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October 27, 2017 9:42 pm

Postal Talks “Discouraging” says Canada Post

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 @ 1:00 PM

canada postPrince George, B.C.- Canada Post  and  the Canadian Union of Postal Workers continue their negotiations, but in a release issued by Canada Post today,  the Crown corporation says  “progress is discouraging”.

The Post Office also  wanted to clear up some  confusion about the current round of talks as some believe there was a 30 day limit to  the  discussions.  “That was not the case” says Canada Post ” This confusion may stem from an earlier offer by Canada Post on July 8 to negotiate intensively for 30 days under an extended “cooling off period.” The offer was contingent on both parties agreeing to binding arbitration if they could not reach negotiated settlements within 30 days.”

That means there  was no significance to the date of August 8th.

The two sides remain at the bargaining table,  with  Canada Post saying while it has a strong desire to negotiate without the threat of a lockout “a threat of a 72-hour notice to strike is always a very real possibility.”

The union has said it has no intentions of  going on strike.


Of course the union is going to say they have no intentions of going on strike, this way it will be the big evil corporation’s fault if an agreement can’t be worked out and there is some sort of service disruption.

The union is not going to get what they want. Purolator is a “private” government subsidiary of Canada Post and will happily pick up the slack of a lockout or strike. The union cannot win as Canada Post has a better backup plan already in place. The union will be lucky to get what Canada Post offers and should be happy to have a taxpayer funded job.

    Canada Post is not taxpayer funded. If anything the federal government takes money from Canada Post and puts it in general revenue.

      True, and false. Canada Post is a Crown Corp and pays federal, provincial and corporate taxes plus a dividend to its shareholder if it turns a profit.

      If it has a major loss the taxpayers (its shareholder) are still on the hook for a bailout.

So many ANTI Union Comments on this Site, check all the big Outfits in PG , yes Unions
do you think the Mac Jobs keep the Economy going in PG ?

I hear you Outwest, we still have the Harper supporter crowd who would gladly see Unions outlawed, they didn’t seem to think anything was wrong when Harper implemented back to work legislation at least four (4) times in the house of commons, before Union even got to strike action.

Imagine that, a Prime Minister and his government that pre-emptively used back to work legislation to PREVENT strike action, even though our Country’s Constitution protects a Union’s right to strike!


Little wonder the Supreme Court of Canada consistently ruled against that government’s legislation as illegal and unconstitutional. But the rednecks on this site have no concern about following the “highest laws” in our Country!

BC is a union province, if you like the opposite, move to Ontario. Oh, and look, their economy is half as good as BC.

Good paying jobs (union or non union) lead to more disposable income equals more money spent in town, for which much tax is paid.

Low paying jobs do not generally leave a lot of disposable income, less money spent in town, fewer taxes paid.

Which would you rather have?

It’s a shame that Canada Post is trying to make money based on restricting wages paid to the people who do the work for them.
I would bet that the executives of Canada Post are not tightening their belts and trying to get by on lower salaries.


    The executives have to make decisions that effect hundreds even thousands of peoples lives and as a result should be compensated accordingly, you can always submit your resume for the position. A letter carrier on the other hand puts an envelope in a box.

Your suggestions that CEO’s are overpaid and the rank and file is underpaid is BS. Turn Canada Post over to the union for a year and it would no longer exist. The union would run it into the ground in a matter of months. Look at the city, the union runs the show there and it is outrageous the cost to the taxpayer. If it was up to the union everyone would make 150,000 plus and have 20 people to do the job of one. How many extra shovels would they have to buy for all the people to lean on? I agree with good wages drive the economy but union bloat and excess are out of control at the civic, provincial and federal levels.

Since when did the union ever agree to arbitration?

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