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October 27, 2017 9:45 pm

Rio Olympics Just Hours Away

Thursday, August 4, 2016 @ 1:07 PM

Prince George, B.C.-   The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro have been plagued with controversy and while some qualifying action  is underway, the Games  don’t officially start until tomorrow.

From  concerns about construction,  zika virus,  sewage and  Russian athlete doping,  the Games have  already seen  a great deal of  publicity, but not all of it is good.

Canada is sending 314 athletes to the Games, and 142  of those athletes have a  connection to B.C.

So we want to know if you will be watching the 2016 Summer Olympics,  or if the  Games have lost their glow and  your interest.   250News has set up an opinion poll to gauge  your  thoughts on the Games.

We will post  your results on Monday morning.



Let’s all get together and wish the best for P.G.’s own Alix Treasure. She is competing in the high jump. Let’s go Alix!!!

Not even an ounce of interest this time around. Waste of money for everyone involved.

    Sad, to hear that. Yet most of were so proud of our winter Olympics and wanted the world to know where Vancouver was.

      Speak for yourself. I couldn’t have cared less for the Vancouver Winter Olympics and cared even less whether people around the world knew where Vancouver was located.

      Remember, you are speaking for yourself.

      He spoke, on the other hand simply wrote that most were proud of our Winter Olympics. There was nothing in those words which implied that he was speaking for you.

      Just for your information, aa I am making this post you are in the minority of 36% who ticked the box saying: “Yes, I am totally turned off and will not watch (36%, 126 Votes)”

      You and everyone else is entitled to their opinion.

      So, just out of interest, what part of publicly funded infrastructure and services are you making use of that is not shared by the interests of a majority of others?

I have absolutely no interest in spectator sports of any kind. I’ve never been able to understand why anyone would care if one team or another wins. As far as I’m concerned, if people like it and want to watch it, that’s fine. If they want to spend their money on sports, that’s fine too. But I really don’t like the government spending my tax dollars on sports, and that includes Olympics.

    So, let us get rid of the stands in Masich Place Stadium, all the ball field stands, the several ice arena with spectator stands, the stands in the indoor pools. IN other words, no more spectators.

    Then, of course since you do not like the government to support any sports, all those arenas, pools, running tracks, soccer and other ball fields, tennis courts, etc. also should be abandoned.

    Furthermore, the advertising dollars that the manufacturers and distributors of the cars, TVs, and other products and services which fund broadcast sports should also not be allowed. Remember that whatever you buy, a percentage of what you pay for those products and services goes to such useless promotional endeavours.

      I’m fine with spectators. If you like it, watch it, I couldn’t care less. I’m fine with private sponsorship of sports. It’s their money to spend on advertising as they wish. Advertising is a necessary component of the economy and if it isn’t spent there, it will be spent elsewhere. I just don’t think sport is something governments should be involved in.

    BTW, is there anything you like to watch? TV?, movies, internet videos, pictures, blogs, news….and so on?

      Yup, I like watching a considerable variety of things. Just not sports.

Instead of building monuments to athletic excess, maybe they should have spent all those billions on sewage treatment so the rivers in that area weren’t disgusting pools of filth and e.coli.

    Those are only half their problems. The entire Brazilian economy went for a nosedive from the 7% GDP increase when the Olympics were announced since the bottom went out of the Brazilian/world resources market. It hit Brazil much harder than Canada.

    Typically modern Olympic projects provide an opportunity to improve infrastructure such as housing (athlete’s village), public transportation, renewal of public gathering places, conversion of slum neighbourhoods, public safety services, etc.

    In this case, due to the reduced income from Brazil’s economic drivers, the government fell due to “corruption” and the several decade old improved democratization of the government has faltered.

    The Olympics landed right in the middle of that crisis created by separate factors.

    Luck of the draw.

    Britain is now starting to experience a downturn in the GDP as well due to the Brexit vote.

    We have yet to see what the result of the fiasco to our “friendly” neighbours to the south of us will result in.

      Every one of those items you mentioned should be being done in spite of some athletic boondoggle. The fact that those items only get improved by spending money on boondoggle athletic stadiums and a two week party says something about the pathetic state of priorities in this world.

      Every bit of the money that was poured into building stadiums and Olympic-sized swimming pools should have been spent to improve all of those public services for the benefit of the populace, not as some pathetic attempt to graft a false facade of prosperity onto Rio for the benefit of expected Olympic tourists.

      I disagree with your assertions gopg2015.

      Britain is having a mini boom time since Brexit. The stock market has gone up every single week since Brexit, and tourism and exports are both up nearly 20%. They haven’t seen this kind of growth in economic activity since the 1980’s. The only ones complaining are the globalists that have a political agenda.

      As for Brazil… They had a coup about a year ago… The new government has since been embroiled in epic corruption and would likely have all gone to prison had they not seized power. The claim that the elected government was corrupt has since proven to be a lie put forth by the elites that run the country. The elites have robbed the country to the point it can barely function… It’s a terrible disgrace what has happened to Brazil with or with out the olympics, but add to that the demands of the IOC and it just amplifies all that is wrong with that country.

Not sure where you get your info from Eagleone, but everything I have read and heard about Britains economy is far from booming, to the tune of the bank of england dropping thier interest rate for the first time since the 90s in order to stimulate their economy.

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