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October 27, 2017 9:44 pm

Free Breakfast Draws Hundreds

Saturday, August 6, 2016 @ 9:22 AM
The lineups started early this morning - photos 250News

The lineups started early this morning – photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Hundreds of Prince George residents are busy taking advantage of a free summer pancake breakfast this morning.

It’s been put on by Canfor and organizers say it’s simply a token of their appreciation for the support they’ve received locally.


“This community event is just a small way to say thank you to the community,” says Luke Drapeau, general manager of operations at Canfor’s sawmill group. “To our employees, their families and all of our stakeholders – the First Nations partners, our contractors and the whole community at large in terms of supporting us and making us successful.”

The breakfast is taking place downtown between Patricia Boulevard and 7th Avenue and runs until 10:30 this morning.


Good idea, Thanks Cantor

I think its a bad idea. wonder where the Canadian Legion stands o this great idea.

    Who would this be a bad idea? Who cares what the legion thinKS?

    The legion is slowly dying..has been for a long time.. I am sure any legion member would think it’s great for any person or company to give out free food.

    I joined the Legion when I was in my 20’s; a long time ago now. I see zero connection between free food and the Legion.

    Retired 02…..I respect your contribution to our country, I respect your contribution to the city of Prince George…., but now you just direct idiot **** towards the citizens of PG. Why ?

      I am not directing **** at the citizens of PG. I merrily expressed an idea. You are the one that’s throwing shit at a former resident.

      Okay, I get it. You have been on a field with exploding artillery. That is why I keep offering you the benefit of doubt.

Wow, Free breakfast and a good turnout. Way to show your spirit PG.

Money from their public relations budget well spent I suppose, but let there be no mistake, Canfor is not doing this out of the “kindness of their heart”. This is all about creating positive PR for their brand.

“Corporations are not people. People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs, they get sick, they cry, they dance. They live, they love and they die. And that matters. That matters because we don’t run this country for corporations, we run it for people.”
~ Elizabeth Warren

    completely And just what is so wrong about “..creating positive PR for their brand”? A day or so ago there was a story on here about Integris Credit Union ~ a body ‘corporate’, even though it’s arranged as a ‘co-operative’ entity ~ sponsoring a group trying to raise funds for cancer research, I believe. They were also trying to “create positive PR for their brand”, were they not? Or maybe whatever it cost them to advertise what they were doing should have gone into the cancer research fund instead, and they should’ve kept what they were doing quiet lest any one be offended they’re not a ‘person’.

      “British Columbia’s general corporate income tax rate is 11 per cent, among the lowest in Canada.”

      BC has had, over the past decade, one of the highest child poverty rates in the country. How about raising the corporate tax rate a couple of percentage points and use that money to reduce our unacceptably high child poverty rate? No? Instead Canfor enjoys one of the lowest corporate tax rate in the country, makes a community breakfast once a year at a cost of maybe 2 thousand dollars, and then calls it even. Good for Canfor, not so good for those children!

      Lets just take a little look at what you’re suggesting, JGalt, in regards to the ‘corporate tax rate’ and raising it a couple of percentage points.

      First of all, as it applies to an export oriented large business like Canfor, or to smaller firms whose markets are right here in BC, whatever is collected off a corporation in “money” can only come from the money that company GETS from its customers. Companies, aside from banks, DON’T ‘make’ money. They make some product or provide some service that can be exchanged for money. Money they have to get from somebody else.

      If those customers are abroad, as they’d largely be with Canfor, then it’s some foreigner who pays the tax which Canfor has to work into the price it charges for its products.

      Which would be just fine and dandy, except that Canfor is competing in a GLOBAL market, and if the price it must charge for its lumber goes up, it risks losing market share to other companies from elsewhere who may have a lower overall cost structure. Canfor is volume driven; it’s selling mostly a commodity product in competition with other firms throughout the world that are selling, or trying to, exactly the same thing.
      A slight difference, less than $ 5 per MBF, in the price of lumber can make an enormous difference given the volume Canfor is dealing in. To be competitive in that kind of market it HAS TO run its mills at capacity. They can’t be throttled back, or the costs literally go through the roof. So do you really want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg? It might be, though you’re not going to believe me, I know, dying anyways. But do you really want to hasten its departure, and add to the poverty levels you’re so concerned about?

      Ummm, I understand Keynesian economics as well as most, but to use that in response to extremely high number of poverty stricken children using food banks in Prince George seems… well… it seems inappropriate.

      For those who possess little knowledge of economic theory, I would imagine this is what they got out of your rather lengthy comment socredilble:

      www .youtube.com/watch?v=ss2hULhXf04

      Well, JGalt, I don’t know what ‘Keynesian economics’ has to do with anything I’ve written, but as for Keynes himself, I understand that in his day he did his bit to relieve ‘child poverty’ in Morocco. Where a “bed and a boy” could be had for a bargain in British currency. Maybe if he were alive today he’d have ‘come out’ more publicly and be marching right alongside Trudeau.

    “Corporations are not people. People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs, they get sick, they cry, they dance. They live, they love and they die. And that matters. That matters because we don’t run this country for corporations, we run it for people.”
    ~ Elizabeth Warren

    Now a lot of people who work for corporations would be in a fine fix if they worked for individuals instead, and there were no corporations. Because those individuals do a lot of the things Ms. Warren says they do. They get sick, for instance. And they die. And when they do, that’s it. Not just for them, but for those who work(ed) for them. Their ‘job’ died with their employer. Even with closely held corporations this can be a problem. But without a corporate structure which can carry on ‘living’ after its shareholder(s) no longer are, it would be a legal nightmare.

