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October 27, 2017 9:45 pm

Blockade at Mt Polley

Thursday, August 4, 2016 @ 5:23 PM

Likely, B.C. – A planned ‘resistance gathering’ at Mt Polley Mine has turned into a blockade.

On Tuesday Kanahus Freedom of the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society told 250News she was planning the gathering to coincide with the two-year anniversary of the breach at Mt. Polley.

She said it was in response to the provincial government’s decision to issue an operating permit to mine operators Imperial Metals in June.

Paul French, local 1-425 president with the United Steelworkers, says the ‘gathering’ has turned into a blockade and has affected workers wanting to go to work for their afternoon shift today.

“The protesters have blockaded the road (heading to the mine) and aren’t allowing anyone in to work.”

He says that’s affected over 100 of his members though he notes those in charge of the blockade are allowing workers to leave the work site.

“As long as Imperial Metals and the government that backs them continue to devastate our lands with no accountability, we will take whatever action necessary to defend our lands,” said Freedom in a news release issued today.

“There will be an escalation in resistance, solidarity and pressure against their corporate interests. Today’s blockade is just the beginning.”



Protesting is good. It’s what makes democracies strong. Blockading is criminal.


Their actions are illegal, period. The ‘authorities’ should have the stones to react appropriately, regardless of the ethnic heritage of the blockaders. Enough already.

    There will be very little done to stop this blockade! There is a lot of evidence to suggest that there are two sets of laws in Canada, one set for Aboriginals and another set for the rest. The fact that aboriginal ethnicity is considered during sentencing confirms this!

      3 sets… don’t forget Quebec

      There is a lot of evidence to suggest that there are two sets of laws in Canada, one set for Aboriginals and another set for the rest.


      Must be why 25% of the federal prison population is comprised of aboriginal persons, when they only represent a little over 4% of the total population . . .

      NMG, perhaps the number would be higher than 25% if not for the ethnic consideration? Perhaps, perhaps not!

    To add to your post.. Kanahus Manual (Freedom) has been served court injunctions and lost court cases for blockading the red Chris mine access.. The judge also had some stern warnings for repeat offences of this nature.. If I can find the case link I will post it..

The union should sue for lost wages to start

The natives always get special treatment when they blockade anything.. It’s racism to the core.

Isn’t it interesting there was no “blockade”, ” resistance gathering” or any mention of “your land’s devastation” the other 700 days since this happened.This is in reaction to a permit issued in JUNE. Really? it’s August now and until it was mentioned in the news you had no interest in “taking necessary actions”. Happy Anniversary.

I for one support it. What else can we as a people do to fight for our rights? I see Canada as a business and those leading it as business men; they will not do what is right for you and me unless profit is involved. The environnent is a money making tool; I for one just want to enjoy it… dont be fooled into the whole “it will create jobs, etc”. They would trade all of you in for a lower paid immigrant worker if they could and do whenever possible. Blockades bring media and with media comes more awareness… or do guys just want to complain on a local news websites’ forums until you are blue in the face ;-)

Also, why point out Natives are doing it for special treatment? I agree – racism to the core P Val. Google blockades or civil disobedience and see why individuals choose to take this step. “Old” stock Canadians are dying off and soon the people will realize Canada has changed; your voices will be heard but no one hears what you are saying. I bid you and the others adieu. ;-)

    I guess when you refer to “old stock” you mean White Canadians, right? So you are happy to see Whites in Canada disappear, right?

      Regardless of being “happy” or “sad” the majority of whites will disappear from Canada by 2050, because what applies to America also applies to Canada. Anyone that is interested in what a majority of Americans and Canadians will look like by the year 2050 can follow the link, and to tell you the truth, I can hardly wait for it… imagine how much racism will be in decline.

      ht tp://tinyurl.com/hxnmlma

      Yup, for those of you who are afraid of change; too bad, its going to happen anyway!

      Seriously? You think racism will go into decline if Whites disappear or are you just attempting to be sarcastic? LOL

      I don’t imagine that all the Asians that are moving to BC will give a crap about native issues. Be careful what you wish for.

    Also, it is a contradiction in terms to say that “one’s voice will be heard but no one will hear what is being said”. Either one is heard or one is not. it appears that you will be happy when an entire group of Canadians are disenfranchised politically.

      Don’t fall for the race baiting tactics of JGalt..

What a bunch of ****. How about a protest about protests.

All these “protesters” are professional trouble makers. Would you have time to protest or blockade if you had a job? Living off the very industry they are blockading. If they shut the industry down their welfare should be directly effected.

Must be nice to NOT have an ACTUAL job and to be able to spend your days protesting here and protesting there!

Next, I expect these losers to be protesting that their welfare cheques aren’t big enough!

A short time ago I commented that if we cut off welfare to the half that abuse the system, we could double the payments that we give to those that truly need welfare! I’m thinking that Kanahus Freedom would fall into the group that should be cut off!

Time for the bleeding hearts to jump to her defence! And…….GO!

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