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October 27, 2017 9:48 pm

Four Suspects in Custody in Cowart Road B & E

Saturday, July 30, 2016 @ 10:31 AM
RCMP vehicles on scene of Cowart Road break-in around 5 am Saturday. Submitted photo

RCMP vehicles on scene of Cowart Road break-in early Saturday morning. Submitted photo

Prince George, B.C. – Four people are in custody while two RCMP officers were treated at hospital for injuries suffered in an early-morning business break-in on Cowart Road in Prince George.

Police say that at about 4 o’clock this morning they received a report of a Break & Enter in progress at a commercial business on Cowart Road.  As officers arrived on scene, a pickup truck fled the business’ compound and rammed a fully marked police vehicle.  The suspect vehicle fled the area despite having serious damage to one of its tires.

Approximately 20 minutes later, the same vehicle collided at low speed with a parked vehicle on Pioneer Avenue.  Four occupants of the suspect vehicle, two adult males and two adult females, were taken into custody with the assistance of the Police Dog Service. The two males are both on the Detachment’s Prolific Offender list.

Two police officers were transported to hospital for treatment of non life threatening injuries.

An RCMP collision reconstructionist and the Detachment’s Forensic Identification Section have been called in to assist with the investigation.   The investigation is continuing and further information may be provided as it comes available.


Prolific offender. Is that the same as repeat offender or is it repeat offender on steroids?

Wait, they made it from Cowart to Pioneer, on 3 tires.. what were the cops doing?

And we the Taxpayer have to pay for it again, make them work for no pay and no free Meals!

Hope the Constables are ok and bites on the accursed.

Must have offended the offenders.

If those two are on the “prolific offenders” list then send them off to Russian Siberia. Obviously these two can’t manage to play well in society.

I wonder if the officers were wearing there seatbelt?

You do realize that somehow someway the judge will rule that these pieces of s…. rights where violated and if they promise to be good they can go

How is the judicial system protecting the rights and safety of the public by turning these types loose again after a hearing?
There really needs to be a change in political thinking.
Send them all to Ottawa, maybe the politicians can deal with them.

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