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October 27, 2017 9:51 pm

British Columbians Camping in Record Numbers

Monday, July 25, 2016 @ 4:10 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Poor weather this summer hasn’t deterred British Columbians from heading out and enjoying the great outdoors.

B.C.’s Ministry of Environment confirmed as much in an email to 250News this afternoon.

“While BC Parks has a provincial average of reservation statistics, there is no indication that campsite bookings are down, or that inclement weather is preventing people from going camping,” reads an email from the ministry.

“In fact, it appears to be yet another record year. As of July 24, more than 153,000 reservations have been made for BC Parks so far, which represents a 12% increase from this time last year.”

The number of bookings comes on the heels of a busy 2015 – a BC Parks record year for reservations – when there was a 19% increase in campsite bookings over 2014.


I drove out to an area campground yesterday and it was full to capacity which was good to see however what wasn’t good to see was how many people left the area trails a mess leaving their garbage everywhere untended food out in the open in their campsites and at how noisy some of the campers were. What happened to respecting the campground and walking trails

    Very keen observation Dearth. Now instead of blowing smoke you have done nothing to offer positive solutions to these problems.

      Not blowing smoke and I have ideas but no solutions ban alcohol out of all campgrounds have park staff fine offenders or report to appropriate authorities, make those caught clean up the trails and campgrounds as punishment

      Yes I will agree to the over consumption of alcohol as a leading factor to trouble in campgrounds and a lot of things for that matter. Secondly we go on a big cleanup around the campsite before you let the little ones out.

Good thing you gave everyone’s campsite an inspection.
It’s too bad that so many were in non-compliance to your standards.

With so many camping now it would be great if they could develop new campsites. At most of the area sites we have to go out on Wednesday to secure a spot for the weekend. We saw updates to the provincial parks but we also need more forestry and regional sites.

‘Maybe the Dearth’s of the world could be “volunteer park rangers” much like our volunteer fire departments? He could just go out and gently educate those that are the culprits on how to be a good camper and environmentally friendly. The Province doesn’t have enough money in the coffers to patrol everything! How about it Dearth? Much like neighbourhood watch or good will ambassadors, start a volunteer department. I’d sign up on weekends!

I for one am so glad to see all these parks full to capacity, it keeps a lot of people out of the bush where the truly peaceful camping is to be had by those who don’t need outhouses and picnic tables. Another joke is when people own cabins on lakes in the area like, Bobtail, Bednesti, Cluculz and Fraser Lake say they are leaving the city and getting away from it all and heading to the cabin for the weekend. Most of those places are busier and noisier than where I live in PG. No, if you want to truly experience the peace and serenity of the outdoors you have to leave the security of pavement behind and even leave the gravel roads behind occasionally.

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