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October 27, 2017 9:44 pm

Foodie Friday Fun at City Hall

Friday, August 5, 2016 @ 1:11 PM


All lined up  to get lunch from one of the vendors-photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – The first “Foodie Friday” in Veterans Plaza in front of Prince George City Hall is a hit.With  half a dozen food trucks on site,   hundreds of folks wandered over to Veterans Plaza to  grab some lunch. enjoy the sunshine and  hear some music, provided by  buskers

“The sun is  out, the food is fantastic, people are at picnic tables and  on the grass, people of all ages,  this is a great initiative” says Councillor Terri McConnachie.  She  says it is exactly  what the City  wanted “A great opportunity to bring  our community together in a public space.”

(At right,   Demi Grist and Trisha McCreery belt out some  tunes for those  enjoying the event)foodie1

Food trucks  are not paying a fee to  take part in Foodie Fridays, w which run each Friday from 11 till 2 until the end of September,  but  that may change in the future says City employee Deanna Wasnik “Right now, they have to fill out an application form and they have to have an active business license with the City.  It’s a pilot project and we want to see if there is interest in the community  and see if it takes off this year, and for 2017 make a few additions,  hopefully adding buskers, some live performances that type of thing to make it a bigger  event.”

Wasnik says  there may be some difficulty  getting vendors to commit to Friday Aug. 19th, as most already have a commitment to be at the BCNE “We will have to wait and see  who will be available for that particular day.”

“It’s nice to be able to take a walk with  a group of co-workers and friends, grab some food and get some sunshine” says Michelle Blacker   one of the many who  attended this first  Foodie Friday.   What  food trucks would she like  to see  added?  “Well,  White Goose Bistro, Kelly O’Bryans, gotta get some pachos and chicken lips, maybe Oh Chocolat and Mr. Mikes should totally have a food truck.”


Excellent idea

The first “Foodie Friday” in Veterans Plaza in front of Prince George City Hall is a hit.

Imagine Veterans Plaza has become a food court. Lots of respect for our veterans. What a bunch of bush bunnies.

    Come on now! Our veterans want us to be happy, to be active and do the things we can and enjoy while we are alive! How can that possibly be disrespectful?

    Many thanks to our new Mayor and his council for their new approach! The new grassy area across from City Hall is a wonderful idea as well! Prince George is finally beginning to care about its image and catching up to other cities.


    I went with my kids and my dog. The kids saw the memorial while we were standing in line and asked about it and then I got to give them an impromptu education about our veterans and fallen soldiers. And we all had a nice picnic lunch on the grass in the sunshine.

    So disrespectful, right?

    Our veterans fought for freedom & to preserve the liberties we enjoy. Did you actually read the article? People out enjoying the sun & having lunch. How in any way, shape or form is that disrespectful to veterans? That is exactly what they fought for, for us to enjoy the great country we live in. Other than insult, bitch & moan, what exactly have you done for our country? Fill us in on what a sophisticated individual you are or what you have done in life that you think gives you the right to continually disrespect the citizens of PG?

      I’m a Korean Veteran.

      And if you are so profit pro Mel Hurtig just passed away. Read some of his books and learn about our Canadian heritage.

      So the plaza is a great place for fun that has been provided by our veterans.

      And 60,000 Canadians died in the first world war, 40,000 in World War II and another 517 in the Korean War and this is so that you can have fun on the Veterans Plaza. How thoughtless can you get.

Was not particularly receptive to the previous news story (which has now been removed?) about Canfor cooking up pancakes at city hall, but as part of a larger “community event” I am definitely behind Canfor being there and this event.

I hope this becomes a regular event, and as part of it, have some of the food donated and delivered to the local homeless shelters. I just think with all that food and delicious smells wafting through the downtown air, it is only right to serve a portion of it up for free to the downtown homeless.

And for those of you who think this is just a bleeding heart notion; how about thinking this approach will keep those “dirty filthy homeless people AWAY from the foodie friday location, and out of sight”! Happy now?

    It really is incredible how you look at everything through the lens of of the left wing, socialist, anti big business,anti capitalist, anti anything or anyone that makes a buck in life. It seems like the only good news story that you will ever acknowledge is when an NDP supporter does something…anything, or a big business fails! It always seems that when our present government, a “for Profit” business, or someone other than an NDP supporter does anything of merit you always find a way to find fault either with the deed, the intent, or the perceived motive. Perhaps its time to change the colour of the sky in your world to something a little more on the cheery side from that bleak grey that always seems to come through in your comments!

      And its really unbelievable as a former PG resident the derogative remarks I get for my posts that have never had a negative thought.

is it me, or is downtown Prince George becoming more fun place to hang out.

    At least this city council is willing to try something ‘new and different’ instead of the same old/same old. Steps in the right direction.

    No, lots of people think the same way you do! We went there this morning and saw nothing but smiles!

    Except for JGalt.

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