is ridiculous.

The line up was past the end of the turn lane holding up straight through traffic and people were darting into the right lane which was still moving with some very close calls. And this was with the road closed past RecPlace Drive so people turning were only turning to access the malls. Can’t imagine what it will be like when they go dedicated turn signal and you can no longer turn on the green

Let’s not mince words. The new President of the Philippines, Jose Duterte, says he won’t sign or honor the “stupid” Paris deal and he wanted to kick the ambassador who asked.

Here’s a memorable moment in international diplomacy:

“You are trying to stifle us,” Duterte said on Monday in widely reported comments. “That’s stupid, I will not honour that. You signed … That was not my signature.”

Duterte said: “I’m mad at this ambassador. I want to kick him,” adding that limits on carbon emissions for the Philippines were “nonsense”.

“You who have reached your peak and along with it spewed a lot of contaminants, emissions … Good for you. We are here, we have not reached the age of industrialisation. We are on our way to it.”

This is a bit of a bummer for the big-government collective. The Philippines has 100 million people and is the 12th biggest country on Earth population-wise.

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/07/clexit-coming-president-of-philippines-says-paris-climate-deal-is-stupid-nonsense-wants-to-kick-someone/

The last producer of video cassette players today announced that they would stop . Rip VCR . You had a good run , thirty years . That’s disruption for ya .

    But 2″ analogue is making a comeback in music recording with vinyl records. No more bit rate clipping..!! Check out the Sound City documentary for a taste of what I’m talking about..

This week, our Provincial and Territorial leaders have been meeting in Whitehorse to discuss a wide range of issues, including the CPP and carbon pricing. Saskatchewan’s Premier Brad Wall is a bit frustrated with Justin, as Justin did not attend:

“Brad Wall airs frustration with Justin Trudeau over CPP, carbon pricing”

“Brad Wall is taking aim at the prime minister, who he believes decided to skip the premiers’ meeting when it became clear it would be more than just a “photo op.”

“Let’s be very clear,” Wall, the premier of Saskatchewan, said in an interview with CTV News. “My understanding is the prime minister wanted to attend this meeting basically for a photo op on the [Canada Pension Plan].”

Wall says the premiers invited Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to “have a more substantial discussion” on an issue like health care, “but not a photo op. And so then he decided not to attend.”

ht tp://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/brad-wall-airs-frustration-with-justin-trudeau-over-cpp-carbon-pricing-1.2996818

At a time when our energy sector is in turmoil and carbon pricing would add even more pain to this major industry, your new Prime Minister is more interested in photo ops! What a shame!

How about that cop that shot the mental healthcare worker in the leg while he was trying to help his patient. The cop said twice “he didn’t know why he shot the guy”.

    Definitely a baffling situation! Sure feel bad for the guy that got popped in the leg!

    Correction. The guy that got shot in the leg and his lawyer looking to sue set the narrative by claiming the cop said he didn’t know why he did it. Huge difference from the victim saying the cop said that, as opposed to any actual third party evidence that the cop actually said that.

    It’s the BLM way of reporting these incidents. A claim is made on a moment in time narrative that is reported by the media as truth, but then never holds up in court. Same with the girl with the cell phone recording… She narrates her interpretation of what happened prior to her starting to record, but did it actually happen that way? It’s easy to judge after the fact based on the victims statement… But how come we never hear the other side until months later when it finally goes through the courts.

    The rush to judgement by msm taking statements from victims with financial motives in the narrative… Is why cops have been assassinated literally every single day for the last two weeks. It’s causing a break down of the rule of law.

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