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October 27, 2017 9:47 pm

10 New Fire Starts Over the Weekend

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 @ 2:45 PM

Prince George, B.C. – A busy weekend for crews in the Prince George Fire Centre.

Fire information officer Amanda Reynolds says there were 10 new fire starts – nine of them caused by lightning.

“The other was human-caused – it was a pile burning out in the Robson Valley which is now out. Someone had improperly extinguished it so we went in with an air tanker on Saturday and it was out the next day.”

She says three of the lightning caused fires were near Prince George but says those and the others have since been extinguished.

Reynolds adds Northerners were vigilant with their fire use considering no abandoned campfires were found in the Prince George Fire Centre.

“No, we really appreciate the public in being very diligent over this long weekend.”

She notes that’s quite impressive considering there were 32 abandoned campfires found in the Southeast Fire Centre over the same time period.


For the most part, we up here in northern and north central BC are responsible citizens when it comes to our environment. In our life time, we are seeing the devastation and impacts caused by global warming related forest fires so big that thy create their own weather.

The impacts of the massive uncontrollable forest fires on the communities of Slave Lake and Fort McMurray are fresh on our minds…. larger fines have nothing to do with changing our behavior with campfires, if this were not true, then why the difference between the 32 unattended campfires in southeastern BC compared to none up here?

    In 1919 ft Mac area had a forest fire many times bigger than the last. Horse drawn suvs?.

    JGalt, you suggest that global warming is causing HUGE forest fires and I suspect that you are inferring that the global warming is man-made. However, in spite of repeated requests, I don’t believe that anybody on this site has provided scientific evidence, actual factual scientific evidence that we (mankind) are causing global warming!

    I don’t deny climate change as I believe that the climate has always changed and is in a constant state of change.

    If you want to talk about “forest fires so big that they create their own weather”, then perhaps you should google the Wisp Fire, otherwise known as the Chinchaga Fire in northern BC/Alberta in 1950! This happened long before concerns about global warming!

      Wisp/Chinchaga Fire

      ht tp://www.digplanet.com/wiki/Chinchaga_fire

      JGalt, you also question why there were 32 abandoned fires found in the Southeastern Fire Centre while there were none found here. I would like to think that this is because we are more responsible here, especially considering that I was one of many who just enjoyed a long weekend sitting beside a campfire!

      However, the fact that I found two abandoned campfires still smoldering as I left my campsite suggests to me that our low reported numbers have more to do with dumb luck than anything else!

      I suspect that the higher numbers in the Southeastern Fire Centre may also have something to do with a larger population using the outdoors in that district.

      Regardless of the numbers here, or the numbers there, I hope that more and more people will be vigilant with regards to fire safety in the bush! We can certainly do our best to reduce man caused forest fires but it’s unlikely that we will ever totally eliminate them because “you just can’t fix stupid”!

      Hart guy. We cannot provide any scientific evidence of man made global warming because “we” are not scientists. There is plenty of peer reviewed research out there. I suggest you go look at it with an unbiased eye. You might not like what you’ll find.

A big congratulations to all who had a campfire this weekend and acted responsibly with it!

Where can I find info regarding who is paying for the human caused fire in the Robson Valley? I bet the tax payer will be eating it.

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