I hope many kids of low income families were able to avail themselves of this, also the homeless in Prince George.

    Will the day ever come when zero income people realize….gee …maybe I shouldn’t have kids ?

      Nice vision of a utopian society you have for us DI, lets just carry that one small step further and have everyone with zero income automatically sterilized. Yeesh!

      Now you are thinking rationally. Geez….you know that I am a Liberal thinking person, but….why should I bust my nuts to feed, clothe and educate your offspring if you are not willing to contribute ? All for one Peeps…. not free cream soda and doritos if your family has been here for a generation longer than mine. You and I disagree on the freebie stuff.

      “Its not the government’s responsibility to feed other people’s children” ~ James Moore

      Ladies and gentlemen, Digitus Impudicus is indeed our former Conservative MP and current UNBC Governor; James Moore.

      Screw these poverty stricken children, let them starve, this is Canada and its about I, me, mine, and everyone for themselves! Nice mantra DI

      So the parent’s are to have no responsibilities whatsoever are they, JGalt. It’s entirely up to the “government” to feed, clothe, shelter, educate, medicate, entertain, and provide personal security for the kids. And anything else they need, or their little hearts might desire. All the parents have to do is breed, and that’s it? I think we already have some areas in Canada where that attitude seems to be commonplace. But we’re not too proud of them, are we?

      To which I say:

      will the day ever come when we realize that WASP Canadians do not bear enough children to maintain the population so that it is stainable, thus, in addition to relying on immigrants to bolster the population of this sparsely populated country, we may wish to reward a family that loves to raise children with enough income to do so without living in poverty conditions.

      Let those who can raise children to become model citizens do the work they do the best while those who can create and distribute goods, provide services, etc. do the things they excel at.

      Where did you read “zero income”???

      Give more’s comment used the words “low income”.

      The word families was not included with the word “homeless”. It was not “homeless families”. While they exist, they typically did not start out that way. There are many reasons they may find themselves in such a predicament, too numerous to actually go into here.

      Do you actually think that people generally do that on purpose?

      You made a statement that is really not well thought out.

      Now that’s a very craftily worded response, gopg2015. Why can’t those who excel at producing goods and services to the extent they are actually NEEDED and WANTED also be able to fulfil their traditional role as parents? Why is it necessary, for instance, to have a TWO income family to be able to afford to do what a ONE income one used to be able to do? Are we so utterly inefficient in our productive processes that we have to have
      EVERYONE fully employed all the time? Are kids better off being dumped into a daycare with their little, impressionable minds being directed to think a certain State sanctioned way? Without any parental interference or questioning of what’s being taught them while they’re there? And as for our falling WASP birthrate, well, what do you expect when ‘society’ (government) in so many cases now dictates the way we will live, but then fails to provide us an income that allows us to follow those dictates, except on terms? Government terms, that indebt us still further and further?

      gopg2015 (Gus) states; “WASP Canadians do not bear enough children to maintain the population so that it is stainable” (sic). WASP stands for “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant”. Why would you bring race and religion into this discussion about poverty?

      To my knowledge, poverty has always been an equal opportunity blight on society, it hits families and children regardless of their race and religion.

If you understood Keynesian economicis Jgalt, you would not be the dork you are. You are a world class tool.

    The only reason you seem to make comments on here is to be the bully that you are and call people names.

    Are you pestered by someone at home? Or is this the way you are in public as well?

So I’m a dork and a world class tool because I stand up for families and children in poverty? You are such a class act dow, take a bow.

    you say you stand up for “families”, JGalt, but the kind of left-wing, profit-attacking Marxism you preach sounds to me like you want the “government” to take over the role parents are supposed to perform. Don’t tell us you didn’t know that Marx considered the institution of the “family” something to be continually undermined as an enemy of the ‘working class’? Why do you think virtually all the push for same-sex marriages and the outright promotion of homosexuality, (as opposed to the mere ‘tolerance’ of it) comes from the ‘left’?

Unbelievable, Someone goes out and does something good and all the negative comments. !!!!!

    Well, lets have a ‘positive’ one then. I think it’s great that Canfor has sponsored a free breakfast, and I hope everyone who partook of the food offered, which looked pretty good in the picture, enjoyed their meal. Really nice to see a company do this type of thing for the people of the community in which it operates, and to which it already contributes a great deal.

    ohreally states; “Unbelievable, “Someone” goes out and does something good and all the negative comments. !!!!!

    “Someone”? A corporation is “someone”? TAX those corporations to a reasonable level and use that money to curb child poverty in this province which has historically been the highest in Canada!!!!

JGalt, if you really and truly want to do something for the poor and the hungry, leave this site and NEVER come back!

Instead of spending the time that you spend here, spend that time instead at a job, or a second job (I’m assuming that you already have a job).

Take 100% of the income that you earn from the job, or the second job and donate it, all of it to help those in need!

The Salvation Army would welcome your charitable donation!

The St. Vincent DePaul Society would welcome your donation!

The various Women’s shelters and Homeless shelters would all welcome your charitable donations!

You will actually help those that you suggest need help!

What a freaking concept, eh!

I’ll take this opportunity to wish you well in your job search and to say GOOD-BYE to you as you leave all of us in order to pursue your ultimate purpose!

It’s been nice knowing you and on behalf of all of us here, I wish you well and I congratulate you on your new and exciting benevolent ventures!

    I have only one word that describes your comment Hart Guy… “CREEPY”!!!

“Unbelievable, someone goes out and does something good and all the negative comments. !!!!!”

Well said! As for the rest….who cares?

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